Ice Age: Collision Course Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Ray Romano Animated Movie HD

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Scrat’s epic pursuit of his elusive acorn catapults him outside of Earth, where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the planet. To save themselves from peril, Manny, Sid, Diego, and the rest of the herd leave their home and embark on a quest full of thrills and spills, highs and lows, laughter and adventure while traveling to exotic new lands and encountering a host of colorful new characters as well as a new enemy who is a brother to one of their old foes.


  1. first

  2. First

  3. Neil!!

  4. Hype.

  5. Hell4u14 - Minecraft & more!

    They should bring the baby from the first back in one of the future movies!

  6. I’m early say something

    Donald trump is the Darth sideous of earth

  7. Dreamworks milking the ever living shit out of Ice Age…

    EDIT: BlueSky, my bad. I knew Dreamworks doesn’t beat on a deadhorse like
    Still my point stands true.

  8. First!!!!

  9. I can’t believe there making other one.


  11. 2016 is the year for movies

  12. Why did they play the SAME scene twice?

  13. Why did you reupload?

  14. acho que esse vai ser diferente dos outros ‘-‘

  15. This look the dumbest film ever

  16. I’ve seen the trailer and it already looks bad. Aliens and meteor showers?
    What’s next? The Agricultural revolution, Ancient civilizations, how about
    a far cry primal version?

  17. When your early and rush to the comments to be first without watching the
    whole video first

  18. I seriously just watched this for Ray Romano’s voice……. This series got
    old a long time ago…

  19. 2016 Talking animal’s year

  20. what is this

  21. Wtf happened to this franchise…Ice Age should’ve ended as a trilogy YEARS

  22. Ahhh….. Great another one…. Ffs how many more of these shitfests are
    they gonna make

  23. What is this number five now?

  24. Well the y should of stopped at the third one

    But it still looks kinda fun
    And I think the return of buck is a gréât idea
    But I Hope that the baby return’s too and that this one is the last one

  25. daniel varelinha #BATATA




  28. First ice age was actually funny, the rest were just terrible, please stop

  29. Which number are we currently on?

  30. considering that there’s going to be a meteor shower with a giant asteroid
    heading towards the planet, this could be the last Ice Age movie

  31. That poor dead horse getting beaten all day by Dreamworks.

  32. “Ki-i-iiiiiil Meee-eeeeee”-Ice Age

  33. I was a little excited, and then they used the same clip twice in ONE

  34. Why the reupload

  35. Nah, Not interested. Wait? BUCK!! I want to see this

  36. Wow…. I’m early think of a joke

    Ksi’s hair

  37. they won’t stop until scrat gets his acorn! xD

  38. Stopped paying attention to this series after the 2nd one, shocked theyve
    milked it this long

  39. Did they just reupload this ????

  40. They could end the world in this one and there would still be a sequal.

  41. Just give up already.

  42. Milk milk milk milk all I hear in this trailer

  43. The very first ice that was released in 2002 was a great film, i even had
    it on video tape when i was a kid. Though i have never seen the following
    few films of ice age but after watching this trailer i was disappointed.
    This looks milked and a tonne of shite.

  44. I wish George Carlin was here and narrated this

  45. The cow is giving blood from it’s udder now.stahp it

  46. I’m only gonna watch this because of buck

  47. but it looks finee :D

  48. They’d never stop

  49. Lol they make neil as narrator

  50. This is like Fast and Furious all over again but better.

  51. They actually got Neil DeGrasse Tyson to narrate this? Haha!

  52. Nobody seems to be mentioning the frozen ufo from the first movie

  53. 2:25 LMFAO DIED!

  54. Wow they are really kicking this dead horse

  55. As the the great dj khaled once said “another one”

  56. They need to stop. Like seriously just stop making these.

  57. Wtf?! Neil DeGrasse Tyson?!

  58. Another one *dj Khalid voice*

  59. God damnit.. This is like Fast and Furious but for kids.. IT NEVER ENDS!

  60. Just let it die

  61. Guys the probably had in mind that there was going to be all of these ice
    ages. all the different stages of earth. now this is where they are

  62. song name?

  63. I’m still going to watch this…. (ಥ_ಥ)


  65. Can this be the thing to finally make them all extinct? Thank you.

  66. Man, this have more quality than my eyes

  67. another one
    another one
    another one
    another one
    another one

  68. Ngl, when i saw the teaser for this i was just annoyed they’re milking my
    childhood, but this actually looks REALLY GOOD

  69. What is song behind 2:26?

  70. Mr awesome guy llama

    looks good

  71. this looks like hot garbage

  72. tezcatlipoca quetzalcoatl

    I really wish the baby from the first movie showed up but older


  74. georgi stoilov (AIM-AceMove)

    First movie was unique. Excellent story and jokes. But then…. : (

  75. Although this movie sequel is completely unnecessary (frankly I prefer a
    Rio 3), at least Buck returns. Simon Pegg made his character work out well.

  76. is there another animated franchise this long? how many does this make 6?

  77. who can dislike this?

  78. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    Where’s DJ khaled when you need him

  79. am i the only one that’s gonna watch this? and btw YAY BUCK IS BACK!!

  80. Okay so the 3rd was rubbish but… This one looks good. Why am I the only
    one looking forward to this xD


  82. Well, they said it themselves.
    This is going to be the dumbest movie EVER.

  83. Ok i gotta admit . The granny scene cracked me up a lot :D

  84. what is the music?

  85. just kill the franchise already

  86. Caetano Veyssières

    *frowning eyes and rubbing forehead …mmmhhhh… where is cinema going


  88. Neil DeGrasse Tyson??

  89. I have genuinely lost count

  90. I’ll watch anything if it has Simon Pegg in it.

  91. Sid’s Grandma judt doesn’t die XD

  92. Every time i see they’re making another Ice Age movie i think “Oh God, just
    give it up already!”
    And then i start to watch the trailer, see Skrat & think “i HAVE TO SEE

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