How To Survive The Holidays According To The Movies (2015) HD

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Don’t be a Scrooge. Here are some helpful tips courtesy of the big screen on how to survive the holidays.

Watch More:
Bad Santa
Batman Returns
Christmas Vacation
Fred Claus
Home Alone
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Jingle All the Way
Lethal Weapon
Love Actually
Mr. Mom
Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Snow Day
Surviving Christmas
The Night Before
When Harry Met Sally


  1. Call me sugar daddy, and stop yelling, and you might survive

  2. 2nd here!

  3. This was so awesome

  4. stephaneeisenberg196


  5. Don’t click Read more.
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  6. Coca-Cola Created Santa

  7. This made me need to watch Christmas Vacation, love the rant at the end of
    that movie!

  8. Express yourself!

  9. Why do people insist on calling chirstmas the holidays ?

  10. lol 😀 thank you

  11. Aaaand, Thanksgiving is tomorrow though. Least I still got my PlayStation 4

  12. what shows is that at 4:41 ???

  13. Horrifyingly Hillarious

    “Don’t worry Clark a lil tree water wont hurt em, he drank half a quart of
    Pennzoil on the way here and when he lifted his leg whoooo”

  14. You smell like beef and cheese. Santa doesn’t smell like beef and cheese.

  15. I love Christmas

  16. awwwwwww <3

  17. James Smith (CaliSkater86)

    “…and a PlayStation 4”

    *shows PS2 controllers*

  18. Charlie boy im sorry to have to be the one to tell u.Santa was not created
    by coke. Google Santa to find out how Santa was created. Did u not learn
    about Santa in school.

  19. commercial of playstaion? )))

  20. I thought you were gonna show a list of movies to watch -_-

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    Lovers of interesting facts welcome to our channel here interesting))all

  22. Hi how’s it going? Your Best Work. undesirable sneeze What’s your opinion
    about it, guys

  23. I appreciate the effort but this wasn’t very funny :/

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