Knight of Cups Official Theatrical Trailer #1 (2015) – Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett Movie HD

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A screenwriter living in LA tries to make sense of the strange events occurring around him.


  1. Nice to see how Bruce Wayne is spending his life after gotham…..

  2. Another edgy film from Terrance Malick!

    Such art maaaaaaan

  3. All trailers now either tell you everything or nothing.

  4. The Dark Knight of Cups.

  5. they misspelt tree of life in the title

  6. this movie is a shit

  7. one of the best trailers in past decade?

  8. This movie looks hella good maine

  9. The trailer will be 10 times better than the film, guaranteed…

  10. wow all those years in gotham really messed him up

  11. Is this the 4th installment in the dark knight series?

  12. What…?

  13. seems like another Tree of Life like cinematography

  14. Looks more interesting than Christian propaganda??

  15. Directed by Terrence Malick, so the film is guaranteed to be load of
    illogical, pretentious bullshit.

  16. Bale’s best performances come from when he’s playing a mad man.

  17. Bale is slowly falling to rock bottom

  18. So a story about a struggling rich white man damn hollywood you are running
    out of material.

  19. Seeing as how the was no script to this movie and all of the scenes were
    improvised, this has potential to be the most pretentious and least
    cohesive Terrence Malick film ever…and that’s no easy feat given the
    dumpster fires that were To The Wonder and Tree of Life.

  20. with a Birdman photography…

  21. This is what most people are like. All fake in their own fake worlds.

  22. One Knight – Several Cups.

  23. This exact same trailer came out last year. I thought this movie was out

  24. When I saw Christian Bale and word Knight i tought this is another Batman.

  25. Plot?

  26. Another vague movie from Malick, how about no thanks.

  27. damn they dropped this a year ago… why so long for a release

  28. i have to watch this at home i have not 3 hours to sit.
    Every malik movie have to pee at least 2 times.

  29. Malick’s last film Tree of Life sucked ass. Beautiful cinematography and a
    great cast, but a hollow script and served almost no purpose, other than
    being a pretty art project with a big budget. This looks no different.

  30. I smell another machinist!

  31. the story of bruce wayne sexual life….:V

  32. I have a feeling swimming and drowning will be major.

  33. Deez Nutz Productions

    Fifty shades of Wayne

  34. looks like a mixture of Birdman and Mr. Nobody…

  35. The intro music is quite intense.

  36. *-* su fotografía se ve hermosa. Un gran punto de Terrence Malick.

  37. Once the soul was perfect and had wings.. And could soar into heaven….

  38. Sooooo, what’s the movie about?

  39. I think they got it wrong. It’s supposed to be “Two Girls and A Cup”!

  40. Ah you think Cups are your ally? You merely adopted the Cup. I was born in
    it, molded by it.

  41. Pretentious liberal bullshit. Won’t be seeing it.

  42. Alan Watts Modern Philosopher quoted in this trailer if anyone is wondering

  43. (Takes deep Breath) Terrence Malick does it again. This looks beyond

  44. Joe Biden's Shotgun


  45. Remember the force always be with you

  46. Did you even know, Christian Bale and Tom Cruise are alike?
    Yep, they have the same Mother.
    Search it to learn more.

  47. Absolutely charming!

  48. Christian Guerassio

    This is Art.

  49. who knew being rich, living in california, and looking like christian bale
    could be so shitty

  50. Christian Bale has gone into crazy method acting, he will totally win an
    Oscar for this

  51. this guy went from batman to straight crack.

  52. Just seems like one long aftershave advert

  53. uh i came here for a cup stacking tournament

  54. Rich white people problems

  55. all this was achieved, because of a go pro.

  56. O so it is this esoteric, smashing chairs on the table kind of movie. Says

  57. This looks like it was filmed by a college student that just learnt about
    close ups in class, had an idea for a film then began shooting but also
    happens to know Christian Bale who was willing to do the film.

  58. *Insert lame Batman gag here*

  59. say what you want about tree of life…. THE THIN RED LINE was EPIC!

  60. feeling slightly dizzy after watching this trailer. This camera angle is
    not for me

  61. and the Oscar goes to Christian Bale…. :)

  62. Is this a movie or a videoclip?

  63. What the hell is this?

  64. this entire trailer looks like a perfume advert, especially the serene bit
    at the end

  65. Was this movie filmed with a GoPro ?

  66. What

  67. Batman looks high af.

  68. What the crap is this movie about?

  69. Trailer gave me a headache.

  70. 1 knight 2 cup

  71. i want to see bale as a villan in the new dc universe

  72. What is it about

  73. Spoiler alert. It ends up with aids!

  74. What is this?

  75. Looks like a pretentious film

  76. next up, redband extended 7 minute trailer please

  77. What is the song at the end?

  78. Coooool

  79. The music from the second half of the trailer is pretty great

  80. Kenneth Wayne Lee II

    very interesting art form, but i don’t see it as relate-able.

  81. Big Garbage Man Hands

    This looks like such an insufferably typical Malik wankfest.

  82. I AM CUPS!

  83. Sreekiran Muralidharan

    I do not have anything to say to this. A drama from Terrence Mallick is
    always a masterpiece. Well I give a thumbs up for Bale’s screen presence.

  84. a crossover between tree of life and american psycho. i guess i killed the

  85. 1:20 do he try to be Superman now ?? dude you are Batman, Bruce Wayne…
    you don’t have to fear anything !!!

  86. Aside from being the only director to shoot with natural light, Malick no
    longer produces anything worthwhile. That said, I love me some natural
    light footage. I’ll never understand why Hollywood blows millions on
    gaffers, lights, and–most of all–the wasted time of waiting on lighting

  87. if Bruce Waynes parents didn’t die that night…..

  88. The Knight returns

  89. I’m not sure if this looks good or bad but Bale never accepts a crappy role

  90. Heya, Far Out! property wail What’s your opinion about that, guys 11

  91. I do not care for most of Terrence Malick’s work…which must make me
    shallow, unintelligent, etc.

  92. Christian Bale is such an amazing actor, I have a feeling that this movie
    will be amazing.

  93. Is this what Alfred meant by “leaving gotham”?

  94. He gave up batman to do nonsense like this.

  95. Looks like Bruce Wayne moved to LA

  96. Hi how’s it going? Outstanding Performance. kick surprise What’s happening,

  97. What is this even about?

  98. a movie when bruce wayne isn’t fighting crime

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