How to Be Single Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) – Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson Comedy HD

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New York City is full of lonely hearts seeking the right match, and what Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David all have in common is the need to learn how to be single in a world filled with ever-evolving definitions of love.


  1. Howdy

  2. hahaha

  3. this looks like crap

  4. uploaded same trailer second time

  5. …what is different from the other trailer?

  6. Ramon McNally (DJ-ÐiGiT)

    Now I need to be single. This is a must see.

  7. this looks like dogshit Rebel Wilson is still a shit actress

  8. crap, crap, crap. Next one

  9. green band

  10. 50 shades of crap

  11. ok i have to admit, the cast away joke was funny

  12. Dakota :3 !

  13. That chick from 50 Shades of Grey always looks like she’s hella stoned.

  14. Soooooo…..looks very similar to one of the storylines from Crazy Stupid
    Love, but instead of a womanising male mentoring a newly single male, it’s
    Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect) mentoring Dakota Johnson (50 Shades of Grey).

    Can’t say I’m not at the very least intrigued.

  15. here’s to when comments are more interesting than the trailer ☺

  16. wow how original

  17. Rebel Wilson is the best comedian!

  18. Is it that sado-maso chick?

    Pretty girl? I arent think that

  19. Freaking love that song.

  20. No penis shall pass ??

  21. star wars! than is all…

  22. I saw nothing that indicated that should be a red band trailer from what
    the title says

  23. I dislike women who expect free drinks. Screw that buy your own booze. I
    shouldn’t have to buy your attention or your willingness to talk to me

  24. Noo Not the funny chubby girl and the innocent girl that becomes wild movie

  25. Great movie I will watch it.

  26. My dick jumped for a second when i saw Alison Brie.

  27. i feel like the monster from cloverfield will to lay waste to this movie in
    the next scene.

  28. That last one was hilarious.
    No penis shall pass

  29. This is the green band trailer….?

  30. 50 Shades of grey prequel.

  31. esta del puctas esta peli!

  32. Is this the fifty shades prequal?

  33. The society is doomed?

  34. Is this really what women (and some gay guys) find funny? Also, Rebel
    Wilson plays the part as the singles coach? You`re having a laugh m80.

  35. It’s funny because she’s a fat, alcoholic slag.

  36. Why is this redband?

  37. Np Penis Shall pass !!

  38. How is this a red band trailer? It’s exactly like the last one

  39. Fat Amy is often funny, but they probably used every funny line the movie
    has just for this trailer, and it wasn’t even that good.

  40. what woman hits on guys demanding free drink? :D

  41. Anyone interested in seeing this movie is single for a reason. (Because
    real humans dont want to see this shit.)

  42. Why are these type of movies always set in New York?

  43. This is no different to the previous trailer!

  44. The last scenes is the exact thing Deadpool did.
    “Let’s think a couple of jokes and throw them randomly so we can make the
    movie “funnier”.”

  45. does anyone know the music playing in the background?

  46. I thought this was the red band?

  47. What was red band about that trailer

  48. So to be single? You should be desperate for sex?

  49. Finally an instructional video on how to be exactly what I already am…

  50. Hey look Dakota Johnson is not getting spanked by a bland and stale actor
    and Rebel Wilson is still trying to be funny….

  51. Wow. Watching movies continuously reach new lows in morals, is sad to
    watch. I see diabetes unfolding in a certain actress.

  52. You dont have to try hard to be single when you so bad looking woman

  53. Alison Brie > Dakota Johnson

  54. 2:20 “NOO PENIS SHALL PPASSS” ;’)

  55. Why isn’t Alison Brie playing the lead? I would watch that movie

  56. Blizsteronmyballsack

    unfunny people trying to be funny: the movie. nr. 9000+

  57. women trying to be funny again

  58. rebel is definitely going to carry this film

  59. Ooo I bet this movie is chock full of entitled female ignorance.

  60. I’ll pass on this one…

  61. Does anyone think Dakota Johnson is hot

  62. This trailer gave me cancer.

  63. wasn’t that fat girl (sorry i don’t her name) broke as hell, working at a
    hair salon like months ago?

  64. Dakota in a comedy is so awkward omfg xD i need to watch this hahahahah

  65. This ain’t no redband trailer. Its just the normal trailer

  66. You should NEVER be ok with being obese.

  67. Yeah, we already know that she has quite a bush down there, no need to
    point it out again.

  68. great now when I meet bae I’ll for sure know she has been hoeing

  69. damn why Coach is in this

  70. God I hate Rebel Wilson…

  71. 50 layers of fat.

  72. ferginterplanetaire

    Calling it now: She’ll get a brazilian wax in this movie and it will be so
    funny. Because waxing people is so funny and original in a movie.

    Oh, and she will end up with a guy and live happily ever after.

  73. song? at the end

  74. Who even watches these movies lmao

  75. Rebel is bae

  76. cant wait to not see it

  77. Dakota Johnson is just….meh. Wish I were born in a famous family.

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