Hotel Transylvania 2 Ultimate ‘Drac Pack’ Trailer (2015) HD

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Music Credits:

“Shark Porn” by Steven Allen Dail
“Surf Monster” by Daniel Mark Farrant and Paul Rawson
“I’m a Psycho Instrumental” by Andrew Botanic & Wendy Page & Jim Marr
“Toccata and Yardie Classical Beats” by Sly and Fly and Badman.

Courtesy of Extreme Music

Dracula and his friends try to bring out the monster in his half human, half vampire grandson in order to keep Mavis from leaving the hotel.


  1. The Ridiculous YouTuber


  2. Allanah “Natasha” Clarke

    beyond excited. blah, blah blah

  3. taking the kids on Friday

  4. Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez started in a movie… And somehow that movie
    got a sequel?

  5. This looks good.

  6. Because we need more sequels….

  7. The only Adam Sandler movie that is good lately

  8. I’m gonna be the only 19 year old there haha oh well I’ll be a kid a heart

  9. I honestly LOVED the first movie but I’m not sure about the seuqel. Still
    gonna watch it just because of that adorable kid + I love Mavis

  10. I can’t wait to see this movie :D

  11. coyotkillers Gaming Channel

    ill bet this movie will be terrible. If i am wrong, at release you can say
    ha to me.

  12. If you look at the description it says shark porn??

  13. if ypu want to see a new youtuber put Trailer acredom

  14. #honesty I had a kid crush on Mavis when I watched this movie

  15. AH yes, the only movie that Adam Sandler is good in. DONT DEFEND HIM YOU’RE

  16. Shady Red (ShadyRedSniper)

    I’m looking forward to this Adam Sandler movie…….That’s a phrase I
    don’t get to use often.

  17. Billy “BillyGamer” Paton

    I wonder if they might consider making a series.

  18. Adam Sandler :v

  19. “Get ready for laughs” but this is an Addam sandler movie

  20. oh this looks so goood :)

  21. in the info section, music: “shark porn”

  22. 1:14 was that mel brooks

  23. this part is also going to be awesome !!!!!!!!!!

  24. i feel so horny watching this titits, sucking titits

  25. blah blaah bla waiting bla blaaah

  26. I want i’m love with a monster :(



  28. let me guess, the father of the kid will be irrelevant and made fun of the
    whole movie
    because that’s how the progressive holywood rolls

  29. Why does the mom want to live somewhere else? Her original home is not safe
    enough but the human world is?

  30. Everyone has to use blah blah blah when the finish their sentence in this
    comment section blah blah blah

  31. Dont give me the pouty bat face. LOL

  32. yo nunca digo bla,blah,blah

  33. dentro de 10 años alguien se acordara de esta peli? yo si

  34. bruh

  35. dying to see…

  36. MLP Sofía Lazuli™

    1:35 WTF?!, MAVIS!?!?!?!?

  37. Aliciadistrictclove

    Am I the only one really excited for this? The first movie was really good,
    and this looks good, too.

  38. shark porn ?

  39. This movie is going to knock my socks off! So excited!

  40. 135 look how mad she is

  41. That trailer was so dull

  42. it looks reallt painful but again maybe I’m just a joyless assholr

  43. I sometimes forgot that Adam Sandlers Voice Acted Drac

  44. I cant watt for this I love this do you thank Adam Sandler is so funny and
    kivn James in this I mite see if I can go on Sunday to this with my mom

  45. Why do most of the characters esp johnny and Mavis look the same even after
    having a baby? I mean even johnny?? I mean they look like freaking teens
    with a little brother and not a child!!!

  46. 1 more day

  47. Danta The one and only

    When I sit coming out

  48. I’m still not over the fact Mavis and Johnny had sex and had a baby.

  49. Adorable <3

  50. “(Blah blah babitty) aww my back!” Lol

  51. ドミトリー天使

    Веселый мульт…ждем…+1 =)

  52. My new favorite song “shark porn”

  53. Aditiya Riski Pranata

    i’ts so awesome

  54. this is real or not real ?

  55. This trailer isn’t promising

  56. grandioso

  57. q hermosa peli

  58. HD Streaming Online

    Why people hate adam sandler ? :/
    The movie soon on my channel press subscribe ;)

  59. hahaha it is so funny
    specially when dragola said for real and hit it !

  60. the guy who voices drav also voiced gru from despicable me right?

  61. I am confused which one is the worst ? the first or the second part. please
    help me to decide

  62. ‫مدام مها احمد‬‎

    watch hotel transylbania 2

  63. I can’t wait to watch the movie!!!! Dennis is so cuteeee! Also EXO fans,
    doesn’t that wolf howl at the end sound familiar? :DDD

  64. Xtravine Original

    so funny

  65. Rachael And Ryan Thomas

    I am going to see the movie

  66. I’m going to see this today at 1:30!!!

  67. Alta Viljoen (s3xyBATbaby)

    1:35 just uh…you know…shat myself there for a second…yeah…

  68. Tanya Esp.Anderson

    There will always be a space in my heart for animated movies!

  69. omg omg cant wait !!!

  70. saw it alreddy

  71. I am going to watch it tomorrow SO Excited

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