Hardcore Henry Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Haley Bennett, Sharlto Copley Movie HD

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A first-person action film from the eyes of Henry, who’s resurrected from death with no memory. He must discover his identity and save his wife from a warlord with a plan to bio-engineer soldiers.


  1. First finally

  2. Hi I’m oh I’m cool ._. .-.

  3. Why did they change the title for the american release? It’s stupid.


  5. I was waiting for that moment when I had to tap the X button multiple times

  6. This looks like a video game trailer

  7. So is this a porn or???

  8. Call of duty

  9. looks like a call duty trailer

  10. looks good

  11. that was awesome!

  12. Hell yes, that looks awesome!

  13. When is the DLC coming out ?

  14. Why the name change???

  15. thought the effects were gonna be awful but wow this looks amazing

  16. VR PORN!!!!!

  17. call of duty

  18. Alan Roath (The Heffer)

    Who heard about it from Summit1g?

  19. these call of duty graphics are getting really good!

  20. Directed by Freddie Wong.

  21. So is this just shaky cam the movie?

  22. Mr.NaksHD/ Minecraft and More

    holy crap this looks amazing¡!!!!

  23. Lol this looks sick!! What was the original name?

  24. I’ve always been interested in a first-person film after that “Bad
    Motherfucker” music video. It’s a shame Hardcore Henry doesn’t look like a
    very good one. At least it seems it will be like popcorn action.

  25. This looks awesome!!

  26. this looks like a good game

  27. Nooo! I saw the name, ‘Henry’ in the notification on my phone and thought
    of Henry Cavill thinking the new Dawn of Justice trailer is out. Soooo

  28. Is this a Neil Blomkamp film?

  29. tolesha900 Vendetta

    Timur Bekmambetov…

  30. Call of Duty: the movie

  31. What a terrible concept for a feature length movie.

  32. Fredy Amaya (The Awesome Show)

    looks awesome

  33. Looks like a long youtube video in theatres

  34. They copied suicide squad

  35. Hardcore fps :D

  36. This looks insane. A new style of filmmaking. They should just call it
    “Call of Duty” and it’ll make loads of money.

  37. I have been waiting a long time for this

  38. I wanna see this in 3D! Looks great!

  39. Story looks horrible but the action looks amazing

    Coming soon to a theater near you.

  41. I bet she modified his dick also… for reasons.

  42. call of duty hardcore mode

  43. This must be what a next-gen SEGA CD Digital Pictures video game must be
    like…First-Person Shooter the Movie….They even included the silent
    protagonist trope.

  44. Call of Duty: The Movie

  45. Best FPS ever!

  46. Love found footage movies

  47. Easy to bash but it’s actually really creative. I’ve never saw a movie like

  48. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    Was thinking when they’ll make first person movie & lo

  49. This looks terrible!

  50. Looks like a really good and original movie. just hope i don’t vomit from
    motion sickness.

  51. looks awesome.

  52. Just Cause FPS the movie.

  53. carlos Andres Arevalo Zuvieta Arevalo Zuvieta

    pareciera gta

  54. too much SWAG

  55. carlos Andres Arevalo Zuvieta Arevalo Zuvieta

    cuando salga que este en audio latinooooo

  56. I thought the girl was Jennifer Lawrence frm the thumbnail

  57. ابداع شكله

  58. No gonna lie, I have been waiting for at least 2 years for a first person
    movie so it’s about time

  59. Equilibrium on acid.

  60. call of duty the movie!

  61. Damn it, shaky cam movies to the next level!

  62. Discount Jason Statham?

  63. Go Pro, The Movie

  64. Почему русский фильм на английском языке?

  65. Somebody call Cinemasin to get ready for this joke.

  66. spongebob swag pants

    They even knocked off Jennifer lawerence

  67. As long as they have fun with the idea, which looks like they will, this
    could be enjoyable.

  68. wait, did I just saw Tim Roth?

  69. thoughts:
    is this a porn?
    I’d this a comedy?
    is this a video game?

  70. this looks really freaking cool!!

  71. THANK GOD I thought this got stuck in development Hell.

  72. I’m not going to see this because anything more than a few short scenes of
    shakey cam, and I’ll want to rip my eyeballs out, but kudos for the music
    choice. Loved it!

    Seriously film makers, ‘shakey cam’, ‘found footage’, ‘first person POV’,
    it doesn’t matter what fancy name you want to give it, we hate it and most
    people get sick from it so please stop.

    To any of the few who dispute me and claim they don’t mind the shakey cam
    experience, yeah the same ratio of people don’t get many negative side
    effects from chemo+radiotherapy but that doesn’t make it okay either.

  73. Mr.NaksHD/ Minecraft and More

    imagine watching this on oculus

  74. This is good idea because of how unique it is. But it looks wayyyyyyy too
    much like a video game. The acting don’t seem that great either

  75. Looks like that YouTube video where the guys has a Go Pro on his head and
    fights bad guys.

  76. 2016 is such a good year for video games

  77. porn scene thats what im waiting for.

  78. I’ll give it a chance. It seems creative.

  79. Jackie Chan must be thinking where was this camera rig in my prime

  80. I think if Queen is in the trailer, it’ll be a great trailer

  81. Who came here from pewdiepie’s twitter….

  82. Michael the Magician

    It’s a cool concept but I don’t know how well it would work for an entire
    movie. Then again, I enjoyed the show Peep Show and that only deals in POV
    shots so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

  83. awesome

  84. Should be called FPS.

  85. I really enjoyed this whole movie-style first-person

  86. so Sharlto Copley only does POV movies now…

  87. Probably going to get very very VERY nauseated watching it, but it will be
    worth it

  88. Robocop 2

  89. this is what a call of duty movie would look like

  90. David “Turtle Squad” Esparza

    I expect a lot of movies to be like this when vr movies are huge:/

  91. good game

  92. New movie genre.

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