How Much Would It Cost: To Build The ‘Back To The Future’ Time Machine

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So you want to be a time-traveller, just like Marty McFly? Great Scott! It won’t be easy on your wallet. Join us as we dive into the numbers, to find out How Much Would It Cost: To Build The ‘Back To The Future’ Time Machine!

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“Shoot for the Sun Instumental” by Giles Edward Palme

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  1. first

  2. TheGreaterForce Above


  3. OmegaSteel - Minecraft Gaming


  4. This is actually great happy back to the future day guys!

  5. here’s $6 billion keep the change!

  6. i havent watched any of these movies

  7. I can only afford $5Bn… can you spot me the rest? I’m good for it.

  8. this is dumb..

  9. Re upload?

  10. Last

  11. As if someone with $5 billion hasn’t already tried that. Well I’m sure they
    will now

  12. this makes no sense. if you made a device with the power of a LHC at the
    size that would fit into a car the price would go up dramatically. i havent
    even mentioned that the “wormholes” made in the LHC arent nearly as big or
    strong for a car to go through.

  13. Re-upload for more views sad very sad

  14. Zachery “zacsta” Rankin

    What’s a hoverboard and a therapist got to do with building the Time

  15. If it was that cheap and easy someone would of made one by now…

  16. Watch the film, it didn’t run on gas, it was electrical.

  17. the problem would be the energy needed to actually bend and expand space.
    The actual machine itself would not have to move at all, cause the speed
    would come from bending space not actual acceleration.

  18. Tell Bill Gates that not us lmao

  19. rocket league ?

  20. Not sure how making the particle accelerator smaller would reduce the
    price. I think it would do the oposite as it would require some really high
    tech stuff.

  21. Well I won’t be getting a time machine anytime soon

  22. it all comes down to flux capacitor.. did the doc have 5 billion? Nope, so
    it cant be that expensive. But it takes a mad scientist type to invent it

  23. they have arrived today

  24. Worth

  25. I love this car

  26. Or use Google and look at the past and act like you “went back in time”
    instead this bs.


    This doesn’t make any sense…

  28. How much is that in space cash?

  29. Quantum Harmonizer

    Is this a reupload?
    I could swear I’ve seen this before…

  30. This should be a Mastercard ad parody :P

  31. why did you merge 1 and 2? fail.

  32. Put it on credit

  33. 1. he built the flux capacitor didn’t buy it.
    2. u don’t need a therapist or a hoverboard to work a time machine
    3. in there future the hoverboards where different and u didn’t have to
    donate 10000$

  34. I have a dollar

  35. This video is pointless because the real price could be quadrillions of
    dollars, or only thousands, if time travel ever exists.

  36. wait wait wait… and auto-lacing shoes? what about those?

  37. just get 5 billion dollars… flux capacitor is a must, any other car that
    goes at +88m/h will do

  38. You should show how much the actual prop car cost to build.

  39. Azure The Archer Neko

    Well… I better start saving up..

  40. well the answer to life, it’s all about money, money learn something!

  41. It runs on plutonium. So I’ll save you 50$:)

  42. Bill gates can afford that

  43. It would cost more than 9 billion to shrink it down to fit in a car

  44. BlueStahli DeepFocus

    or just make machine speed like light year how? i don’t know

  45. considering the scientist spent whatever money he had and whatever parts he
    could buy/build between 1955 and 1985..i’m thinking it was NOWHERE NEAR 5
    biillion or even 5 i’d say this video is pie in the sky
    wrong(more than time travel is right now anyway) 55 seconds in

  46. Cherry Muffin Gaming

    I am now broke and I have a 4,999,234,900 in morgage
    At least I get to go back to the past thou.

  47. A shit load of time 

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