GODZILLA RESURGENCE Trailer (Monster Movie, 2016)

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A Movie directed by Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi
Cast : Hiroki Hasegawa, Yutaka Takenouchi, Satomi Ishihara
Release Date : 11 October 2016
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama

© 2016 – FUNimation


  1. another one?

  2. First

  3. The Predictable Gamer

    First comment :D

  4. Hideaki Anno directed this movie!? Oh, shit!

  5. YES!!!

  6. Bruh Godzilla thick as fuck

  7. Got goosebumps from that Godzilla scream! XD

  8. wuts dat song?

  9. Looks low budget, like I could film just as well with hot wheels and legos

  10. The real Japanese GODZILLA? YES! xD

  11. This is some kind of 2050 Monster Porn
    I’ve had enought of internet today

  12. I’m glad to see it’s being called “Shin Godzilla” instead of “Resurgence.”

  13. Hideaki Anno can just take my pay check on a weekly bases.

  14. hahah im a dish i mean fish

    Woah I’m so early time to make a joke

  15. I am sooooo going to see this

  16. pa k kiere saber eso jaja saludos

    OMG! ??

  17. So can we get a collab between this and the Us Godzilla for the better of
    the damn movie lol

  18. can we get a godzilla that has the 2014 model of godzilla but had more
    scenes of him

  19. I’ll watch it.

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