Kill Your Friends Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Ed Skrein, Nicholas Hoult Movie HD

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An A&R man working at the height of the Britpop music craze goes to extremes in order to find his next hit.


  1. sex just for fun

  2. first

  3. Seem ps shite

  4. 4th???

  5. is this killer porn?

  6. This movie trailer makes me remember My Chemical Romance

  7. So basically “Wolf of the music industry”

  8. That’s a trailer.

  9. I am beyond lost.

  10. james corden yes

  11. Best movie of 2016


  12. So is this Valhalla? It’s not as shiny and chrome as I thought…

  13. Francis and Beast

  14. Kill Your Friends (Prank Gone Sexual)(Its Just a Prank Bro)(In the
    Hood)(Gun Pulled)(Penid Bitten Off)
    Thank God Pepper is gone

  15. Moritz Bleibtreu NICE!

  16. OMG is that the guy who play benjen stark in game of thrones, can someone
    call jon snow for me

  17. 10x The King Mufasa Was

    Skrein and Hoult could pass off as brothers

  18. The Hell You Looking At?

    This and highrise is literally drug movies, i think

  19. Ed Skrein and Nicholas Hoult together in the same movie, i think this might
    get a little confusing

  20. Looklike Filth. Good

  21. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    “kill your friends”? are you psychotic? I mean what if we don’t have

  22. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    “kill your friends”? are you psychotic? I mean what if we don’t have

  23. Fran-cis


  24. Wait what??

  25. Staring Francis (Ajax Dish Washing Liquid)

  26. James Gordon is in it he is so funny

  27. This looks great

  28. Francis…

  29. I can’t make the difference between Ed Skrein and Nicholas Hoult…

  30. İt is very interesting film.Who like this film lIke:)))

  31. Francis better chill

  32. I feel like I’ve seen this before……..

  33. Was that Spider-Man at 1:21?!?! HAHA!

  34. Connor notyerbidness



  36. Trainspotting 2?

  37. oh look american psycho but in bad.

  38. Looks good. But now we know he kills James Cordens character. Bit of a

  39. Another crappy film about the music industry.
    What kinds of people think “Man, ya know what I want to see? A movie about
    a band or the music industry, except that’s way too boring, so they need to
    spice it up with crap that never happened. Yeah, that’s the ticket!”?

  40. I am all in.

  41. Vanesa Garnica Villa

    Tony is back in business.

  42. So this is based on the book?

  43. American Psycho 2016?? This is basically the same exact shit.

  44. omg nick?

  45. FRANCIS!!!!!

  46. whats the song at 0:48

  47. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    More like a British version of American Psycho.

  48. any idea about the track played at the end ? O.o

  49. dinoatcharterdotnet

    This looks dumb.

  50. “Tell beast to stop shitting on my lawn”

  51. Didn’t this come out ages ago… i can’t remember if i’ve seen it at the
    cinema or the DL….

  52. i am a bug fan of american psycho, i hope this movie will bring something
    new and not just copy the master piece …

  53. The brief satisfaction of seeing Corden get strangled, then the sorrow at
    remembering he’s still alive in real life.

  54. I’m off to kill my friends (social experiment)

  55. Nux and Francis in the same film? Count me in.

  56. About a boy 2

  57. francis look-a-like!

  58. what’s my name beast ?

  59. James Corden!!

  60. ‫بدمي فلسطين‬‎

    warm bodies
    i miss that movie now thanks nick

  61. I like how Nicholas Hoult went with a Alex DeLarge like voice for this

  62. I got to see this movie

  63. WHATS MY NAME!??!?!??!

  64. What’s the song that started from 0:47?

  65. Who else thought it was KSI at 1:10 ???

  66. is that Francis?

  67. 2015 movie in a 2016 trailer ?

  68. is it just be or do Ed Skrein and Nicholas Hoult look really similai. Like
    really, REALLY similair.

  69. Didn’t this movie already come out? I remember seeing the reviews with a
    low rating on rotten tomatoes

  70. My Twenty Øne Phaning Panicked Bøy


  71. Wolf of wall street + American Psycho + Trainspotting + Layer Cake = This.

  72. Sofia Alexandra Pereira

    Basically Nicholas Hoult and his “twin” are in a movie together.

  73. Vineeth Varghese (vinsanityyy)

    nicholas hoult is not francis (ajax) from deadpool!! he plays a different
    character in the xmen universe (beast)

  74. David Valle Rodriguez

    anyone know what song is en te se con half of the trailer?

  75. He kinda reminds me of that bad guy on Deadpool .. I think it was a Ajax

  76. wolf of wall street meets american psycho… wanna be

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