Kill Command Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Vanessa Kirby, Thure Lindhardt Movie HD

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Set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines.


  1. F “15wintergreen” W

    Sometimes I drink bleach

    Obviously not enough

  2. advanced warfare

  3. Karlijn Van Olphen

    wow they are walking into the woods what a suprise

  4. it can’t be worse than transformers, right?

  5. I so need this in my life.

  6. DarkCloudEntertainment

    Another fake ass Transformers film.


  7. Cool

  8. Hitler?

  9. Looks very forgettable

  10. Terminator sucked, so this is the new one

  11. The Man Who Only Comments


  12. The robot looks like that one thing from doctor who.

  13. Syfy movie trash

  14. WOW, another movie where humans lose control over their creations, so

  15. Another science fiction disaster in the Box Office

  16. Cortana? xD

  17. i don’t know, sometimes looks kinda shit and cheap, but sometimes looks
    pretty awesome……..i’m confused

  18. enemy gi unit inbound

  19. Killerkillblowguy234

    It looks ok…but at the same time it looks terrible

  20. I cant think of any scenario of this movie actually turning out to be a
    good movie.

  21. Extermination … i prefert daleks ^^

  22. Louis Soto Feliciano


  23. Click on my name and dislike my videos PPLZZZ ..PLZZZ I BEG OF U PLZZZ

  24. Looks like shit lol

  25. Gonna be a shit movie.

  26. Boring..

  27. plz b good, this looks fn dope

  28. Classic “Everyone gets killed by rebelling robots movie.” Well at least its
    not transformers.

  29. Nick AlexuseesuxelA

    Black Ops 3 the Movie

  30. When terminator and predator make a baby….

  31. All you fuccbois saying this looks shit.. not every film had a multi
    million dollar budget you know?

  32. how many times are they going to use that dam sound effect in one trailer

  33. Predators + Terminator + Black ops 3

  34. Looks like Terminator salvation

  35. Edge of tomorrow meets saving private Ryan and the matrix joins in the

  36. Was the fact that she is robot supposed to be the twist? Cause they blew

  37. this will be us in like 5 years

  38. looks like bullshit

  39. Leonardo Rodrigues

    enough with that horn

  40. Starship Troopers with robots instead of bugs??

  41. The card is pretty good as a basic card to deal 3 damage potentially 5…
    Oh wait wrong kill command

  42. Far better than Ghostbusters…

  43. 720p wtf is this shit

  44. FACE?

  45. If Black Ops 3 was a Movie

  46. So basically another terminator movie

  47. CheerfulSmilingEd

    Probably gonna suck but it actually looks pretty cool

  48. people of today hate all the movies……

  49. torque the prisoner

    cool the big 4 leged robots look like golioth of virus

  50. This looks badass, can someone explain why they may not like it cuz I dont
    see how you wouldnt like this. My only complaint is that it seems to lack a
    strong main character or lead role, perhaps if they got an actor who’s good
    at bringing a lot of personality to his roles and changed the script so
    that it’s focused more on that actor instead of a squad then it’d be better
    off. I know the woman’s supposed to be some sort of main character but idk
    it just doesn’t seem like it would work.

  51. 1:31 the newer version of 360 noscope

  52. Oh my my

  53. lol Getting Xcom vibes, though that’s probably more from playing too much
    of that game.

    Group of soldiers in guerilla setting fighitng aliens/robots is a great
    action premise.

  54. Hellooo Is it me you're looking for

    seems like predator and terminator had a baby

  55. meh

  56. Looks dope

  57. This is what happens when you combine a mimic and a terminator.

  58. hey look its advance warfare

  59. Wow that’s annoying.

  60. I had to watch it twice cause I zoned out the first time.

  61. never watching it

  62. Danish actor!

  63. man i love sci fi movies

  64. It looks legit but I hate to say it looks like i’ll be hyped for it then
    I’ll watch it and be disappointed. Say it ain’t so.

  65. Anyone got that PREDATOR vibe ?

  66. ……..ehhhh. I’d be more on board with it if it wasn’t the tired,
    “machines go rogue, learn independent thought”. Why can’t the robots be the
    good guys for a change?

  67. so… so it’s incredibles ?

  68. it is hearthstone movie? God rush hunter even here

  69. Vertigo films does it again. I like shitty movies but every thing VT brings
    out is just bad. Bronson wasn’t to bad but we can’t forget Jack The Giant

  70. at least this is not a remake, of course this is not original. At least it
    takes risks

  71. When will people learn not to bring only 7 people to kill robots?

  72. Where’s John Connor when you need him.

  73. Looks like a predator knock off but with robots


  75. next is Animal companion trailer (spoiler alert always huffer)

  76. This actually looks really cool.

  77. Those robots were built by Google.

  78. If I want to see something cheesy I’ll go watch DOOM. If I want to watch
    something stupid I’ll go watch that Alien vs Predator movie where the
    humans get obliterated by the aliens. If I want to watch something awful
    this is probably it. And finally if I want to go blind I’ll bleach my eyes.
    I probably already have….

  79. Skynet:The Movie

  80. Looks good

  81. dalek v2.0

  82. Straight to Netflix incoming

  83. This actually looks good

  84. atlas robot… boston dynamics

  85. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    Damn from all these Trash trailers recently this looks good

  86. CGI still looks better than Gods of Egypt’s

  87. And the award for most bass swells in a single trailer goes to…

  88. It can’t be worse than terminator genesis XD

  89. cool! seems kinda like predator. Think the CGI looks great!

  90. Look like skitters. Cool film.

  91. At first I thought it was a joke, a satyr of michael bay’s
    transformer…would have been great!

  92. Anmoldeep Chahal

    Looks like a very good movie.

  93. this Terminator reboot looks like an improvement on the franchise

  94. At least it is better than the new Ghostbusters trailer

  95. A good turn your brain off and watch things go boom sort of movie.

  96. Black Ops 3, the movie

  97. meh… i need one more trailer

  98. 360 no scope 1:31 min.

  99. Looks better than ghostbusters

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