Kristian & Dan Hit The Red Carpet (2016) Awards Night HD

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There are a few hilarious impressions and awkward hugs along the way.


  1. J.K. Simmons is hilarious

  2. Marcus Blixenkrone-Møller

    Was I the only one hoping Brooklyn would pick up any awards? I mean, I knew
    it wouldn’t win best picture or Screenplay, but it was so underrated

  3. Is that it? How much footage did you guys get? This better be the trailer
    to the Interview Show…

  4. Why are you guys acting like nerds and pansies?…..Coz sir it’s not
    funny…..It’s Hollywood and it won’t look funny!!

  5. Brandon Christopher

    Awesome 2 white males asking a bunch of white nominees #diversity

  6. “Charlize!” waves back “Oh my, good lord…”

    The Charlize effect my friend…

  7. “Superman’s invulnerable.”

    “Good point.”

    Conversation over.

  8. Star Wars The Force Awakens:Episode VII

    Henry cavil has such a likable personality

  9. Kristian harloff is cringe personified

  10. Who still watches the Oscars??? Man YouTube vids are slow tonight. I guess
    I’ll watch The Force Awakens again. Thanks Kick ass torrents

  11. This was great, they didn’t make anything awkward like a lot of people do,
    just wish it was a bit longer ha! Good job guys :)

  12. #jedi sword

  13. How short are you guys?

  14. The essence of Schmoe.

  15. kristians a boss

  16. Lucky sons of bitches!!!

  17. you hugging henry… such a jealous

  18. Leo just win an OSCAR guys! and let us all take a moment of silence for the
    memes that died today

  19. Kristian, man, I know you felt so cringy along that other idiotic mofo.
    Like seriously, fire Dan.

  20. Henry ?

  21. Good effort

  22. wow these two persons are extremly fanboy-ant. that’s quite annoying.

  23. “She looked at me and ignored me but I have hope” dead ?

  24. i love what you guys do and i am a fan but come on you could have had a
    shave :)

  25. and Leonardo finally gets one for Best Actor.

  26. and Leonardo finally gets one for Best Actor.

  27. Henry Cavills a lot taller than I thought he was?.

  28. They are so short.

  29. Henry Cavill makes people happier than ever :’)

  30. Hey I’m super happy for you Kristian! Love to see when you get
    opportunities like that! Hope I can get interviewed by you one day! I’ve
    only had minor roles so far though! Lol

  31. The Revenant Bear would beat Superman in a fight.

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