Jane Got a Gun Official International Trailer #1 (2015) – Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton Movie HD

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A woman asks her ex-lover for help in order to save her outlaw husband from a gang out to kill him.


  1. Joel Edgerton is really making a name for himself in the past few years.
    Talented man.

  2. Ewan McGregor? So obi wan is a coyboy

  3. Natalie Portmannnnn…my queen of naboo!!!! oh fell in love with her back
    in star wars episode 1. The old days.

  4. How hard is it to put an apostrophe s at the end of Jane, Jesus… and it
    should be “Janie’s got a gun” but….whatever

  5. So Ewan McGregor dies in the movie?

  6. I thought the western was dead

  7. Oscar for Natalie

  8. Spoilers Bitches

  9. That movie almost didn’t made it alive. Let’s hope it’s made out okay at

  10. So… Obi-Wan kidnaps Padme’s daughter, so she recruits her brother in-law
    Owen Lars to help out?


  12. Finished with this post wtf happened to party popper Tyga Blac Chyna is
    fine comments disabled ive yet to comment on J J closes insatagram !! TMZ
    you play Dirity. Drake OvO pulled the plug did he ????pfft

  13. Whoever cut this trailer did not do a good job.

  14. Part of Revenge of the Sith cast reunited?!

  15. Um why is the music from the “concussion” trailer in this trailer it’s
    really throwing me off

  16. Obi-Wan you just had to take Luke away from Padme didn’t you? Anyone else
    get all the star wars similarities in the film? Especially the end

  17. so obi-wan has turned to the dark side and padme is alive looking for leia?

  18. im thinking of space and westerns right now when I see portman. when I put
    those together, I thought of cowboys and aliens.

  19. jane foster is doing alot these day.lololol


  21. At first I thought this was a western sequel to thor

  22. merica

  23. Not a great trailer, but it’s from the director of Warrior so I’ll probably
    see it

  24. Padme and Obi Wan

  25. thanks for giving away McGregors death

  26. Concussion trailer music?

  27. so many cliches

  28. steven tyler song comes to life

  29. Jesus christ! What a terrible trailer, fire whoever put together this

  30. bbcoachSuperman - (Brian Rokosz)

    Joel played a young version of Uncle Owen and Ewan have Luke to him at the
    end of Episode 3. This movie is what Uncle Owen should’ve done…trained
    Luke into a badass.

  31. been waiting for another modern western. been wanting one since 310 to yuma

  32. Where are my dragons?

  33. wanna be tarantino

  34. Is 2015 like Cowboy movie season or something?

  35. i think Natalie Portman and Lily Carter(pornstar) is the same women

  36. Muhammad Rafik Bakhtshiren

    steven tyler… Aerosmith song… Wow

  37. Natalie protmans neeson side

  38. that movie has been so hard to make omg its epic te trailer is out now

  39. im gonna be quite upset if the credit song is not by aerosmith

  40. so THIS is why Jane wasn’t in Age of Ultron…

  41. MSI GTX 970 3.5GB SLI

    From a distance, Natalie Portman looks like Berry pepper in this video’s
    thumbnail. Thumbs up if you agree. =)

  42. Yep, loads of star wars related comments on here, no doubt its that
    reignited fanbase since the new trailer the other day

  43. That title tough

  44. While the film looks ok, was it me or is this a particularly shit trailer?

  45. Is that how people gonna name their movies from now on?

  46. What did her daddy do
    It’s Janie’s last IOU

  47. why ruin the axe?

  48. Natalie Portman hasn’t aged a day since Star Wars Ep. 1.

  49. Obi Wann, Padme and Uncle Owen

  50. Seems Jorah isn’t all the way grayscale yet…

  51. Matthew Livingston

    Came off as a straight to DVD trailer.

  52. LOVE JOEL !

  53. Owen Lars, Obi Wan Kenobi and Padme Amidala nice.

  54. they could more exploit the concept of cowgirl by making it a western
    action-comedy. but instead they made a western action-drama, which I ain’t
    complaining, she looks more badass that way. I hope it will turns out good.

  55. That was a terribly put together trailer lol, I’m sure the movie does have
    potential, it’s just that this trailer almost felt like it was on the brink
    of becoming a comedy.

  56. Christopher Brandao

    so many claim to be pro’s at making film based on their comments.

  57. not impressed, same story line.

  58. obi wan kenobi, queen amidala and owen lars in one movie. All they need is
    anakin skywalker

  59. Thatoneguy overthere

    Whats with the sound effects on this video? The guns sound like semi auto
    pistols not single action revolvers.

  60. This looks awesome actually

  61. This is what happened to Jane when Thor left earth the second time….

  62. “I may be an outlaw but I don’t kill little younglings. Anakin does that.”

  63. I dont take this movie srsly.
    It should just be called jane.

  64. luv natalie portman

  65. “Janey’s got a gun, Janey Briggs got a gun…”

  66. Three Star Wars actors reunited!

  67. “~Janie’s got a gun~”

    -Not Another Teen Movie


  68. Jane all you need is a Hammer.

  69. chris evans needs to be in the soundtrack

  70. This looks so bad.

  71. Looks promising, but the trailer seemed to spoil the whole movie. 

  72. The NRA must just love this one!

  73. Accidently on Purpose


  74. Who gave Jane the gun?

  75. Star Wars: Episode 3 1/2

  76. Man between this, Hateful Eight, The Revenant and Bone Tomahawk there are
    some really promising westerns coming out.

  77. what a bad trailer. the movie looks like it’ll be good as long as they
    don’t lean too heavily on the romantic drama~ ugh

  78. Janey Briggs got a gun

  79. all i kept thinking is “stacy’s got a gun”

  80. Matilda goes western.

  81. Everyone looks the same because the scene cuts are too close together.

  82. Andys Videos/Bungle Boy Videos

    FINALLY a measly 2 minute trailer! Thats all Ive been waiting for. This
    movies been through hell and back trying to get released. Was supposed to
    be released what, over a year ago?

  83. So I guess she kills Ewan…

  84. the quick and the dead with a bigger budget and a love story.

  85. Ewan as a bad guy… after Natalie Portman attended his party at the end of
    Long Way Round… I just can’t be convinced of him as a villain.

  86. Just watch Unforgiven.


  88. Did anyone else spot the fact Portman wasn’t given the Academy Award
    winning title…. amateurs!

  89. Natalie Portman is a stupid Israeli Jew botch who supports the killing of
    Palestinian and ruined Star War!

  90. Funny if someone makes a music video of this movie to the Aerosmith song

  91. Padmé Amidala , Obi-wan Kenobi and Owen Lars in a film together. As a Star
    Wars fan how the hell could I say no to that.

  92. Padme doesn’t know where Luke is either apparently.

  93. female leads in westerns remind me of Dr Quinn…

  94. the cast of Phantom Menace finally made a good film.

  95. This looks like a SNL short. lol Portman looks so miscast its comical, but
    a huge part of me wants to be wrong!!

  96. so mathilda grow up and went west..great

  97. “Now that Janie’s got a gun she ain’t/ never gonna be the same”

  98. So Padme along with the help of her step brother in law Owen try to rescue
    Leia from an evil Obi Wan? nice.

  99. Russian-Italian Loves You!

    seems like obi-wan and padme did alot when anakin died…..

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