IT 2 Trailer (2019) Jessica Chastain, Horror Movie

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  1. Djebril Benamara

    Top 👍👍

  2. DjSoSmooveMINTY


  3. One of the first’s

  4. The opening is Hella scary

  5. Ooooooooo yesssss. Finallyyyy i wil watch it sooo many times

  6. Kateřina Bílková

    YEES finally! I can’t wait!

  7. Shit look like a banger!! Can’t wait!!!!

  8. TROUBLE Fallen Angel

    Ok i got excited like it was saving private Ryan movie but it looks good i like how they going show IT background i give the trailer a solid 5 out of 5 IT showed suspense IT showed Horror IT showed a brand new Scene IT just great i really give IT 👍 up 😬😬😬😬 i try IT ok done i can go forever with IT see lol

  9. The old lady is scarier than penny wise lmao

  10. That old lady reminds me of the one from the shining! Coincidence?

  11. Didn’t expect that at all….awesomely creepy.

  12. E que venha it a coisa 2😄.

  13. They waste way too much time on the Jessica Chastain scene. I started to get bored.

  14. marie-hélène martel

    One of my favourite scary scene in the book. The old lady…. I’m in.

  15. 2:05- That naked shuffle though. LOL

  16. time for the elite to slaughter and eat some more of your children.

  17. 0:39 2:04 I can’t help to imagine normal people walking like that. 😂

  18. Charmingpreppylife

    James McAvoy is in this. The aroused/terrified combo is going to make for one hell of a weird masturbation session for me.

  19. Yes yes yes give it to meeeee


    I can’t wait this is be good

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