JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie TRAILER (Ben Affleck – Comic Con 2016)

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Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy.

A Movie directed by Zack Snyder
Cast : Ben Aflleck, Gal Gadot, Jared Leto, Henry Cavill
Release Date : 17 November 2017
Genre : Superhero, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

© 2017 – Warner Bros. Pictures


  1. Furst

  2. Furst

  3. First

  4. Now I want a teens Titan movie!!!

  5. THIS LOOKS…..

    who the hell is acting the flash???

  6. Wheres superman?? Superman is the leader of this shit

  7. this is a shit trailer

  8. green arrow and green lantern?

  9. So you came back to die with your city…

  10. No John Stewart or Hal Jordan?

  11. Poom and my friends

    i love it

  12. this wont work…

  13. I need… friends too :/

  14. Hmm it looks okay … I don’t like the rock music, some Hans Zimmer
    uplifiting shit would fit better in my opinion.


    Where is the Martian? Didn’t he start the JL?

  16. I’ll wait for a better trailer…. and how u have a justice League without
    green Lantern

  17. Никита Байкин

    Rick and Morty

  18. Christopher Craig

    You didnt think he was real, reallyl!? Half of you is a robot and you’re
    questioning HIM!?
    Who’s writing these DC movies??

    (and NO, I’m not a Marvel fanboy. I’m a good filmboooooy.

  19. After viewing this I don’t feel impressed or excited to see this compared
    to the Avengers. Here’s why, before the Avengers, we were introduced to
    each characters own film like Iron Man, Cap, and Thor. Those films did well
    and it signaled a time for those characters to unite into the big screen.
    It was great to see Marvels characters quarrel with each other before
    forging an alliance against a common enemy. Justice League seems forced fed
    to the audience. No solo films for Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and even Batman
    himself to to understand their character. This JL film needs time to be
    made instead of just releasing it for the sake of competing against Marvel.
    I honesty don’t think this film will work because it’s being rushed.

  20. Is that the red ranger from the new power rangers film?

  21. …I want this to be good and it definitely looks good visually but every
    time I hear Batffleck say “Im making a team” I thought, Marvel already did
    that, and it’s great… but we all saw BvS so don’t have the most faith in
    DC rn. Also yeah not loving this flash

  22. isnt the actor playing the flash different from the preview in BvS ? like
    long hair vs short hair already tells the difference..

  23. It’s not an official trailer for Justice League,it’s a footage that someone
    saw already.

  24. Valkyrie Valkyre

    Where is Green Lantern, & Martian?

  25. please dont make another “doomsday trailer”!!!

  26. nomorecheese p2k

    looks cheesy as fuck

  27. Mrpewdsfirst 357

    Where’s Green Lantern and Superman?

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