Kung Fu Panda 3 Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Jack Black, Angelina Jolie Animated Movie HD

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Continuing his “legendary adventures of awesomeness”, Po must face two hugely epic, but different threats: one supernatural and the other a little closer to his home.


  1. I’m first… wow…

  2. Feels like a really unnecessary sequel

  3. Boooring…bring on Toy Story 4!!

  4. Why are so many people excited for this?

  5. I hope this succeds

  6. you got my money

  7. What the heck, there’s like 100 comments saying their first. Good thing
    only one is saying IM 54th!!!!! It is me. This looks amazing by the way.
    And the villain has septic eyes!!!!!

  8. For some reason this reminds me of Warcraft

  9. When they give away the entire plot in a trailer the movie is never very
    good, if at all. Not a good sign.

  10. When are we going to see an actual dragon in this?

  11. “Even Master Chicken’s going in there and he’s a Chicken” =))

  12. I don’t think they can top the second.

  13. TheBaltoRevolution

    I thought he said Shit Shat at first

  14. The plot twist in the end –
    Po discovers that the panda is not his dad. It was just a misunderstanding.
    He is discouraged and leaves. Meanwhile, the villain comes to destroy the
    Panda village. He is wrecking havoc and all hope seems to be lost when Po
    enters heroically and thus, the ‘chit chat’ scene at the end.
    Looks fun though! I AM SUPER EXCITED !

  15. Spoiled way too much

  16. Amazing, three movies and he still can’t get a girlfriend

  17. Warcraft movie looks great.

  18. Master Chicken is the hero we all deserve.

  19. Man i swear to God .., i never knew Jackie Chan was Monkey until i lost a
    bet with my friend.., that too was after Kungu Fu Panda 2 :D

  20. It’s coming out in january.

  21. This could either be absolutely brilliant or ridiculously horrible…

  22. with this trailer the movie don’t have any thing new

  23. What the hell?, the trailer on facebook says this comes out on March?!, why
    this says January?!

  24. The first one was good … Why 2 more …

  25. hey look it comes out in janurary. this totally means it’s going to be bad
    because for some reason the date is going to affect how good the movie is


  27. Who’s the villains voice actor

  28. Why is everyone saying January is a bad time to release movies to the
    theaters? Why does it matter?

  29. Are DreamWorks going to turn po and tigress into a couple or something?

  30. I only hear Stanford with The badguy. Somebody with me?

  31. why do all trailers nowadays give away the whole story :/

  32. As a big fan of the Kung Fu Panda franchise,
    I have to say that I am incredibly worried about this one.

    It reminds me of Shrek the 3rd: Forced humour, painful and awkward dialogue,
    and scenes that are hardly serious.

    The Shrek franchise killed itself off on that movie alone.
    And I’m afraid this movie will do exactly the same.

  33. Awesome trailer. Master Shifu going in as a chicken, lol.

  34. The villain should atleast be better than the first Kung Fu panda… but he
    looks lame.. a movie without a good villain always sucks..

  35. Did I just watch the entire movie in 2 mins???

  36. Unmm is it me or does it sound like Seth Rofeng is playing mantis and the
    villain in this?

  37. Can’t lie this movie looks so chiiiiiiiilll

  38. I thought Mads Mikkelsen was going to be in this movie!!! :(

  39. Wheres monkey

  40. Kung Fu Panda 1: Tigress resents Po Kung Fu Panda 2: Tigress Respects and
    Likes Po Kung Fu Panda 3: Tigress will develop feeling for Po (Possible
    romance at the end of movie) Kung Fu Panda 4: Tigress and Po will love
    each other Kung Fu Panda 5 & 6: I don’t know I’m thinking to far.
    (Possible marriage hmmmm)

  41. y is seth rogen voicing 2 chracters he’s already the mantis WTH should of
    chose someone else for the villian

  42. I’m slightly confused but…after what happened to their last home at the
    hands of Shen and his wolves, wouldn’t the pandas become badass warriors on
    their own to prevent that from ever happening again?

  43. Doesn’t J. K. Simmons as Kai sound a bit like Seth Rogen?

  44. They had the opportunity to play on an adoptive character that meets his
    biological family, and make it realistic. Instead they accept each other
    like they’ve known each other whole their life. That is not how it works,
    sad and disappointed.

    Poo, please go back to your father, the Noodle Goose, he is your REAL dad!

  45. This legit is 500x better than I expected it to be

  46. the ending instantly told me this will be *BAD*

    released in january?? *REALLY*

  47. You’re like me but old

  48. First one is still the best.

  49. I think I hear tsfh around the father son shot

  50. I don’t like it when a movie gives away the whole plot in the preview. From
    this trailer ik that po finds his father, goes to a secret panda village,
    typical evil force awakens that will threaten his family, he has to train
    the pandas, and when they all punch each other u know it’s the typical
    “this is gonna take a while” training things, then they’ll win but
    something bad will happen. And if they want to stretch it into a 4
    (shouldn’t) they’ll be some kind of thing at the end of the movie

  51. Master Ox was voiced by Van Damme???

  52. Seriously, I don’t see how this trailer reveals all the plot. I think
    people thought that was the case with Kung Fu Panda 2, and yet *SPOILER
    ALERT* I don’t remember ever seeing anything about Po’s past in the KFP2
    trailers. Seriously guys, give the movie a chance before judging it.

    And don’t give the crap that critics said KFP2 was bad, cause that is
    complete bullshit
    Don’t try to convince me that it was bad, cause I’m allowed to have an
    And for god’s sake, the date shit with January being shitty movie month
    doesn’t mean that this movie is gonna suck! If that’s your reason for not
    going to see it, then my god you are a f***ing retard.

  53. i think the villain isn’t serious enough….

  54. What the hell is up with this retarded trend of showing the entire movie in
    the trailer?!
    I stopped half way through because it started revealing key plot points!!!
    Are the studios that desperate for money they’re willing to ruin the film
    for everyone months before it comes out?!

  55. Am I the only one that thinks crane sounds different? Cause he sounds
    different to me.

  56. January… Please don’t screw this one up.

  57. “Even Master Chicken is in there! And he’s a chicken.*
    laughed so hard at that lol..

  58. This looks like a fun watch, wish this trailer didn’t spoil the whole story
    arch and probably some of the best scenes.

  59. lol swearing in a KFP movie. Or did he say chit chat

  60. a pandaren returns to the mystic isle and a tauren villain decides to
    attack it with his murloc buddies.

  61. swear I can’t wait for this any longer

  62. I have been waiting so long for this, after finding out about Po’s familiy.

  63. Is Po’s dad Hal/Heisenburg/Bryan Cranston? If so, is he an opium farmer?

  64. Is that cow a Kratos’ relative?

  65. and the Orcs? and the Humans? and and and… OH this is not World of

  66. “Chitty chitty chat chat” lol

  67. I badly wanna watch this movie

  68. Will that Panda cook meth as well?

  69. World needs Master Chicken spin-off

  70. shit shat? wat

  71. I hope master chicken doesn’t get roasted

  72. waaaahhh

  73. Master Chicken is going to be my favourite part of this movie lol

  74. I love it!!!. Master chicken

  75. I always feel this movie was racist

  76. Irais “Foxlore” Yamai


  77. Ha, Ha, Ha :)


  79. The villian has Blades of Chaos lol

  80. that’s so fun

  81. kunfu panda is always awesome

  82. Where’s Luhan song? T_T

  83. this is awesome!!

  84. great…. :)))))

  85. I really hope Po doesn’t marry Mei Mei. There were at least 2 PoxTigress
    hints in this trailer!

  86. Groverkiin Muppetborn

    All the bad guys in DreamWorks movies are getting dreadlocks…

  87. JK Simmons YESSSS XD I love him so much

  88. I’m gonna be one of those adults lined up with the children in the cinema
    just to watch this movie :’)

  89. Did he say shit shat?

  90. shit chat get banged #teamvardy

  91. #R.I.P CHICKEN if u can’t waith for the movie to come out!

  92. can anyone pls tell me the artist for the music which is played @1:48 till
    the end!
    thnk yu :)


  94. kratos confirmed

  95. Taurens vs Pandarens

  96. Is it just me, or has there been a noticeable decrease in animation

  97. what did i just watched?

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