Independence Day: Resurgence Super Bowl TV Spot (2016) – Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum Movie HD

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Decades after original ID4 alien attack, Earth is threatened with a new extra-terrestrial threat, but will the planet’s installed space defenses be enough?


  1. Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi

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  2. No Will Smith??? BOOOOO!!!

  3. I don’t care about this movie at all.

  4. Destruction porn

  5. Spoiler Alert: The Humans Win

  6. what happened to will Smith?

  7. Pat TheRedman YNWA

    So will they attack only USA like in most stupid movies or the whole world?

  8. It will be a movie where you can just turn your brain off and just enjoy
    the destruction.

  9. Zack Snyder and Michael Bay’s wet dream

  10. Independence Day & London Has Fallen competing for who destroys Earth more.
    Lovin It.

  11. they inception`d dubai on top of england

    whats next, vin diesel gonna pop out of one of those buildings with a cgi
    will smith in an alienmobile?

  12. dat CGI though

  13. A cheap cash-in on the original

  14. Holy shit! Was that the tower of Dubai being dropped in London?

  15. I really wondered how they were going to step up the destruction in this
    movie, especially since everything else has been destroyed in all action
    movies of the last decade but this seems like the destruction is actually
    on 10000000000000 fold.

  16. This is gonna be shit

  17. We need Saitama

  18. No Will Smith, no purchase of movie ticket.

  19. Anyone else surprised by how visually dull the movie looks.

  20. Who sings the national anthem on here?

  21. Genius. That planet sized ship would fall down onto our planet if it was
    taken out of commission. Almost no one would’ve thought of that.

  22. Star Wars battlefronts graphics are cleaner than this movie

  23. so michael bay is hiding behind a new name now and thinks we are all too
    retarded to instantly realize that…

  24. 2/10 needs more Will Smith

  25. Cyrille Le guennec

    No fresh prince !!

  26. So many died in this movie an they still think it’s OK kissing around them
    dead bodies

  27. I love America, I love these movies

  28. by thubs I thought it was pacific rim

  29. Is that even possible in any movie

  30. CGI? Where?

  31. Mr Brunswic (brunswic51)

    Man, I can’t believe she’s still singing while an invasion happens. That’s
    true patriotism.

  32. 10 gazillion planets and these stupid aliens want ours……


    at least we have Jeff Goldblum!

  34. This movie releases one day before my birthday

  35. I suspect a Cinema Sins video for this movie

  36. Trailer: It’s about the world.
    Movie: It’s all about America.

  37. really weak choice with Hemsworth. .

  38. too much Michael Bay and Zack Snyder generic explosions shit, not enough
    Will Smith. 6/10 ?

  39. Hello boys…….I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 0:24 They’re not destroying New York this time… it’s going to be the
    planet. Maybe.

  41. Yes! I don’t care about the haters. TAKE MY MONAY ROLAND!!!

  42. The jets flying over the stadium followed by space ships make anyone else
    not want to watch this? Disappointment will be too strong in this one

  43. who is the singer?

  44. Was that building in the last scene Trump Tower? xD

  45. jedd “H4VOC BL4CKOUTz” thomsen

    So im going to take a shot in the dark here and say the black kid is will
    smiths son.

  46. Did anyone see that x men super bowl commercial doe!!!???

  47. Looks pretty good.

  48. First movie didn’t need all this crap. Will Smith isn’t the only reason
    that I’m reluctant to see it now

  49. No will smith no party

  50. So, this is Will Smith’s son at the end I guess

  51. And there goes goldbloom with his mandatory obvious statements said in the
    most serious voice he can manage… “What goes up must… come… down”.

  52. So is this film going to have a Black dude saving the world or a White dude
    this time, because “ONLY THEY CAN SAVE THE WORLD???”

  53. Andrew Renner (RENNERgade)

    Where has the originality in hollywood gone?
    I think it has been lost.

  54. RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan

    NICE!!! It looks great…

  55. why is it to me its like they cant win this

  56. Damn aliens got no chill

  57. Did they ask Will Smith to be in it or they just assumed he would want 2

  58. another great movie ruined… ty

  59. dude…aliens are assholes

  60. Why us there a love story

  61. ok, i’m Australian, and this trailers make me want to say “YEAH ‘MERICA!!”
    i donno how i should feel..

  62. It’ll obviously be an extreme budget action reboot, because Hollywood loves
    this right now.

  63. The thumbnail looks like they just copy and pasted a face picture of Liam
    onto another picture.

  64. Wtf a remake? lmao foh aint wasting money on this bull

  65. no will smith is like die hard with no bruce

  66. bibsplayz//mcpe and more

    bruh where is will smith?!

  67. space dude, in your space boots…

  68. What a turd.

  69. That is XCOM baby.


  71. must be will Smiths character stepson that grew up

  72. Singapore!

  73. Damn Earth, go hard.

    movie already sold me, I don’t care how stupid it may get.

  75. This is one of those movies where you just go to see stuff get blown up.

  76. Man of Steel 2: Resurgence

  77. Christopher Velgakis-Blanck

    Since when was Independence Day a fuckin Michael bay broshfest?

  78. plz dont fak this classic up :D

  79. “Independence Day: Resurgence , They’re back . And this time , THEY HAVE

  80. TheHolyMongolEmpire

    I really really hope this doesn’t suck

  81. 0:20 Why my country get the worst hit?! What we did to them(alien)?!

  82. Soooooo much salt in the comments…though I can sort of understand. Given
    the amount of destruction porn in movies these days…it’s just not the
    same. :P

  83. Liam Hemsworth looks constipated in the thumbnail xD

  84. If this doesn’t show you that Hollywood is running out of ideas idk what

  85. Checkmate!

  86. My husband in “another one” Dj Khaled
    What I mean is Liam Hemsworth also known as my husband, is in another great
    film ready to come out

  87. no matter how many of you all hate this teaser, I bet this will be one of
    the biggest grossing movies of 2016.

  88. This looks pretty damn awesome aint going to lie

  89. After watching this trailer i bet anything that Michael Bay is jacken his
    meat so hard and fast right now.

  90. the whole super bowl party i was at stopped talking, texting… some
    stopped breathing for a bit when this came on, and when it was over, we let
    out a collective “damn”

  91. I want a Goldblum soundboard.

  92. This is a must watch for damn sure!

  93. what goes up must come down, except inflation ><

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