How to Survive Space According to the Movies (2015) HD

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The Martian
Apollo 13
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Galaxy Quest
Independence Day
The Iron Giant
Man of Steel
Mars Attacks!
Men in Black
Out of Sight
Star Trek
Starship Troopers
Superman Returns
2001: A Space Odyssey

Music Credits:

“Future Revolution” by Paul John Fletcher, Marc Williams

Courtesy of Extreme Music


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  2. razor frankie barlow


  3. so this how it feel’s when you one of the firsts


  5. It was skittles not Reece’s pieces

  6. ‘by a scottish dude’, shows Chekov. ;D

  7. -454F


  8. Some of these movies, well most of them, arnt even from 2015…

  9. Aleksandar Kospenda

    lols gaga.

  10. Yep, use Fahrenheit in the video, so it’s easier cuz most countries use it

  11. I just watched Martian and from that I can tell you iron man is your best

  12. Clip Guy is cute.

  13. *-270° C* or 3.5° K…

  14. “now I don’t want to go to space I would prefer staying here on earth”

  15. this video is garbage

  16. Clip Guy is Gay

  17. Alright alright alright

  18. Just get in Anime world

  19. As well as the video is, i feel compelled to humbs down any reference to “I
    don´t read”, sorry for that.

  20. Space technically isn’t cold. It’s a vacuum, so there’s no medium for
    conduction or convection. Space isn’t anything really.

  21. interstellar was the best movie ever, nothing comes close

  22. you can kill aliens with birds too :D

  23. Well time to go to space!anyone want to join my cardboard ship?

  24. lol how the hell is gizmo a alien?

  25. Wasn’t Chekov supposed to be Russian?

  26. growing lots of heat

  27. growing lots of heat

  28. maybe you can NOT go to space AT ALL.

  29. The moon landings never happened and NASA is brainwashing people we’re
    ready to go to Mars soon. LOL

  30. What movie is the alien from in 1:41

  31. What movie is the alien from in 1:41

  32. CLIP GUY!!

  33. “For luke skywalker that’s eating a granola bar and for Matt Damon that’s
    growing a ton of weed” xD

  34. 2:14 ‘CLIPGUY!”

  35. read more books, narrator

  36. lol, growing a lot of weed…

  37. hahahah weed

  38. hey, what the track in the end credits scene?

  39. Showed the Ruskie when referring to the Scot. Point made though.

  40. Checkov is not a Scottish dude.

  41. This wasn’t good.

  42. Switch to The Metric System already… Silly Americans (and whoever else
    uses The Imperial System :3 )

  43. Do not…, and I repeat DO NOT rescue Matt Damon! he’ll try to lure you in
    with promises of planets that can inhabit life and may also spin a sob
    story about being stuck in a desolate wasteland without food. Do not fall
    for this trickery! as it’s all a ploy for Matt Damon to steal your space
    ship and leave shipless and space homeless.

  44. really cool video

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