Hardcore Henry Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Haley Bennett, Sharlto Copley Movie HD

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A first-person action film from the eyes of Henry, who’s resurrected from death with no memory. He must discover his identity and save his wife from a warlord with a plan to bio-engineer soldiers.


  1. They could have at least used better fake blood than ketchup

  2. its like playing a video game, smh

  3. Could do with some video stabilisation

  4. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  5. looks like that other film first person shooter

  6. watching these in VR headset

  7. I’m not expecting much from this, but it’s cool the way it’s done

  8. How are we supposed to care and understand about the character when you
    can’t see his face? Cool concept but I’m worried.

  9. I always wanted to see films in first person mode every since i was a kid!
    Aaand this is exactly what I’ve waited for!

  10. looks something straight out of a battlefield or call of duty advertisement
    for their new game. so which game would it be?

  11. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    It’s k but apparently the protagonist is a fish head

  12. Looks like a live action ripoff of Mirrors Edge

  13. The more I see this the more I am convinced they filmed this on gopros.

  14. call of duty/battlefield Point of view. The movie

  15. I can’t wait. Will it release digitally, or cinemas first?

  16. What did I just watch? I think I liked it, but m still recovering

  17. I will 100% not watch this.

  18. Was that… the FOCKING PRAWNS guy? I love this guy!

  19. I just came here to say the “blood” in the thumbnail looks smooth like
    ketchup. lol

  20. looks like shit, why would I want to see a video game in theaters?

  21. They totally ripped this off from a clip that was on youtube..

  22. this is amazing I’m so excited for that film

  23. Funny Humor from Slavella

    with the roof already dizzy,I am afraid of heights

  24. umm what is this?

  25. *sweet baby Jesus*

  26. This will be great on VR

  27. It’s not gonna do well

  28. “A revolutionary movie experience.” How about POV porn?


  30. Goofy Bear Gaming

    looks super fun

  31. Looks like honest simple violent fun. Sold xD

  32. bad asss movie I like itt

  33. What a stupid pile of shit ?

  34. This Movies already on the Internet… It came out in Europe already under
    the name “hardcore”

  35. Great concept but gives people motion sickness.

  36. He’s definitely smacking all those bitches up

  37. All the comments on how this is a video game if the Notebook was in first
    person you would call it a video game

  38. gotta break out the cardboard google glasses for this one

  39. Some of this is from call of duty

  40. So HowToBasic the movie?

  41. It begins

  42. Алан Норузбаев

    Made withut big bag of money. Better than new ghostbusters.

  43. Every First Person Action Game……The Movie!!!!

  44. there is something like this on youtube , called “bad motherfucker” check
    it out if you like thus trauker

  45. I don’t usually like action movies but this seems worth it

  46. it’s gonna not take itself seriously and focus on the action and craziness.

  47. Christian Steinlein

    Will it be out on VR?

  48. Video games: The movie

  49. what a stupid name

  50. Nice!!

  51. This trailer makes me happy

  52. they reused a lot of shots from trailer 1

  53. Richard Virgen Lepe

    Go Pro: The Movie

  54. MrTambourineMan101

    HowToBasic got really violent in this one. I like it.

  55. Need more eggs.

  56. Imagine watching this in 3D while high

  57. Hey guys guess what?! I’m the guy playing hardcore henry!

  58. You got a bit of ketchup there buddy.

  59. Looks neat but we’ve basically seen the entirety of this movie in the

  60. Is that hunger games girl

  61. well this is something new

  62. The book was better

  63. We should see this movie with the oculus…That would be the final
    experience for this type of movie :D

  64. I’m really looking forward to this film even though i know i shouldn’t

  65. Devin Hansen (Xiox231)

    Awesome! Would be cool to see it using a VR headset :D.

  66. POV movies will not succeed.

  67. Call Of Duty new DLC story mission?

  68. That love scene will be awkward af in pov. jesus christ

  69. When you want to make a Hollywood movie but all you can afford is a GoPro
    and a stuntman.

  70. TheLegendaryToast7

    The idea sounds nice on paper, but this’ll be very difficult to pull off.


  72. DoctorBahnausSee

    i dont like POV porn and i dont like a POV movie.

  73. Aleksandar Kospenda

    This movie in VR.


    GTA X

  75. I’ll watch this higher than a kite lol, looks like a lot of fun!

  76. I was kicking the wall with my legs while watching this trailer .Appreciate
    the new creativity in movie.Never seen anything like this before in

  77. Imagine this in VR!

  78. Se ve innovadora, me juego la pija que despues de esta van a salir varios
    rip off

  79. степан Петрухин

    Mmm… New Russian Movie…

  80. Looks stupid and over-the-top… I’m definitely going to see it!

  81. Mirrors edge movie?

  82. So, the only equipment they used is a GoPro?

  83. Oculos rift?

  84. the movie came out in September 2015 why take 7 months later to came out in

  85. Armando Gonzalez Hinojosa

    i love it

  86. Diego Perez Salazar

    Howtobasic has turn mad!

  87. gonna watch this looks so cool !

  88. splinter cell.

  89. This looks like a high school film…..

  90. More like Mirror
    edge combined with Battlefield hardline

  91. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    This is some call of duty shit man .

  92. Name of this movie suits a porn video.

  93. Must watch this in one of those 4D theater seats.

  94. Youtube did this years ago

  95. just Hardcore sounds better

  96. Jt Theminecrafter

    were persons armed during this video ?

  97. Needed a little more QUEEN in this

  98. Again with Captain Price from Call of Duty

  99. I will putlocker this

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