Heist Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Robert De Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Movie HD

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A father is without the means to pay for his daughter’s medical treatment. As a last resort, he partners with a greedy co-worker to rob a casino. When things go awry they’re forced to hijack a city bus.


  1. Fifteen “15wintergreen” Wintergreen

    What’s this movie called? What is it about?

  2. If the trailer didn’t reveal like so god damn much, it wouldn’t bother me.
    It does though.

  3. ocean’s 14?

  4. John Winchester?

  5. oceans eleven meets speed

  6. Wow I just saw probably 90% of this Movie in a 2:16 Minute Trailer.

  7. is dat batista with the beard?

  8. Not Watching it. I already the whole movie on the trailer. Hollywood needs
    to fix the trailers. Creed did the same. Martian the same. Make trailers 1
    min 30 sec and this won’t be an issue.

  9. That last bit spoiled the whole movie

  10. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    This looks awful

  11. Im just happy to see Morris Chestnut getting work.

  12. I don’t know why, and I’ll never know why, but I can’t stand Morris

  13. So whats the point of even seeing this when the trailer has shown me the
    whole film?

  14. 0:19 dave batista looks weird with a beard

  15. $3 million is not that much really…

  16. Wow, I didn’t know you could watch full movies on YouTube.

  17. WHY BOB WHY?

  18. I liked that movie, kind of short though, only 2:16 min..

  19. Funny Moment:
    Cop: So whats the big plan?
    Robber: Maybe start a bus company and go head to head with Greyhound

  20. Looks good! Can’t wait to see it!!!!!!! :D

  21. alexandre mackenzie


  22. And Batista is in the movie??

  23. Oceans 11 meets Speed

  24. Why didn’t they just get off the bus way before? Could of caught a cab
    somewhere and never to be seen again lol

  25. John Eric Henry Winchester Go Home , You’re Drunk (As Always)

  26. So Oceans Eleven meets Speed?

    and apparently I am very upset about it…

  28. I am hearing everything twice now

  29. Only De Niro can make so many bad movies and still be respected.

  30. de niro please stop making shitty movies we beg you this isnt you

  31. more like Ocean’s 11 + Heat + Speed

  32. This movie needs a Muppet in it.

  33. It’s Payday

  34. I love to read how people go out of way to find all the bad things about a
    2:16 movie trailer

  35. Speed vs Ladykillers = Hollywood losing ideas

  36. The original title was going to be “Speed 3: The Italian Job of Oceans 14″

  37. Ocean’s 11 + Transporter + Speed + Casino = big piece of crap

  38. Rajvicneshwaran Kaneysan

    All that for 3 million dollars, absolutely not worth it.

  39. average murican film … killing for the money ….

  40. Guys thnks for the advance screening if this trailer was a second longer we
    would have seen the end credit scene…

  41. This trailer escalated so quickly

  42. Robert DeNiro is in that group with Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley as
    great actors who just refuse to ever say no to shitty movies.

  43. A movie with:
    – the Comedian
    – Draxx the destroyer
    – Angel Dust
    – Lois Lane
    – detective marcus williams

  44. Speed 3 Bus Refueled

  45. Oceans Eleven meets Speed. *Yawn*

  46. kevin gomez (Gamer 14j)

    godfather meets WWE hesit and speed not bad

  47. I know, I know Robert has played this roll a million times, but most of us
    like a good shootem up don’t we?

  48. Thanks idiots who made this trailer I’ve pretty much seen the whole movie
    now so I don’t have to actually pay to watch the entire thing.

  49. I Think Pacino in ocean 13 was better than De niro in this ….

  50. Soooo someone thought “Hey lets take the plots from Oceans 11 and Speed 2
    and make a movie of that” oh Bob, why did you say yes to this?

  51. Now that I’ve SEEN the f*cking movie, you won’t need my $20 anymore.

  52. probably not the worsts, but cheesy as hell. and why would you give away

  53. Quentin Tarantino, our Savior.

  54. Looks amazing… Sorry not amazing haha, looks shit

  55. I really wish there is a grand theft auto movie

  56. it has Robert de Niro, that’s enough for me to watch it

  57. Gina carino Aka toughest SoB broad I’ve ever seen, and i just don’t see
    anyone disagreeing with this comment, unless there are rousey fans out
    there who thinks otherwise……

  58. I don’t know about this one. Also quit crying about seeing so much in the
    previews. If you don’t like it stay off YouTube.

  59. They showed a way lot in the trailer itself. ….:(

  60. Blog Designer (Jen)

    Didn’t they do this movie already? Wasn’t it called Oceans 11?

  61. they need to change the music. because it sounds “JUST LIKE” Oceans 11 and
    12 and 13 and 14…change the music n ppl will go C it! change the music n
    I’ll go C it!

  62. So the movie is about kind of speed and ocean 13

  63. So much more epic than that…like Ocean’s 16, right?


  64. Jeffery Dean Morgan, Morris Chestnut, Robert DeNiro! SOLD!! I can’t wait to
    see this

  65. I’ve seen the movie before. I’ve seen the trailer before. It was
    predictable then and its shithouse now.

  66. looks like speed from back in the day

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  68. Robert De Niro has forgotten how to choose movie roles…all he’s in these
    days are mediocre, half ass, blockbuster wanna-be’s, or the intern.
    Shameful from a legend like Robert

  69. Another one of those DeNiro head scratchers

  70. Should’ve call it “The Bus.”

  71. Tired of seeing Deniro in a side roll or over the top villain. He should go
    back to lead action or lead serious roles. Like a Taxi Driver 2 type film
    where he plays the same type character only older version.

  72. if you want to see a GOOD movie with the title “Heist”, check out the one
    with Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, Sam Rockwell, and Delroy Lindo… it’ll be
    worth it

  73. is this film serious? the swat team never thought of just slashing the
    tyres on the bus?

  74. I will not be satisfied unless there is atleast 1 Batista bomb in the film.

  75. Why is one of the greatest actors of all time in this B list heist film? A
    film that I already know every plot detail because this trailer

  76. ok this should be nominated in Oscar for best short movie ever

  77. They just showed the whole movie

  78. Batista is becoming a legitimate actor now it seems.

  79. It’s good to see D.B. Sweeney again. Glad he’s driving busses in movies and
    not in real life.

  80. What ever de Niro does. I dont care what you say

  81. Sorry, De Niro but this is raging bull shit.

  82. HEAT PART 2

  83. Negan not far.

  84. I only came here for Gina Carano!!! Now i can go about my day

  85. So it’s Oceans 11.

    On a bus that may or may not explode.

    Talk about throwing all your eggs in the basket.

    Don’t forget the double cross where the bus driver turns out to be the
    serial killer

  86. DeNero must be desperate and broke to do a movie like this.

  87. I hate when they use a name for a movie that has already been used for a
    film that was made only a little over a decade ago. In ten years maybe
    there will be another Wolf of Wall street

  88. Ocean 11 meets Speed lol

  89. all movie finished in in this trailer.

  90. saw it today.good movie :)

  91. Oceans 14

  92. a bunch of bitches bitching about the trailer, stfu !! anyway the whole bus
    shit was corny to me.

  93. kissing need

  94. Looks good,Nice to see De Niro back to what hes the best at.

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