In the Heart of the Sea Official International Trailer #1 (2015) – Chris Hemsworth Movie HD

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Based on the 1820 event, a whaling ship is preyed upon by a sperm whale, stranding its crew at sea for 90 days, thousands of miles from home.


  1. What about in the Heart of God? Doesnt Anyone care about God?

  2. 2nd yay
    Fine I’ll stop
    I won’t get in the top comments anyways..
    No one will read this

  3. Fake n gay

  4. Chris Hemsworth gotta shit load of movies coming out, nice.

  5. Spider-man & Thor! ?

  6. Thor and Spider-man take to the sea

  7. Oh , they are already going heavy on Spider-man in this trailer

  8. I still donno what this movie is about not even from this trailer

  9. Is Cris’s character is Ahab from the Moby Dick novel?

  10. a lot of Tom Holland shots placed in this

  11. Mobby Dick isn’t a “whale”

  12. Moby Diughhh

  13. Just imagining how basically all this film was made in a warehouse or in
    front of a blue screen!

  14. Christian Steinlein

    Free Willy – the prequal

  15. Damn, I am really looking forward to this movie. Just the appeal of it.

  16. Where’s Queequeg? I know hes not the most PC character but this is a movie
    about hunting whales FFS! I’d be like have adapting the Adventures of
    Huckleberry Finns minus Jim. Both are great humane and relatable characters
    minus the non-PC idioms.

  17. That young actor
    Looks like the lead singer in the vamps

  18. …….moby dick?????????……wtf……..

  19. i watch the entire mobie on this trailer… hahaha

  20. Showed way too Much I think still looks really good!

  21. So. Peaky blinders, Thor, Fear The Walking Dead, Spider-Man all in one :)

  22. This could be really damn good

  23. my kind of movie!

  24. give whale back to marvel, they need a good villian

  25. the effects r awesome and the movie is also going to be awesome like the

  26. My theory: Thor and Spider-Man undercover are time travelling to 1820 to
    save some sailors from whales.

  27. ‫مستر كتاب‬‎

    فلم تدمع له العين وتسبح الله على هذا المخلوق الحوت الذي عندما يغضب لا يعرف
    الرحمة إلا بأمراً من الله ورحمة لهم

  28. I love me a movie with some fire in the water!

  29. now.. can i watch it online?? ?

  30. mobby cock

  31. mobby penis

  32. mobby willy

  33. Really? A movie about whale slaughter after everything the species has
    endured with whaling and what’s happened at the Faroe Islands as well as
    countless other massacres.

  34. that Moby is a really Dick…

  35. how many more trailers of this?

  36. Alfiani Nur Lailika

    Cant wait


    jaws 19 trailer is finally here, it just got a lot bigger…..

  38. Hit it with you lightening Thor , it’s ok bro

  39. holy shit… previous trailers maybe 1 scene with tom holland, first
    trailer after spiderman announcement, every 2nd he’s in

  40. In the Heart of the Yellow Colour Correction

  41. Labooom!

  42. thought Chris Hemsworth died he must of made it before he died

  43. tbh Tom Holland is pretty darn cute

  44. What’s Agent Q doing here?

  45. A hab no idea what this movie is about.

  46. It’s really hard for me to watch movies about people dying at sea. There
    are certain horrors that are too horrific if that makes sense.

  47. Raditya Padmanegara

    Should be “in the heart of thor”

  48. Leave the whale alone

  49. Aye Aye Captain

  50. Love these kinds of movies.Looks like Ron Howard has crafted a masterpiece.

  51. Thor becomes a pirate

  52. Leave the whale alone!

  53. what kind of this? To glory guys who kill a whale

  54. shitty trailer music…

  55. They actually resort to cannibalism…

  56. And then the asians came…

  57. Edward kenway (ac4)

  58. ‘Whale’ then…

  59. Spoilers alerts: There’s a man named Gepetto trapped inside the whale.

  60. awful cgi in trailer

  61. Why doesn’t he just hit the whale with his hammer ?

  62. If the Japanese were in this movie, there wouldn’t be a fight? It would be
    a movie on how they filleted Moby Dick at the fish market in Tokyo!

  63. words can’t describe how excited I am for this film!! OML I can’t wait any

  64. Spider-Man and Thor.

  65. Spiderman and Thor working together

  66. don’t judge so quick yet y’all.

    best movie of the year.
    from my point of view of all the movies that claimed to be the best.I got
    one more can definitely knock George Miller off the best film of the year
    of 2015 list

    #intheheartofthesea nailed my expectations from an action adventure to life
    changing and mind blowing and also and heart felting movie of all 2015.

    let me put it like this.

    ratings after viewing in the heart of the sea


    2:fun to watch?=no,it’s more like no words or any comments right after
    walking out of an Imax hall after watching it.

    3:performance =unbelievable and just outstandingly true like real life.

    clevver movies gave two solid V’s for man max:fury rold?

    here’s what I say,take up two of your palms,open your fingers wide and make
    5V’s and bow down to the writers the director and the author but must give
    a big bow to the actors for the mind blowing performance and after the
    movie,stand up and give a moment of silence for the movie itself.

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