Joy Official International Trailer #1 (2015) – Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper Drama HD

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Joy is the story of a family across four generations and the woman who rises to become founder and matriarch of a powerful family business dynasty.


  1. fuckboys

  2. Jennifer lawrence ?

  3. Oh I’m early, let me think of a joke:

    Donald Trump.

  4. seen it, it stinks

  5. Jon Youtube Comments

    same cast as Silver Linings Playbook

  6. What did Robert De Niro become

  7. Charles John Rosatase


  8. So this is what happened to Panem after President Snow.

  9. *LOL he called her a gas leak*

  10. Of course it’s Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

  11. She looks. Better in these movies, David D Russel should always make movies
    for her

  12. In February JLaw will become the youngest two time Oscar winner in history.

  13. why does it say (2015) when the trailer says 2016?

  14. Jennifer Lawrence?

  15. I’m sorry I dont get the story…but I like the music dough :)

  16. Lol my family when I’m married

  17. This was filmed in my town!!

  18. You’re right. it’s really fucked up how kylo kills han his father. han is

  19. Seems like David O. Russell can’t make movies without Bradley, Jennifer or
    Christian Bale in them.

  20. So this movie is about the story of the common mop?

  21. So what did she invent… a mop?

  22. chick’s movie

  23. I can’t wait!

  24. ❤️I hope she wins an Oscar for this movie. She deserves it!!❤️

  25. Jennifer needs to take a break from movies for like 10 years. Shes annoying
    as hell now

  26. uploaded on my birthday lol

  27. Well, it’s awkward, but I vote, “everybody dies at the end.” And I do mean
    the actors.

  28. Cast of Silver Linings Playbook

  29. pritika subramaniam

    Yass JLaw yasss!!!!

  30. excuse me whilst I go browse the fappining

  31. Three words: JENNIFER. LAWRENCE. OSCAR.

  32. Edgar Ramírez could beat up B. Cooper anytime, anyway.

  33. Is this what they decided to do after they won their dancing competition

  34. What is silver lining playbook 2

  35. interesting that all i can say

  36. Heroine Teresa Deedee Agnes.

    lawrence is the most annoying and fake actress in the world

  37. Critica con ΛlexMΔD

    and Edgar Ramirez.

  38. mediocre acting and I’ve lost the “ooo, it’s Robert De Niro!” effect…

  39. Message to Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper: We don’t like you, go
    away. Retire do whatever just stop doing movies please.

  40. So this is about the women that invented the mop?

  41. This two actors again?…. ಠ_ಠ

  42. Looks like another oscar for jlaw. But I think it would be much better if
    this was sequel for silver lining playbook. Tiffany try to survive a
    married with pat. And shit happen, and all the idea she has was the mop.
    People didn’t believe her because she used to be a psycho. All the
    rejection and hate finally she’s made it. But,. I’m gonna watch this

  43. When Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper marry?

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