Hush Official Trailer #1 (2016) – John Gallagher Jr. Horror Movie HD

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A deaf woman is stalked by a psychotic killer in her secluded home.


  1. Notification squad where are you all at ?

  2. this looks gay

  3. I thought it was batman villain spin-off movie, well guess i was wrong
    after all

  4. Monkey D Theories

    is the girl deaf?

  5. And that, everyone, is why you live in a populated neighborhood and not
    alone in the woods.

  6. At about 1:43 you can see the guys face.

  7. I thought this was batman related lol

  8. Totally thought this was about the binding of Isaac for some reason

  9. She’s deaf and mute with a cellphone. Lol. I know that’s a dick thing to
    say, but still funny.

  10. KUSH – akon, snoop dogg, dr dre

  11. I got more scared when my condom broke this morning… Looks terrible

  12. From IMDb: A deaf woman is stalked by a psychotic killer in her secluded

    Why would she live in a place like that? Also, I hope it’s a silent film!!


  14. Well I like the premise…

  15. Sniper_Sargent_ B

    Lol if that were me I’d take out my m&p shield. My cc piece, and would
    shoot him right then and there. ? that’s why they didn’t cast me for the

  16. Dope dick homie

  17. It wouldv’e been more interesting if the whole movie didn’t have sound so
    we could get that experience of that horror feel while being deaf.

  18. I don’t know if we have any gamers here, but all of the ambient sounds at
    the beginning, sound exactly like ARMA 2/3 ambient sounds… Rip offs lmao

  19. scream reinvented…..

  20. Brendon Joslin Official (Nightmare Slayer)

    Give me no likes

  21. Wow it takes him a whole movie just to break into some deaf chicks house to
    try and kill her. Weak.

  22. Gunna be honest my first thought was batman….

  23. looks like scream in the woods

  24. And that’s what happens when white people live in the middle of nowhere

  25. why is she alone in the woods? why does that numbnut want to kill a girl
    who is deaf and mute? why are stupid people always the foundation for
    horror thrillers?

  26. Would’ve been funny if instead of closing the door, she walked up to him
    and just beat the shit out of him haha. Quick short film to please the

  27. FROM THE DIRECTOR OF OCULOUS…. Really?? Okay well… I guess i can give
    it a shot.

  28. Deaf people can still scream

  29. Oh this looks interesting, finally the horror genre is doing something a
    little bit different i guess

  30. TheNoFlinchGrinch

    I really was preparing for a massive jumpscare

  31. Really hoping this was a batman villain movie

  32. Kush**


  34. Twist – he’s trying to keep her in from killing him.

  35. why the hell she choose to live alone in a fking forest at the first

  36. Official selection for South by Southwest, that sounds promising

  37. Ah i would love a batman hush movie with matt damon as hush

  38. really? of all doors you have a GLASS door the one that’s easy to break

  39. Great trailer.

  40. She looks like Angelina Jolie a little …

  41. Think And grow rich

    When i eat KFC right before going to bed i get similar nightmares!

  42. i would bang that guy so hard

  43. Why wait, why not attack on sight

  44. Hey!!! New movie about Hellen Keller!

  45. This looks garbage if he wanted to kill her he would have done it instead
    of taking a picture.

  46. I was all primed to dislike another shitty ass horror movie but this – this
    is promising. I’m really hoping this’ll be good.

  47. ok, so who came up with the idea to leave a deaf person in that home by
    themselves in a secluded area?

  48. Duje Curlin (DCurlin)

    I like the concept of the protagonist but in my opinion the scare effect
    would be far better if the audience didnt know what the threat is. The
    crancky sound and this creepy atmosphere of the deep woods would the job
    easily on its own especially with a good stereo sound.

  49. Alisher Aitkaliyev

    it is the creepiest trailer… Please, movie, dont become trash

  50. bolivia virou ator omg

  51. This will be one of those underated horror indie films or one of those
    movies that we will see alot of more sequels that get worse and worse.

  52. An interesting approach on the horror movie genre. Nice!

  53. Jabbawockeez: The Movie

  54. if they can pull this off properly, this will be nerve wracking while
    watching. Imagine you will only hear their movements, film’s heart racing
    background music and your own breathing and heart beat.

  55. Thījs “Giorgio” Moroder

    I thought this was gonna be a DC movie with HUSH & Batman

  56. Finally! A horror movie that looks promising! ❤

  57. This is how you make an awesome horror movie trailer

  58. wen I saw the tumb nail I thought it was gonna be shite and a cash grab…
    okay now I saw the trailer and I want to see this thing… I loved the bit
    where she got the message on her laptop from her outside from the window.
    it was very creative in a way… yeah I wanna see it☺

  59. seems like it would make a great scene in a movie. Don’t know if i can do,
    an hour n 45 minutes of this and in silence.

  60. The creep looks gay

  61. Drax The Guardian

    Um wheres Batman? I see Hush is here.

  62. 1:43 We can see his face

  63. the idea of being deaf and being trapped in such scenario sounds horrific,
    but this looks uninspired and generic sadly.

  64. She can’t speak? finally no more begging for help

  65. ‫مستر كتاب‬‎

    هذا الفلم ربما ينحدر مستواه بسبب التقليد أو سيفاجئنا بنهاية غير متوقعه
    بأحداث مشوقه !

  66. woho. it’s really when someone snap you pic when u r alone and not
    expecting it :*)

  67. Batman: Hush anyone? No?.. Ok

  68. So exci….. ResidentSleeper

  69. This looks genuinely unsettling and horrifying.
    I’m in.

  70. lol who else this whas a movie about the batman villain hush?

  71. if your deaf why the hell would you go live in the middle of nowhere

  72. Almost thought this was a Batman film.

  73. Please be good, please be good, please be good, please be good.

  74. nice trailer

  75. Ayye at least she can see. Can they go back to horror movies actually being
    scary. Hope this turns out good.

  76. it’s just a prank brah

  77. Why would you live alone in the woods when you’re deaf? She shouldn’t
    surprised at all about this.

  78. Spoiler alert: Maddie is gonna kill the shit out of him.

  79. The Majestic Turtle

    Dam I though it was the DC character…

  80. finally a horror that looks good. love the lack of sounds, it adds more
    than any jumpscare

  81. Lame. 2 average human beings with nothing really special for horror.

  82. 1:44 His face is revealed!

  83. I thought this was going to be about the Batman villain. >:C

    Eh, what the hey, this looks pretty cool. C: )

  84. I liked Oculus. I’ll give this one a chance.

  85. wtf nothing makes sense in this movie, why would someone live there on
    their own, and why would the criminal do all that, this movie wants to
    freak you out but doesn’t consider that you might be a rational human being

  86. The Strangers 2 – Alone in the Woods

  87. She cannot hear
    She cannot speak
    She is alone

    Like wtf??

  88. They should make a Batman movie with Hush. (That would be so epic!)

  89. A Whole Film with not ONE word said…?

  90. because living alone in the middle of the woods is something everyone want
    to accomplish

  91. When I read the title I thought it would be a DC movie

  92. so he could text her using her phone and not kill her because??

  93. Oculus was a piece of garbage but this looks promising

  94. It should of been called Silent Night.

  95. Oh this looks good! Finally!!! A horror movie to look forward too!!!!!

  96. I guess if they don’t speak, there will be no terrible dialogue. So this
    might be good.

  97. Oh someone understands that horror movie isnt about dumb jumpscares?? Seems
    pretty cool. Goes to show that just standing there and creepy starring iis
    much scarier than random toy falling and making voices with 10000 decibels
    and causes ear bleeing.

  98. No way in hell would I live out in the middle of the woods by myself!

  99. He probabaly just wanted the piuugghhh

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