#Horror Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Taryn Manning, Natasha Lyonne Movie HD

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Inspired by actual events, a group of 12 year old girls face a night of horror when the compulsive addiction of an online social media game turns a moment of cyber bullying into a night of insanity.


  1. Please no

  2. Im done, wheres the bleach.

  3. Prajwal Shrivastava

    Hey, I am the second comment. Hi mom !

  4. Directorial debut and directorial exit at the same time!

  5. Everyone seems to be hating on this but the Cinematography actually looks
    pretty good…

  6. was that an egg on the wall?

  7. This looks incredible. great cinematography.

  8. Alright i get it, it’s a shitty trailer for a most likely shitty movie. But
    it’s kinda unfair to dislike the vid? It’s not the guys from this channel
    that made the trailer :/

  9. Is it called “hashtag horror” or just “horror?”

  10. Some trailers spoil too much. Some trailers don’t give away enough info.
    This one is just shit.

  11. All things said that is a really dumb name for a movie.

  12. the premise is shit, nice visuals tho

  13. The beggining scared the shit out of ne

  14. Seems really stupid honestly.. but hey, everyone thought Citizen Kayne
    sucked when it first came out and looked what happened.

  15. Thank you Hollywood for more gun violence =)

  16. Don’t you guys wanna see some rich stupid teenage blonde slutty bitches got
    killed one by one? This is the movie for us, why dislike it?

  17. The only reason I’d watch this is to see those rich bitches die

  18. Is that Timothy Hutton, the youngest actor to win the Academy Award for
    Best Supporting Actor…??

  19. OH GOD NO, the hashtags are taking over

  20. 0:50 – 0:54 “I just saw a car in the woods and winddidndinddsidndd were all
    blank?” “Black?”


  21. this gave me cancer

  22. Oh my goodness I remember when this happped

  23. I haven’t seen the movie yet so, can’t judge, but seriously!?! “#horror”
    that title is terrible.

  24. I’m thinking of making a martial arts movie and calling it martial arts

  25. Oh.

    I thought it was just gonna be a big joke like all those other parody
    movies. Waiting for the punchline that never came, instead I just witnessed
    one of the worst movies and also one of the worst trailers for a movie ever
    in the history of film.

    Anyone who was ever a part of the production of this film needs to castrate
    themselves from the industry and never again contribute to another for the
    sake of humanity.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  26. To be honest, I actually think this could be really cool. It looks creepy,
    mysterious, trippy, and maybe even a bit funny.

    Who knows, maybe it’ll be sweet!

  27. Pennsatucky and Nicky. Good f.

  28. Spoiler alert – The guy chasing them is pedobear.

  29. It could have potential, there are some Awesome Actresses and Actors in it.
    I am keen to give it a chance for sure x

  30. Wow it seems so …….. BORING

  31. FUCKEN BOOOOO!!!!!!!

  32. Alexander Paterson (Xanderous)

    The trailer made me laugh, was that the point of this?

  33. Vian Jansen van Rensburg

    Until dawn

  34. What kind of filthy chav pitches for a movie like this

  35. #social media #kills

  36. Fun fact: Taryn Manning is a singer. She was the vocalist for a track
    called “Seeking the Truth” by Razihel.

  37. This will probably come out in January which confirms it’s shit.

  38. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    Looks like something Eli Roth would do but the acting looks quite

  39. lol that logo !!!
    i saw it kfc and 2 pieces of chicken. ..

  40. Putra Reza Fardani

    Good….kitty fight and label it with horror, and people will buy it ?
    GG with that !

  41. Horrible trailer.

  42. ¿Por que yo no tengo ese poder de deducir como será una peli sin verla,
    como tienen esa gente que ya dicen que es una mierda?

  43. All those new horror movies suck. Honestly the best horror movie I’ve ever
    seen was “The Conjuring”.

  44. fear the hashtag ?

  45. I was listening to ‘La Mer – Dirk Meassen’ by accident. I thought it was
    just the song in the trailer.

    Made the trailer actually look scary.


  46. stuck on last gen iphone like

  47. I was fine Until It said based on true events. 

  48. bullshit

  49. 98% of horror movies suck…

  50. Is this a comedy ?

  51. I’m confused.. is this supposed to be a comedy?

  52. looks good!

  53. Horror Movie these days have gone too far i mean TOO far

  54. when odes this movie come out on DVD ?

  55. is that shit supposed to be egg yolk?

  56. #stupidmovie

  57. It’s not actually supposed to be scary you dumbasses

  58. With a title like “#Horror” you already know it’s going to be classy,
    pretentious, and most importantly of all, *take itself way too seriously*.

  59. Last scene is pretty much how I feel when I have my period. ?

  60. can’t even tell the basic premise of this movie from the trailer. not a
    good sign.

  61. No thanks.


  63. things already wrong with this movie.
    1-generic picture snap sound for cameras.
    2-annoying girls+screaming
    3-Fountain on blood into pool (ripping off of The Shining)
    4-Stalker never getting noticed.
    5-people not beleiving protagonist bc she’s not popular.

  64. Banana Tacos (Banacosss)

    eh looks okay

  65. yawn…..

  66. True events? whats happened?

  67. scarface music @ :59

  68. Looks #stupid.

  69. #TURD!

  70. okay…I’m so confused right now…

  71. Wtf!! Was she half naked at 1:42???

  72. First 10 seconds are squad goals

  73. Hi there, Looks nice. clam well-to-do What’s your opinion about it, guys

  74. Leandro Benny Oficial

    Taryn I LOVE yOU

  75. So is a shitty movie filmed in the same house as Orphan right?

  76. Because with a name like that, you know this movie is going to be “good.”

  77. One reason to watch this this is to see how these spoiled brats die ! LOL

  78. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  79. Stupid title but atleast its not a found footage movie

  80. Spoiler: It’s a horror movie.

  81. Stop trying to incorporate social media and technology into things to seem
    “modern”, it just comes off as corny.

  82. I can’t get the cap off!

  83. #Confusion

  84. This movie should be called Little Girls Screaming #RIPHearing.

  85. That Intro Though ;)

  86. Watson, it indeed is the same house from “Goodnight Mommy”.

  87. Sometimes i wonder how kids act in movies like this a be able to sleep at
    nights after……..hmmmmm

  88. Look alright. It’s a shame I’m not into horror films.

  89. so lemme get this straight….. this shit is based on true events? somebody
    did some shitty parenting to these girls


  91. I thought I was about to read “the directorial debut of Tara…..REID….”

  92. This was an amazing movie….
    make me shave my Pubic hair for the first time!

  93. Really, a hashtag titled horror flick about a bunch of bratty 12 yr old
    girls getting killed! LOL!

  94. it looks good can’t wait to watch it on Tv Portal

  95. God, I hate these artsy-fartsy movies that use fast cuts and shaky camera.
    Not to mention way overdoing the screaming. Can’t even tell what happened
    to who in parts. Just garbage.

  96. tne movie is fucked up no plot no thrills just some stupid girls act like
    grwon ups just dont waste your time wacthing this shit

  97. the *

  98. spoiler that beytoch cat or whtvr was the killer and in the end she still
    kills herself

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