Hello, My Name Is Doris Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Sally Field, Max Greenfield Movie HD

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A self-help seminar inspires a sixty-something woman to romantically pursue her younger co-worker.


  1. what a stupid idea for a movie

  2. I am first trust me those other comments are fake

  3. I like this Doris lady

  4. My mom <<<<< Sally Field. I would mom her so quick.

  5. This “senior Ugly Betty” story makes no sense at all. But what can I do? I
    love Sally Field, so I will probably watch it.

  6. SilkSatin Paradise

    I love Sally Field!

  7. and when its an older guy and a younger girl hes a perv

  8. I must see it

  9. Did I saw Anna Akana (I don’t know If I wrote the name right) in the minute
    1:18 ?!

  10. if it werent because of steel magnolias, i wouldnt be waiting for this
    movie to come out. love her af

  11. I want to be cynical about this but I can’t.

  12. I like to watch this movie.??

  13. 1:17 ANNA AKANA!!!!! she’s the only reason I’m gonna watch this movie

  14. If an old lady falls in love with a young guy, we laugh and be happy for
    her. However, if an old man falls in love with a young girl it’s a
    different story and he becomes suddenly a sick pervert.

  15. Hello, My Name is Jeff


  17. doris issss too old

  18. akpopgirlsthoughts


  19. I was actually looking for Adele’s new song

  20. moze li neko da mi da link gde moze da se gleda film sa prevodom?

  21. Omg When Iu was Young I Had Sex With a Woman like her was great.

  22. Field’s still has the cute charm

  23. Luis Alejandro Pastrana Gallegos

    look really nice jejej

  24. Reminds me of Harold and Maude

  25. Wait…I laughed twice during this trailer. This never happens to me! And I
    think I smiled the whole time too.

  26. 1:16 everybody! Who know this song??

  27. He’ll turn out to be gay.

  28. Slightly creepy.

  29. The first time I saw her on the side of the road in her wedding gown I KNEW
    she was a keeper. 😉 I can’t wait to see this.

  30. what’s the name of the movie of Alfred from batman likes young girl

  31. sally field never lets me down all her movies

  32. yay max greenfield!! hes gonna b a star

  33. She probably won’t end up with the hot young guy, but I want her to!

  34. Lol. I love it. ^·^

  35. Sally is so, cute :)

  36. It Seems. You’re A Natural. attempt furniture What’s happening.. 11

  37. I died when she said ” Lilth Cumswell ” LMAO

  38. I only clicked on this because Schmidt was in it. I found myself charmed
    and liking Sally Fields as Doris. This looks like a small gem of a movie
    that could surprise.

  39. I want to see this!

  40. Does anyone know the track for this trailer?

  41. this looks really good.

    Plus it has couple of actors from tv shows I enjoy.

    Max Greenfield-New Girl
    Wendi McLendon Covey-The Goldbergs
    Beth Behrs-2 Broke Girls
    Kyle Mooney-Saturday Night Live
    Natasha Lyonne-Orange is the New Black
    Kumail Nanjiani-Silicon Valley

  42. wow awesome cougar movie

  43. I want go see this so bad

  44. It’s good to see Deputy Leo D’Amato moving on with his life…

  45. I love a quirky film more quirky for elders yesssssss

  46. wait, this looks incredible! why haven’t I heard any buzz about this??

  47. Lilith Cumswell made my day ahahha

  48. TaylorandSelenalover

    I want to watch this! Looks different, and interesting. Something light and
    interesting :)

  49. Honestly I don’t see what the big deal is…its just a light hearted
    comedy. It’s entertainment. Everyone needs to chilax a little.

  50. *You know, given the age difference of the 2 characters, the ultimate end
    product of this movie must be her Love Child… FORREST GUMP!*

  51. I want to watch this right freaking now!!! <333

  52. Haha I’m sure there’s ladies like her in real life.

  53. I have been waiting far to long for this ?❤️

  54. I’m the same way, I feel at home at staples too :)

  55. How “Doris” got her Groove back…hipster version!

  56. Anyone else think of True Lies when they saw the name?

  57. Looks like a failed attempt at giving the old, ugly, wrinkle bag women a
    chance at obtaining a boy toy. Seriously women should be put down on their
    30th birthday, they provide no useful function at that point.

  58. I think I’m going to enjoy this film.

  59. Максим Коломенский


  60. Been missin’ me some Sally!

  61. “IT KEEPS!!”

  62. What is the song plsss ?

  63. I’ll watch

  64. Sally is one of the sexiest woman alive

  65. Totally gonna watch this. Something new other than your conventional love

  66. Sukhraj Singh Dhaliwal

    UK release? Really want to see this! No, forget want… I need to see this!

  67. Doris looks like a person who would appear in Humans of New York.

  68. yay.. so nice to see sally field loved her the most in forest gump lols

  69. This is painful to watch so much second hand embarrassment. Also because
    Max Greenfield is so sexy it hurts my eyes.

  70. This i can do…i like Doris

  71. This movie is going to be the perfect movie to watch when it’s cold
    outside. :)

  72. I’ve always been a fan and I feel that this movie is just going to reaffirm
    what I already know… that she is amazing!

  73. Jess Rushworth (JessieRushie)


  74. I can’t wait for this movie! I literally just laughed my ass off. LMFAO

  75. I’ve missed Sally Fields!!! ???

  76. Woah! Anna Akana!!! =D

  77. Schmidt is mine, Doris. get your hands away from him!

    the movie seems to be nice! :)

  78. Anna Akana :D

  79. Run forest, ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

  80. this movie looks so goooooood!!!!

  81. +Anna Akana is in this. FINALLY I SEE THE PROMO > > > > AHHHHH

  82. This looks adorable

  83. aw cmon…her name is may…aunt may!

  84. I hope this movie shows that when people grow older, they’re still people.
    And also that older people aren’t “lording it over the young and useless”
    types that some movies are wont to show.

  85. oh my gawd. Thank you! i needed the laugh lol wow!!

  86. Why is no one mentioning the fact she’s like 60 something and the dude is
    like 30? Wtf??

  87. flip the genders the movie would be creepy

  88. …what?

  89. Ugh, its like Zooey Deschanel in 40 years or whatever………….

  90. 0:48 lol

  91. doris looks like a blast

  92. Hurry up and release this movie already!!! ( Sally Field is such a class

  93. I love Sally Field in anything.

  94. its Schmidt!!! ?

  95. Must Watch <3

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