Lazer Team Official Trailer (2016) – Irina Voronina, Alan Ritchson Movie HD

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Residents of earth receive a coded message from outer space telling them that they are not alone and the galaxy is a dangerous place.


  1. black guy ruins it

  2. looks bad don’t even say it looks good just cause u like rooster teeth

  3. Rooster Teeth!

  4. I dont have a name :_(

    An “YouTube Red original”?

  5. this going to be the best movie of 2016. this look way better than BvS, SS,
    Deadpool, Civil War and X-men

  6. Star wars 8 confirmed?

  7. this movie will fail at the box office

  8. I really hate good movie ideas with youtubers in it biggest pet peeve!

  9. seams like the same kind of dealeo like Pixel. great….

  10. think it would be better if seth rogen & his group was in it.

  11. Worst and most stupid movie of 2016? Stick to YouTube m8

  12. FNAF will be better

  13. Elias Dujovich Soto

    I rather watch fant4stic again than watch this bad Adam Sandler movie rip

  14. Well, from what I heard, Smosh the movie is terrible. That’s my standard
    for this movie, not that hard to top

  15. Looks like a film created for youtube.. Ughh

  16. So….Rooster Teeth decided to take the Gantz concept and make it into a
    comedy? Foreal? Why no just make a live action movie of Red & Blue

  17. Yeah, stick with basic YouTube videos. Leave the movies to the

  18. Blizsteronmyballsack

    its that guy from blue mountain state. when is that movie coming out
    anyway? or did it get cancelled?

  19. Was one of them Gav from Slo mo guys?

  20. Youtube stop fuckin around with the movie industry. This movie looks
    horrible and anyone who appreciates movies knows this shit isn’t even good
    enough for YT

  21. All these wack ass movie trailers, everyone knows what we’re really looking
    forward too…Civil War and Batman v Superman.

  22. So many ppl hate this movie just bc famous youtubers are making smh the
    hate is real

  23. This trailer looks better than the Deadpool, BvS, Civil War, and X-Men
    trailer. Come at me haters

  24. Isn’t one of them from the slow mo guys

  25. oh, poor aquaman. that kid cant catch a break

  26. IT’S THAD!!!!!!!

  27. At least a Disney channel star is in it

  28. I can tell this is supposed to be campy!

  29. Fake ass Mega Man.

  30. not going to hate on this movie but it seems like a rip off of Ben 10

  31. I’d rather watch a FunHaus movie. Those guys are funnier

  32. Dont know why people hating on this.. the CGI look better than BvS thats
    for sure

  33. Thad Castle should just stick with trying to get back Blue Mountain

  34. this looks retarded. Just because your big on Youtube doesnt mean you can
    make movies

  35. Rooster Teeth really liked Halo.

  36. Can YouTubers stop making books or films? You have your own channel to
    produce utter shit

  37. Rohil Thakali (The Asian Guy)

    why is everyone talking about hoe bad the movie looks and how cheesy it is,
    they had a budget of 2 mill which is nothing compared to the avengers which
    had over hundered mill on budget , because of their crowd funding they
    cannot make it professional besides Jaws had a budget of 2 mill and the
    trailer was bad but the movie was great so dont hate before you watch it
    and the reviews are great 4.5/5 from rotten tomatoes i think

  38. well,this is gonna blow donkeys

  39. Thad!

  40. Wtf is this? Cash grabbbbbbbb

  41. you know what this shitty ass movie is going to win? well put most in front
    of the three words before is= most shittiest ass movie. this movie looks
    stupid af

  42. For all tose people saying, “YouTube Red?”, You have to understand that
    this isn’t Smosh or Fred the Movie, It’s not Rooster Teeth the Movie, it is
    Lazer Team, it’s a feature film with a really story and characters, It’s
    made by the same people who make great internet content but now have a big
    budget to make it bigger. Also, you don’t have to be a fan of Rooster Teeth
    to understand this movie, it’s just like any other movie

  43. Am i the only one who click because i was thinking of the old cartoon about

  44. not worth it. better watch porn.

  45. looks like the trailer or movie doesnt know what it wants to be…

  46. Wanna see how much a person wants to see this this movie? Just see how long
    they say no.

  47. This looks sooooooo bad

  48. BertMedia Productions™

    This wont actually be in theaters, right?

  49. Tipica mierda futuristica..

  50. I wish FunHaus would make a movie.

  51. The release date says it all

  52. Oh this really makes me want to get YouTube Red… lol

  53. Already looks better than Fan4stic

  54. this looks decent for a first time youtube red movie!

  55. soooooooooooooooooooooo this movie is free, rite?

  56. Leave movies to netflix

  57. I feel like I’m the only one that is excited for this…

  58. with no bias against rooster teeth or Adam Sandler I really have to say
    this looks like what pixels should have been since the film is about them
    training to fight in a game against aliens. pixels take notes hopefully

  59. Pretty creative

    Can’t wait to see it looks like a film to watch and chill. Looking forward
    to it.

  60. Annndddd no

  61. Thumbnail makes it look like a live-action megaman movie.

  62. Gavin And Michael!! and the roosters teeth!! team I was expecting this.

  63. this could’ve been a great movie if it wasn’t a comedy!

  64. IntheInternet Wetrust

    I’m gonna be watching porn instead


  66. RoosterTeeth represent, Can’t wait been waiting for this since they
    announced it

  67. Ppl have yet to see the movie and their already giving it shit? How

  68. complete bullshit

  69. rooster teeth!

  70. Screw Yotube Red

  71. ROOster TEETH!!!!

  72. As soon as I saw Rooster Teeth I ended the video

  73. Rooster Teeth making a movie? Better have Michael raging

  74. Gavin is gonna smash mindy MY BOII <3

  75. Reviewers have seen this movie and are saying good things about it. Suck it

  76. On the laptop it said rwby yeah

  77. It’s like they put every corny and predictable joke possible into this.

  78. Woah, Fullscreen has a production company for movies?

  79. Just Watched the whole movie what’s the point of going to the theatre

  80. aye ita finally here!!!!!!

  81. I seriously hope Michele rages in this….

  82. I was intrigued, until I read “A Youtube Red original film” I then clicked

  83. Film looks average at best. Rooster teeth use to be godly now they suck.
    But the fan boys will disagree because “michoooool” and Gavin are in the

  84. Looks cool

  85. Megaman?

  86. Looks like complete shit…

  87. The only Youtube movie I ACTUALLY want to see. So excited to see these guys
    on the big screen!

  88. I’m sorry but this movie looks horrible. Rotten Tomatoes rating of 2%.

  89. I would rage quit this movie

  90. Where’s Meg Turney???

  91. Has Thad, will watch. #pocketpussy #neverforget

  92. Santiago Castañeda

    I have seen better effects in you tube no red videos

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