HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3 Trailer (Animation, 2019) The Hidden World

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  1. Wow.. Hit like.

  2. What kind of dog is that?

  3. So hyped for this one! Cartoon fans! I have sculpted Pooh from clay and would love your opinions on it.
    Will definitely sculpt them as well!

  4. Sedat Ateşoğlu

    Aw yisss

  5. Cyphon Greenwood

    Yep, I’m definently watching this.

  6. Is toothless half skrill

  7. Daphne Dragoncamp

    WOW…. I’ve never seen Thoothless doing something this weird.
    I’m watching this!

  8. I feeling like I’m a little girl again and my world was all about the little mermaid, now its HTTYD!
    I fell in love with How To Train Your Dragon because of Hiccup and Toothless’s bravery, courage and odd little quirks. I also love how the years jump because it feels like I’m growing with them too. It’s everything I love in about a good story; from the characters to the lessons learned, the range of emotions you feel as you let it into your heart to the amazing storylines and plots in both the books and movies. ..It’s just so much more just another childrens film for many, lol.

  9. “It’s you and me bud, always” yep. They’re definitely gonna separate from each other at the end of the movie xD
    I’m sure the part with old Hiccup will be a scene at the end of the movie when Toothless reappears and shows Hiccup his babys or something that would be awesome to see baby furries 😀

  10. Toothless’s dance at the end 🤣🤣

  11. I realy miss Night Fury. 😅

  12. They finally did it. 😢

  13. Does this mean we have to say goodbye to toothless?😞

  14. cant wait !

  15. It’s going to brake toothless and storm fly

  16. Lloyd Green ninja TV

    Οmg!!!!! I love that trailer 😍😍😱😱

  17. clifford copeland

    Why can’t the move be out already i mean we have to wait until next year AND YOU PUT TRAILERS OUT ALREADY LIKE OMG ;-;

  18. Until we know her real name, I’m calling her Luna

  19. Trismegistus Philalethes

    At last. The previous movies were awesome.

    People almost all the time throw shit at DW and flatter Pixar (and with a reason, DW has a lot if hit and miss stuff) but when DW is good, it’s really good, and without appealing to the same old and predictable formula of sentimentalism Pixar likes to exploit, which makes you feel like every of their movies are one and the same.

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