Last Days in the Desert Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Ewan McGregor Movie HD

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An imagined chapter from Jesus’ forty days of fasting and praying in the desert. On his way out of the wilderness, Jesus struggles with the Devil over the fate of a family in crisis.


  1. So this is what happened on Tatooine

  2. star wars lost episode

  3. The Man Called Sting

    Plot twist: While Obi-Wan travels in the desert with his son, struggling to
    survive, they come across a little pouch. However inside the pouch is only
    one senzu bean. Obi-Wan then kills and betrays his son, and eats the senzu
    bean and lives on leading to the events of Star Wars. The End.

  4. A Jesus movie I might actually see.

  5. he is, and always will be the best obi wan ever

  6. TheTrophyMunchers

    The Revenant: Sand Edition

  7. TheGamingWizard479

    Star Wars: The Heat Awakens

  8. He’s trying to find his way back to Luke

  9. Looks like Vegas.

  10. obi wan……..

  11. dafuq?

  12. Watching his best bud Anakin turn to the dark side did a number on him.


  14. Abdelhadi Oudaoud

    The trailer is boring then the whole movie is boring too. Like father like

  15. ewan mcgregor for oscar ?

  16. Since when is Jesus a Jedi?

  17. Who saw the light saber on his waist.

  18. CheerfulSmilingEd

    This actually might be really good.

  19. “How long have you been out here Obi-wan?” Its what the old man said! :O Is
    this The force heaven? Obi wan is apparently a holy man :O!!

  20. Anything filmed by Lubezki is worth watching.

  21. So Ewan McGregor is basically playing Jesus?

  22. whos gonna watch this bullshit 

  23. Obi wan retreat spin off

  24. Evan looks godlike. Whatever that means.

  25. Obi-wan meets Mance rayder

  26. This actually looks pretty decent

  27. Im calling it. This is Mc cregor’s Oscar

  28. Obi- Wan?

  29. It’s just B8 for Disney to hire him back into Star Wars…

  30. Cesar “Isaac” Perez

    Ewan McGregor playing Jesus???

  31. Where have they filmed this movie?

  32. Damn I love Ewan McGregor. Such an underrated actor.

  33. Jesus : The Journey to Find my Father

  34. ‘How long have you been out here Obi Wan?’

  35. Thought the guy said “How long have you been out here, Obi Wan?”

  36. I always knew Jesus was a Scotsman

  37. Bet this will be just like the recent Noah’s Ark movie. Not at all what the
    Bible says. I have hope though.

  38. And that is how Obi-Wan spent his days since Episode III

  39. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    Apart from all that religious thing here and all its opposition plus
    ignoring all that Star wars and game thrones, can we movie lovers agree
    this can be a good movie? I think it can

  40. Just what we more realigos CRAZY.

  41. Lol So now Jesus is a Jedi…

  42. bullshit

  43. Y they keep getting these white people to play these roles

  44. Jordanian Arabian PRINCE

    am also my father son or am i?

  45. These are your LAST stepssss…

  46. The Lanky Soldier / Honest Battlefield Supporter

    Conspiracy theory: Ewan McGregor is doing this movie to show that he can do
    a standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi movie. Soon™

  47. looks kinda boring.

  48. Is he Jesus?

  49. Jesus being a jedi would explain alot

  50. Kenobi: a Star Wars story

  51. SergioIsMyName AndTriggeringFeministsIsMyGame

    lmao there’s nothing but star wars references in the comment section

  52. Use the FORCE…Jesus

  53. 0:44 I have the high ground

  54. how did mance get to dorne?

  55. God damn it I came here wanting to make star wars jokes and everyone beat
    me to it my humor isn’t fast enough

  56. Always using a white dude to be jesus, when will this end? Didn’t work well
    for ‘gods of egypt’ and ‘exodus’.

    Also, when jesus went into the desert there were tribes and shamen who
    could do all these “divine acts” (magic tricks) and thats were he learned
    it from. Read about real history, not just the religious texts, and you
    will find it.

  57. Ugh.

  58. People going to complain about whitewashing?

  59. Jesus should have copyrighted his stories and sued everybody

  60. One of my most anticipated indie films of the year

  61. Coconuts Everywhere

    If Revenant meet star wars

  62. yey more white people playing non white people

  63. Broadgreen pictures then next second a desert appears i spat my water out

  64. It’s Jebus?

  65. Before reading comments. I expect many Christ hating Jews trolling and
    tipping of fedoras by neckbeard atheists ;)

  66. muy buena peli ya quiero berla

  67. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ (ᑕᗩᒪᓮᕊᙓᖇ ᙡᗢᒪF)

    jesus looks like a taliban

  68. Vegas “Vaggos” McSwagger

    Anger leads to the Dark side. Join the Dark side.

  69. Jesus was middle eastern. Why does he hell does he sound British

  70. Uh . . . what?

  71. So Obi Wan and Mance Rayder are sent into the purgatory dessert after death

  72. Scottish Jesus

  73. christopher omale

    star wars: Jesus returns

  74. Stop casting white people to play Arabs! God damn…

  75. Is this another whitewash

  76. #whitejesus #englishaccent

  77. Shadow Clone Jutsu

  78. Mance Raider

  79. this is what happened to obi wan after he dropped off luke at his uncles

  80. I hope this is a good movie for Ewan’s sake.

  81. So jesus is white with blueish eyes and straight light brown hair….THIS
    is why I don’t see any movies based on the bible. Its kind of hard to
    imagine that everyone in the bible from Moses to Noah and even Jesus were
    all white, they weren’t in fricken Europe for flips sake.

  82. The dynamic seems really cool

  83. Obi-Wan: A Star Wars Story

  84. So many religious movies and TV shows these days. Weird.

  85. get ready for all the crying people saying there white people

  86. The Dark Side tests Obi-Wan.

  87. a 75yo man heard voices in his head 3800 years ago and from that 3 religion
    have started. this man and his group did some crazy shit.. that in to days
    world ppl would call him insane and also call his religion a cult- jew

  88. Love this guy. Needs more work. Hope it’s good.

  89. obi wan?

  90. Dear Disney,
    we want an Obi-Wan movie… not a Han Solo movie.
    -the fans

  91. Ewan McGregor talking to himself in the desert. I can get behind that.

  92. This looks better then bvs…..sorry but it’s true.

  93. This is bullshit. Desert wolves do not exist….specially on Tatooine

  94. Europeans in what appears to be the Sinai desert wearing middle easter
    clothing? Lol this white washing is becoming comical now. Ayy long as it
    makes yall feel special right? ;)

  95. I always found the part in the bible where Jesus spent 30 days in the
    desert with the Devil to be the most intriguing and its only like a
    paragraph long, glad they are making a film about it.

  96. Jackson DeStefano

    Couldbe good. Will see if the reviews are good

  97. louisblackforester

    I liked him better as Obi-Wan !

  98. Well that’s going to bomb at the box office. Jedi Jesus? Really?

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