Ip Man 3 Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) – Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson Action Movie HD

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The highly anticipated third installment of the blockbuster martial arts series, IP MAN 3. Directed by Wilson Yip and starring martial arts icon Donnie Yen (upcoming Rogue One; A Star Wars Story and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2) and boxing legend Mike Tyson, the film will be released theatrically in the US nationwide on January 22, 2016.


  1. Watch out ip man Tyson might take your ear

  2. for a sec i thont it said ironman 3 i was like holeshit but no no iit

  3. holy molly thats epic

  4. What next, Ip Man versus Predator?

    This is getting retarded.

  5. Артем Куликов

    I never asked for this

  6. Dr. Bananable Lector

    Don’t suck don’t suck don’t suck

  7. Your Friendly neighborhood Sternritter

    Okay, this is kinda stupid. The older movies showed who IP man is but this
    one is just for entertainment and for money. Mike Tyson? Seriously?

    Still kinda funny though, after all the epic shits IP man did, there’s
    still people that dares to fight him. If i were one of the guys that was
    facing IP, i would give my wallet to him and run

  8. 0:10 Bruce Lee?

  9. Still not hotter than my mixtape its due in 2113

  10. Yeth, I luth Mike Tython.

  11. this trailer could’ve been a little better imo

  12. I Thought this was Iron Man 3 xD

  13. wide fokin’ lenses 3

  14. 1:01 .. Now kith

  15. I really hope this is good, martial arts movies need to come back!

  16. Donnie Yen does not look like a man who is 52.

  17. Bruce Lee at 0:10 OMG ?

  18. Mike Tyson can’t be playing himself. it’s set in the 1940’s or thereabouts.

  19. I can’t take Tyson seriously as an actor. At the very least i hope he’s
    mute in this movie.

  20. But they said it was CGI Bruce Lee. That’s not CGI, I know that guy. Didn’t
    he play Bruce Lee on that tv show ?

  21. I’m pretty sure they’re still going by the history correctly, I read
    somewhere that Ip fought a property manager or something that was black.

  22. First off, when did IP Man 3 become a thing? I thought it was over and done
    with after the second movie (where he also faced a boxer as the main
    antagonist). Secondly, that’s awesome! I love the IP Man flicks, Donnie Yen
    is amazing.

  23. 0:10 Bruce Lee :D

  24. Tyson delivers a 1, 2 punch…
    The IP Man delivers a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9……… =))

  25. I’m guessing Mike was hoping to fight Jackie Chan but instead he got the Ip
    man ._.

  26. More kung fu vs boxing… please better than Ip Man 2

  27. Omg Is That Tony Jaa? 0:45

  28. Why would you make another IP man? Smh. It’s gonna suck.

  29. This is the most well edited Chinese trailer I have ever seen. HYPED!!!

  30. Andrew “MartialKaiju98” Pham

    Can’t wait! Now my anticipated Hong Kong flick! CGI Bruce Lee doesn’t look
    bad as I thought it would. :D

  31. Whaaaat? Donnie said he wasn’t going to do another IP Man! Wow

  32. Wait I thought the Ip Man movies were based on the real Ip Man, Tyson
    wasn’t around during the Ip Man era


  34. 22-1-16? I thought it would be out at 24-12-15!!!!

  35. You know every martial art movie is exactly the same. Flashy kicks, punch.
    What made the first ip man unique was it was actually real.

  36. A trailer without a plot… I can smell it will suck already

  37. wtf? A few weeks ago I saw Ip Man 3 but I was with a diferent actor and Ip
    Man died in that movie, that movie is false or what?

  38. Christopher is good enough

    Ok I must be missing something because theres already 4 ip man movies

  39. 好撚悶呀仆街 係要拍到爛先收手 港產片幾時先肯諗多D新元素新題材

  40. totally dont want to see this movie

  41. wtf is idiot mike tyson even doing in this?

  42. IP Man vs. Kung Fu Panda please.

  43. 0:10 that cocky kid from IP Man 2.

  44. holy shit! CGI bruce lee looks like bruce lee!!

  45. I dont understand
    There is ip man, ip man 2 then ip man the last fight or something like that
    And now iP man 3? Ok

  46. Why Mike tyson? should have been manny pacquiao, tyson’s too slow for him.

  47. 0:10 is that TSM WildTurtle!?!?!

  48. mike tyson can’t fight…he’s a boxer, not a real mixed martial arts

  49. this aint a real story no more. -,- but still im going to watch xD

  50. Mike Tyson???

  51. Zunaid Ahmed Majumder

    Why the hell is this called IP man? He’s not even a computer guy. For the
    past 2 prequels all he’s been doing is fighting

  52. Is mike tyson a time traveler or something, wtf and why is he playing
    himself, isn’t this supossed to be set in the 1940s lol

  53. 0:58 I thought that was Eddie Murphy

  54. Tyson in reality would smash him.He was heavyweight champ.If kung fu was
    not the fantasy it is portrayed as,it would go into UFC,& show its stuff

  55. Is it just me or does Donnie Yen look really old in this movie.

  56. Now Donnie Yen should do a movie with Tony Jaa, Scott Adkins, Iko Uwais,
    ohh, Michael Jay White and all those beasts, it would be so epic

  57. i was like yes! another IP man …….. and then I saw tyson?

  58. Eucharisto Fellos Kailola

    is this a true story or a fiction story but real characters

  59. Out of all people, why Mike Tyson?

  60. Mike Tyson in his prime would have slaughter Donnie Yen!

  61. yeah!!!!! when is the premier?

  62. SPOILER ALERT!!! Ip Man gets his ear bitten off by Tyson.

  63. anyone i have 1 question, is that tony jaa from ong bak 0:45 ?

  64. Even with Tyson, you will never beat The Raid lol

  65. Tyson would have killed Donnie easily in reality

  66. *What are they doing???* Ip Man is too good to be milked like this!

  67. 0:10 WOW. I don’t know who they have playing Bruce Lee in this but I’m
    finding it hard to tell myself that’s not really him. Looks JUST like him!

  68. So ah…. IP man in his prime vs Mike Tyson in his prime, street fight no
    rules who’d really win?


  70. gak sabar tunggu tayangannya..

  71. Musti nonton nih.

  72. Kung FU movies are gay and fake

  73. Is Mike Tyson portraying as main antoganist of this movie or there are

  74. ip man 1:kung fu vs karate
    ip man 2:kung fu vs boxer
    ip man 3:kung fu vs street fighters
    what next…….?

  75. Mike Tyson?! Is this an action comedy now?!

  76. As usual.. fiction..

  77. IP Man 1 Final Boss – Asian
    IP Man 2 Final Boss – White
    IP Man 3 Final Boss – Black

    Looks like he’s out to promote racial harmony :D

  78. did i saw bruce lee? :P

  79. DYK that Ip MAn was actually a communist sympathizer who supported Mao
    Zhedong’s government, and he actually despised his former student Bruce Lee
    because the guy was an Americanist and went to America to work there
    instead of China? Think about that…

  80. I wish they’d staid historically accurate.

  81. Tyson :
    – Damage : 1000
    -attack speed : 20

    – Damage : 50
    – attack speed : 100

  82. omfg I love IP mab

  83. I recently watched Iron Monkey 2 on Netflix right after watching both of
    the Ip man movies and realized that Donnie Yen does not age! Iron Monkey 2
    came out somewhere in the 90s, and looking at him now I’m like DAMN! hmm, a
    Chinese version of Morgan Freeman.. jk lol

  84. kool

  85. 0:10 Bruce Lee?

  86. Really mike Tyson really? smh

  87. Gotta love the faces! MT is such an over actor! Lol! Greatest “fighter”

  88. in the next movie he will be able to fly and spit fire, and he will then
    proceed to fight time travelling zombie hitler

  89. movie industry milking money
    the first one was legit now it’s hollywood alike

  90. By adding Tyson the movie will be ruined. He better have a small part.

  91. must freaking watch vjedskncweimofj

  92. come on…can’t wait for the new year. I am ready to pay for this movie

  93. 原来这叫ip man , lol

  94. hey myke tyson is the enemy in this movie wow!

  95. MIKE TYSOON!!!!!

  96. uederson paulo dos santos

    and in Brasil ,when will it be released?

  97. its gonna be the best movie ever

  98. If only Mike Tyson was 30 years younger he would have looked like a

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