In the Heart of the Sea Official Trailer #3 (2015) – Chris Hemsworth, Brendan Gleeson Adventure HD

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Based on the 1820 event, a whaling ship is preyed upon by a sperm whale, stranding its crew at sea for 90 days, thousands of miles from home.


  1. Looks good

  2. fernando nahuel acosta


  3. looks good


  5. i want to sed it

  6. dinoatcharterdotnet

    Why didn’t they just call it “Moby Dick”?

  7. The CGI and cinematography could have been better. Water and whale don’t
    have a natural look. Let’s hope the movie won’t suck.

  8. Insert Thor comment

  9. This seriously is the worst trailer I have ever seen.


  11. Wrong trailer I thought this was that new Jesus movie, but anyways this
    trailer is clearly Moby Dick, why didnt they just call it Moby Dick lol


  13. where’s queequeg?
    why no albino Whale?
    when is kraken vs Moby dick?
    will the island seen mean hemsworth will also play Rob Crusoe?


  15. Jens Glomnes Hertzberg

    Something about the cgi looks weird

  16. The CGI was a bit much. It also looked a little overly action-packed. If
    this movie’s production design was a little more authentic looking, a la
    “Master and Commander,” it could have been excellent. I will probably still
    go see this movie, as it is by Ron Howard, who has turned out to be one of
    the better Hollywood directors of this era. I just hope the CGI and
    excessive action don’t ruin the movie. This IS just a trailer, however, and
    trailers can be quite different from actual movies.

  17. finnally a pirates movie

  18. Akaki მაქაცარია

    So, this is a movie about a guy who saw a big dick!

  19. CGI? It’s gonna make this movie *WEIRD*

  20. So many trailers for this movie

  21. Hearing Ben Whishaw voice at the beginning made me watch all of it. I
    remember seing the first trailer before Interstellar. I thought this film
    was out already.

  22. look it …

  23. Alfiani Nur Lailika


  24. Jaws 19!

  25. Hemsworth would make a good Edward Kenway.

  26. Is Ron Howard drunk? The CGI looks terrible. I know it’s just a trailer,
    but c’mon man. It looks very fake. Very, very fake!

  27. thor and spider man in the sea D Y I N G
    damn want i more alphabet

  28. This is my most anticipated movie.

    Come on, let’s sail!

  29. I thought of Aqua man at first

  30. Tree fiddy.

  31. First trailer in a while to give me goosebumps

  32. Azza “aaronsta” Gold

    a tv show was made before this. it was on bbc1

  33. Nobody beats Gregory Peck as Ahab. Movie looks nice though!

  34. Three trailers…. they’ll run out of footage, soon.

  35. the monsters in the sea are Real , they made MH370 flight disappeare ! ! !
    ! ! ! :(

  36. Moby is such a dick.

  37. Finally a movie that is something close to Pirates of Caribbean. I miss
    pirate themed movies

  38. Release da kraken

  39. 1:13 Ben Whishaw~ c:

  40. The yellow filter is a bit…odd, otherwise this looks quite good, in my

  41. Everybody should go read the book this is based on: “In the Heart of the
    Sea” by Nathaniel Philbrick. It’s an amazing book chronicling the true
    story of the Essex, which this film is based on. This is not a film based
    on Moby-Dick, as people think, but rather it’s just based on the true story
    that partly inspired the novel that Melville wrote 30 years later.

  42. Some nice actors here

  43. I thought this was Aqua man,I was disappointed..

  44. is it a PS2 game trailer??… CGI really bad…

  45. 2:00 ITS THE GUY FROM FEAR THE WALKING DEAD!!!!! The druggy!

  46. Assassin Creed IV Black Flag

  47. BatmanFANizationReborn

    aquaman wont be to happy when he hears what thor & spiderman did to that

  48. I wonder how big Moby is after seeing that dick..

  49. Wow looks good.

  50. Anyone knows the name of the song?

  51. Assassin creed black flag

  52. Thor lost his powers again and landed on a ship.

  53. Looks good. I like Chris Hemsworth as a funny, friendly jock. But to
    finally encinema Moby Dick is pretty ambitious.

  54. Random, but if they were planning on doing a light hearted DC version of
    Aquaman with the short golden hair.. Chris Hemsworth would be the guy. But
    super super glad on what route their going with Aquaman now.

  55. been waiting for this all year! i was bummed when they delayed it from may
    to december

  56. This whole movie looks like a camrip.

  57. I feel like I’m going to be rooting for the whale. I mean what we did to
    them… just terrible.

  58. I don’t get it. What happened to Asgard? and why is Thor on a boat? Marvel
    is losing it.

  59. this has a credible director and budget yet it looks like a scifi original
    movie. this is going to bomb.

  60. The trailer music is fiyah. Looks like a good movie. ?

  61. I love the musical score in this trailer!

  62. “Moby” What????

  63. it’s a fucken jizz whale…. the movie is about them getting boned by a
    sperm whale…

  64. “True Story”

  65. 900 Raining Diamonds

    Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Edward Kenway

  66. Thor,,is that you???

  67. God i hate that american hollywood style cliche 0:40 – 0:44 Yes the world
    knows America. U love so much family values ! The hero and his wife and
    their children. And he won’t come back as he said… and she will cry, and
    eventually he ll return and they will kiss in a very gentle way… Blabla
    And this music…so pompous !

  68. i thought it was going to be the kraken XD

  69. Edward Kenway hunting.

  70. chris looks like edward kenway from assassin’s creed 4 black flag

  71. Just Amazing

  72. Edward Kenway from AC 4. Am i the only one who thinks this guy looks just
    like Kenway?!

  73. Do NoT AdJuSt YoUr MoNiToR

    Didn’t the BBC already do this?

  74. This movie still didn’t come out yet

  75. So its a Jaws prequel with Spiderman and Thor.

  76. The only thing that’s true is that someone told this story once.

  77. “You will surely perish out there”
    “We might also survive”
    Ehm, I don’t think you really understand what “surely” means…

  78. So Spiderman is on Thor’s side in Civil War

  79. Kenway! Is that you?

  80. Merchant Ivory (filmstudent)

    Wilson i’m sorry, Wilson!!!

  81. I prefer “Columbus: In Search of A Land” than this shitty movie.

  82. This movie looks even older than The first Pirate of Caribbean wtf.

  83. Plot twist!

    It’s actually a big dolphin.

  84. It’s too bad the soundtrack isn’t just songs from Mastodon’s Leviathan and
    Ahab’s The Call of the Wretched Sea.

  85. So they find a whale, and spare its life, unlike reality where they would
    have used black slaves to kill it & stuff it in a museum… why should i
    watch this now… the trailer spoild it all….

  86. dat weach doe

  87. So much teal and orange.

  88. thor and spiderman Is in this movie. Moby doesn’t stand a chance.

  89. Poland syndrome bodybuilding

    no storm can stop Thor.he’s mighty!!

  90. the sound track looks fantastic

  91. This movie was great.

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