LOGAN (Wolverine 3, X-Men Movie, 2017) – TRAILER [Full Length]

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LOGAN Trailer
A Movie directed by James Mangold
Cast : Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Dafne Keen
Release Date : March 3, 2017
Genre : Superhero, Action

LOGAN Trailer
© 2016 – Fox


  1. Not sure if I am watching the last of us or Logan trailer :|

  2. Professor X dies I can already tell

  3. Ok so I believe she was a little older in the comics tho

  4. the last of wolverine xDD

  5. is that girl Laura (X-23)?

  6. omg..why won’t they cast Hugh J as Joel from The Last Of Us??!!!

  7. This is shaping up to be the best xmen film.

  8. God, I just realized that this is Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as

    I’m not going to be leaving the theater with a dry face, am I?

  9. How did he got those adamantium claws again since he lost’em in the
    previous movie?

  10. Wolverine, with diminished powers/healing factor, will die.

  11. Brennen Hawk GodzillaGaming

    good he had his metal claws back unless this is based in the past

  12. I wish it was like Old Man Logan with the Hulk, so far Wolverine movies
    have been disappointing

  13. if the girl is laura, i think we’ll know who the new wolverine will be

  14. Why doesn’t he heal in this? I mean he has scars and all. Shouldn’t that
    heal ?

  15. Simple Jack and a Horse

    Did he lose his healing powers???

  16. … wtf? Where is this in relation to Apocalypse?

  17. Meh, weak story, zero dialog, typical action movie….

  18. LOGAN? Really Movie? Another movie title that you’re copying from “Jason
    Bourne” & “Rambo?” Jeebus, why, why, WHY?!? Stay the movie title in the
    right order or make it “Wolverine 3” but “Logan?” Damn I hate movies that
    they don’t want represent the movie title and it makes it worse that it
    looks like made up movie title that it doesn’t blend with the right order
    in chronology. That is whack? Next thing they’re going to “Deadpool” to
    “Dead pool.” Anyways, it looks cool the trailer, but that title bothers me
    that even Stallone makes it bad editing with these made up movie titles.

  19. I just click the like when I heard the song Hurt from Johnny Cash

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