Harrison Ford as James Bond – Movie3Some – Jamie Costa Impressions

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Actor, Filmmaker, and Viner, Jamie Costa, swings by the set on this episode of Movie3Some. On this special James Bond themed episode, the Movie3Some debate the best Bond, Kristian samples a tasty treat from down under, Dave Bautista is disappointed in Kristian, and Jamie Costa impersonates Robin Williams, Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson, Christopher Walken, Gandalf, George McFly, George W. Bush, Jeff Bridges, and more!

Watch more Spectre: https://goo.gl/9Oq6QH

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  1. Hmn….


  3. second boits

  4. Jamie Costa is the man! His Robin Williams is like he’s channeling him! If
    ya’ll haven’t already, check out his channel. He’s a great talent, I’d love
    to see this cat score some meaty roles.

  5. oh dear that was painful to watch.Any one that has to mention the name of
    the person they are impersonatin is usually bad.That was not fun

  6. This guy would KILL IT on snl! He’s a rare talent! Him and Caliendo are my
    two favorite impressionists

  7. He said their names…… That’s hardly a great impression

  8. Damnit I love this guy!!

  9. Mak Vegan Krantisanga


  10. Boy, they really showcased his talent here.

  11. Daniel crag is the best

    Sorry for the bad english

  12. David van Popering

    Well that was pretty stupid.

  13. bbcoachSuperman - (Brian Rokosz)

    so glad I have YouTube Red for situations like this where I’d normally sit
    through a crappy ad for an even more pointless video.

  14. Wait how old is harrison ford and how the hell is he not old he must be
    like 38-46 if hes done the indiana jones

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