HEATHERS Trailer (Teen Comedy, 2018)

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HEATHERS Trailer (2018) Teenage TV Series
Creator : Jason A. Micallef
Cast : Adwin Brown, Romel De Silva, Shannen Doherty
Release Date : March 7, 2018
Genre : Comedy

HEATHERS Trailer (Teen Comedy, 2018)
© 2018 – Paramount Network

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  1. They always ruining shit. It doesn’t look half bad, but originals like heathers is just something that isn’t remake-able.

  2. Weirdly interesting , I’ll check it out once it comes out.

  3. Why just why?

  4. Tumblrinas don’t try to conform to them

  5. Cant we get a musical movie? Instead of this? Like base if off the musical.

  6. Looks so much better than I thought. And it’s nice to see Shannen Doherty again looking healthy and beautiful!

  7. What is this faggotry?

  8. This is terrible.

  9. Heather’s never needed to be remade. It was perfect the first time around

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