How to be a BAMF – Samuel L. Jackson Movie Mashup (2016) HD

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Music Credits:
“Pumpin Irony” by Blue Saraceno
“Bases Loaded 30 Seconds Version” by Bruce Fingers / Billy Shears / Willie Stevens / Billie Ray Fingers.
“Cold Suds and Metal Studs” by Billy Sonic.
Courtesy of Extreme Music.


  1. nice

  2. yay I’m here 2nd!

  3. gaaaaaay

  4. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    I’m the Baddest Madafucker alive

  5. this actor is such a badass!!!

  6. Muito bom esse video gostei like

  7. happy new year fandango movie clips

  8. Finanly another morgan freeman movie


  10. Plus Samuel L. Jackson is vegan, so the farmed animals agree that he’s a
    badass Muthafucka

  11. UHH. no MACE WINDU

  12. The Silver Shamrock

    Would have loved to seen “I’m tired of these motherfuckin snakes on this
    motherfuckin plane!” lol

  13. I hate this guy.

  14. He was a bad dude in – Lakeview Terrace , even if he was a cop.

  15. watched Hateful Eight. he killed it!

  16. victoria maikrish

    Cracks me up

  17. Cornelius Broadnax

    I think The Negotiator may be his best movie. it’s all Sam Jackson the
    whole movie. plus Kevin Spacey?….. perfect flick

  18. I thought this was a new trailer when I saw the thumbnail..

  19. What’s a BAMF?

  20. Do they speak english in what!?!?!?

  21. I wish they would remake shaft with a white guy instead

  22. Gotta love sam

  23. Do you Know what a man would do for a blanket ?

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