LOGAN (Wolverine Movie, 2017) – TRAILER [Ultra HD 4K]

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LOGAN Trailer 4K
A Movie directed by James Mangold
Cast : Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Dafne Keen
Release Date : March 3, 2017
Genre : Superhero, Action

LOGAN Trailer 2160p
© 2016 – Fox


  1. I literally was waiting for this upload

  2. Ludvig Lagerström


  3. really hope they don’t replace logan with x-23 (the little girl) in future
    x-men films

  4. this gives me goosebumps holy shit

  5. Old man logan movie?!!?!

  6. W O L V E R I N E ‘ S daughter YES!!! half wolverine + half ‘mind control
    killer something that lady from the beginning Logan’s first chick how
    awesome is Logan’s daughter gonna be! ? half razor blades + half kill you
    in my mind. DAHHMN!!!!!

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