Keanu Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) – Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele Comedy HD

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Friends hatch a plot to retrieve a stolen cat by posing as drug dealers for a street gang.


  1. Sebastian Quintanilla


  2. It’s like a long episode of Key & Peele

  3. So… John Wick reference/parody?

  4. this deserves an Oscar!

  5. Why did they agree to this, it can not be real.

  6. Even blacks make fun of niggas.

  7. that was a long trailer

  8. Let me guess… This should get nominated for an oscar too?

  9. There has to be a Keanu Reeves cameo.

  10. Are you making fun of my Movie? at least make it funny

    this shit is Trash

  11. So this is pretty much Key & Peele: The Movie


  13. Lmao, the clip of that cat running in the church..

  14. Let this be a note to the Wayans brothers and whoever else does
    Parody-Comedy movies….this is how you do it right. Looks fantastic and
    will definitely pay to see this in theaters.

  15. The song at the end George Michael – Freedom! ’90 … have a nice day!

  16. Watchin it!

  17. Omds this is John Wick. Keanu and the taken pet?

  18. yo what up Tandy

  19. John Wick parody. *armored suit facepalm *

  20. I have a fever and the only prescription is more of that cat.

  21. “Visionary minds”? Pass.

  22. Nice hahahahahahaha xD

  23. It actually might be the first good pardoy movie

  24. Noice

  25. PETA !!!!

  26. Like a Midnight Episode of Key and Peele. Awesome.

  27. Reminds me of Seven Psychopaths…

  28. omg – stupid shit

  29. looks hilarious

  30. Didn’t laugh once but I like Key & Peele.

    in conclusion: I’m undecided on this.

  31. funny in all the wrong ways

  32. YES, this is what I live for

  33. took me too long to realize why they named the cat keanu

  34. A 2 hour Kay & Peele sketch? Yes please.

  35. my niggas!

  36. that shit made me laugh. I might have to watch it

  37. Oh hell yeah! :D

  38. The Real Joker hahahaha

    needs more cow bell

  39. These motherfuckers aren’t funny…….. I’m seriously glad they’re off
    Comedy Central.

  40. niceeee but i think it will flop

  41. this is life.

  42. is dis some shitty parody of john wick ?

  43. yo if the cat dies i’m fuckin done.

  44. Looks good, cant wait xD

  45. I hope Keanu Reeves makes a cameo appearance in this movie.
    That would be so Badass!

  46. Is Liam Neesons in this???

  47. most definitely oscar worthy movie right here folks.. looks way better than
    straight outta compton..

  48. Keanu was the best part of this trailer. As always Keanu does not

  49. I thought it was a movie about Keanu Reeves but then I saw that
    CATastrophic trailer…

  50. where’s Leo?

  51. ok this trailer got me I was expecting a disappointment but the trailer
    didn’t disappoint

  52. all this for a cat?

  53. Fargo season 3

  54. Witness this! This is the birth of a successful franchise!

  55. I will watch for the cute kitty Q_Q <3

  56. Mustafa Al_Saleemee

    That’s dumb …

  57. Anyone else remember when they got booed off stage at their own event?

  58. Oswaldo Rodríguez

    What I get from this and Neighbors 2’s trailers is that this year is gonna
    be the person flying out of a windshield year

  59. lol hope the real Keanu makes a cameo. would be even better.

  60. It would be really funny if the cat got kipnapped from Keanu Reeves himself

  61. Will Forte at 0:40?

  62. This movie was great enough with Key and Peele, now it has an adorable cat.

    Made this shit 100 times better.

  63. ?????

  64. This looks better than suicide squad

  65. Sign me in Bitches

  66. im gonna watch this movie at least 17 times when it comes out, finally a
    movie i can relate to

  67. white black people

  68. john wick vibe,i like it.

  69. John Wick Parody.

  70. Movie looks silly as shit and I’m 100% okay with that ….. I think.

  71. RedemptionIsRessurected2

    All of that goddamn mayhem for a cat? Where do I sign?

  72. DeadPool4 President

    “Keanu” not so subtle ;)

  73. shooshooshooshooshooter

    Method Man’s character is called Cheddar? haha hope someone else gets that
    reference ;)

  74. Smoker Tee 11783TM

    thanks Key & Peele

  75. Damn son, that cat IS the cutest thing I have ever sin in my lyfe!

  76. is it a parody of john wick?

  77. I’m in. Hell, if they can play 2 semi–qualified FBI agents in *’Fargo’*,
    they can sell the acts they designed themselves. Going to need to work on
    my laugh discipline, exercise it a bit beforehand.

  78. why is it red band? lol

  79. I smiled, for once, gj.

  80. The Melting Sun Productions

    John Wick parody?

  81. This looks silly. Already completely 100% onboard!

  82. I can’t stop laughing,looks so funny

  83. So this movie isn’t about Keanu Reeves?

  84. Oh no! I might want to see this!

  85. This looks good and funny but the story is just stupid af

  86. Is this something like a giant spoof of John Wick?

  87. If this doesn’t get a oscar im gonna boycott that racist award show.

  88. ‫فيصل العسيري‬‎


  89. 1:29 Either that’s amazing CGI or they actually got the cat to do that.

  90. idk how to feel

  91. Dude, Where my kitten?

  92. Oh hell ya

  93. Oh my god.

  94. I just saw the whole movie.. and it was pretty funny..

  95. It took me some minutes to figure out form where the hell i know the two
    guys. RocketJump, Mexican Stand-Off!

  96. Shout out to George Michael

  97. Mirk Jerken (C-H-S)

    Key & Peele was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

    This is the shit right here!

  98. I really hope Keanu Reeves randomly shows up in this

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