Julia Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Ashley C. Williams, Tahyna Tozzi Movie HD

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IN THEATERS: October 23, 2015

A neo-noir revenge thriller centering on Julia Shames, who after suffering a brutal trauma, falls prey to an unorthodox form of therapy to restore herself.



  2. I love Cinematic Universe

  3. Pls like this comment

  4. Season 5 of Dexter,anyone? ;)

  5. I’d much rather watch Chris Stuckmann’s Julia.

  6. Spit on your grave, emo teenage girl edition!

  7. I spit on your grave?

  8. Since when Quiet (Mgs) started making films

  9. I love how every hate comment in this comment section comes from men!

  10. Wow the new I spit on ur grave looks great

  11. This is basically Girls vs Boys but this is kinda worse.

  12. 50 shades of psycho

  13. Aka “I spit on your grave 3”?

  14. A crap rehash of I Spit On Your Grave.

  15. Hmmm wondering if the woman that is guiding her to seek revenge is simply
    another part of her personality?

  16. I can already hear the feminists coming

  17. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    The feminist are going to love this.

  18. Shazlynk “ShazlynkSwaj” TG

    Mass Effect

  19. Williams? What are you doing off the Citadel?

  20. YouTube Top songs List 2015

  21. Ferdinand Avocados

    I don’t really understand the trailer. Did they start killing all men or
    did they just kill the rapists?

  22. The Merc With the Mouth

    They copied this from another movie with Danielle Panabaker.

  23. That moment when they make a female version movie of your name. smh

  24. yep another movie I can skip because its all right here in the trailer.

  25. I thought the buzzing was from my headphones.

  26. I Spit On Your Grave rip off.

  27. SilkSatin Paradise


  28. Franco AguistineMexicano

    brought to you by femenazi!

  29. Luis Pedro Dominguez Aldana

    The name of the movie is stupid.

  30. I will watch this just because she was one of the girls in The Human

  31. 1:29 “HAS”

  32. She’s possessed

  33. Excuse me but this movie is on YIFY in 1080p already……….

  34. Rapists do not look like these Calvin Klein model guys, they wouldn’t need
    to rape. Most rapists aren’t even strangers.

    More than that, why would anyone rape a chick who came around to his place? *It’s
    like the Michael Bolton-looking rapist in Showgirls, who just rapes his
    date out of nowhere even though she was up for consensual sex.* She’s
    clearly up for it in that case, but we don’t know how rape situations
    happen in real life – do we idiots that made this movie? This is just some
    power-fantasy-self-indulgent nonsense probably written by a chick angry at

    Way to demean a serious issue and continue the romanticization of revenge
    while not at all engaging the matter. You. Fools.

  35. worst idea ever

  36. How weird my last gf was named Julia… should I be scared? Gonna sleep
    hugging my teddy tonite!

  37. I thought that Natasha Leggero for a second.

  38. this is literally the plot of girls vs boys. no difference. wtf

  39. The question is, was the sex good?

  40. I saw this online about a month or so ago. It’s different

  41. guys, this is what happens when you rape a women

  42. those men deserve the punishment they get, if all the raped women acted
    like her then the rapist did not exist anymore. And ya, it has nothing to
    do with feminisim, it is simply eye for an eye. I rather have them get
    fucked in the ass, that would be like worse than death ;)

  43. I feel like they are gunna try to make us sympathise with the rapists……

  44. Spit on your grave 2 : Urban Meltdown.

  45. pretty much a remake of ‘I spit on your grave’.

  46. lol, this movie is going to suck

  47. kinda like dexter the series, when he helps this girl to take revenge from
    the guys who raped her.

  48. I spit on your grave- This trailer is no different. Again, not an original

  49. seems like i spit on your grave ..

  50. the more I watch traielrs like this one the more i thisk women and girls in
    general should spend the rest of their lives in the kitchen

  51. females are weak as shit this movie is a lie

  52. horrifying!!

  53. Looks terrible

  54. I spit on your grave much?

  55. Drew-Kiercey Whittaker

    Somehow I feel like this was based off a novel. Signs of the times.

  56. Step one check the title and the actresses last name
    Step two look at my name

  57. I Spit On Your Grave but only in the city with one more girl

  58. When i was in the third grade people threated me like a criminal , because
    i killed somebody 1:09

  59. Spit on your grave, meh edition.

  60. Enough with these movies that say rape empowers women.

  61. Tala Maria Ghorayeb

    this would be actually nicer If it was a teenager sexing all of those 4 men
    and everyone talking about her and then she killed them!

  62. Dafuq the movie was released in our country like a year ago

  63. This shouldnt of been made. With this new wave of feminism, I think this
    movie will set an example.

  64. So basicly, she’s killing men who want to bang her, bcuz 4 other men used
    her as a punching bag and most likely banged her?

  65. Bitches be crazy

  66. sage of the six paths

    She should a hired dudes to rape them and see how it feels like rapist pigs
    cant stand them

  67. Hoài Tiến Trần Phạm

    Looks stupid as hell

  68. hectic

  69. retarded movie,
    they just showed everything in the trailer…

  70. wonderful vidio you heave just like and more likes people &&&

  71. I spit on your grave: Blood vengeance

  72. Looks like an even crappier spin off of American Mary

  73. creativeKnowledge Mike

    So basically to be a big slut you seduce someone then kill them.

  74. what non sense!

  75. Di she get raped 

  76. Ashley C Williams is an awesome actresses, loved her part in the human
    centipede. Looking forward to this

  77. Now they’re just naming horror movies with female names


  79. So becoming a serial killer is justified because of the evil that was done
    to you?

  80. Rapetales lol. This again.

  81. not bad

  82. its like i spit on your grave

  83. RYAN FROM EYE CANDY! <3 das bae

  84. Everyoone dies because she kills them and she almost killes that guy she

  85. typical revenge for rape with lots of graphic bloody
    penis-slicing/dicing…etc. weak plot, senseless murdering of innocent guys
    and a very weak ending

  86. yair martinez martinez

    Alguien que hable español por aqui?

  87. very used plot but good performance

  88. feminazis wet dream ……

    – triggered :p

  89. Another Girls against Boys ?

  90. “Julia” starring The Girl Who Ate Poop

  91. I want to see this one

  92. Feel like this chick could play Anita Blake if they ever turned the books
    into a movie.

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