London Has Fallen Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman Action Movie HD

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In London for the Prime Minister’s funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.


  1. The music felt like the one used in Advanced Warfare

  2. This would never happen in real life.

  3. I wonder if they realise that he’s the president of the USA, not the world,
    if he dies then the rest of the countries don’t go down with him.

  4. 2:19 WTF happend to CGI there ?

  5. SPOILERS Everyone dies, but the Americans make it out alive…so it’s ok

  6. They’ve jumped the shark…. with the first one, it was an inside job, they
    were not prepared for something as huge as that….. so, it was a surprise.
    Here??? They start by saying that it’s the most secure event on Earth….
    well, at something like that, they literally are prepared for anything.

  7. This is a sequel right??

  8. Étienne Tousignant-Desgagnés

    Worst movie since Olympus has fallen

  9. DoomBox Movie Reviews!

    Looks like the same EXACT movie, just in a different setting.

  10. Since when is fetching a president now a series?

  11. Best Visual Effects Oscar goes to London Has Fallen! ???

  12. So when will Hollywood fall? Oh wait they already did.

  13. This looks like just a big jerk-off fest for the Industrial Military

  14. Interesting that this trailer would release today.

  15. I know how this movie ends. They want to kill the US president, so in the
    process they kill everyone else and in the end the president is probably
    shot in the arm but he survives and the evil guys fail. gg k thanks bye

  16. Morgan Freeman :- “We Will find you.. And we will destroy you.” At least
    Liam Neeson does it by himself. #LackofOriginality.

  17. Die Hard meets Dark Knight!

  18. Looks awesome – except in reality, the bad guys would all be named

  19. Olympus = Washington DC
    London = London

  20. “if u threaten us we will find u nd destroy u” pretty much sums up murica!

  21. I can’t get Advanced warfare out of my head because that’s where the song
    is originally from.

  22. Morgan Freeman and Gerald Butler should be in Expendables 4

  23. Her panties have fallen…

  24. So did they copy the songs from suicide squad and black ops 2 trailer and
    make it one here?

  25. Devo Fauzan Rahman

    Dr. Pavel??

  26. White house down x Olympus has fallen = London has fallen.

  27. Isn’t the trailer’s song from call of duty advanced warfare?

  28. London bridge is falling down.. falling down.. falling down.

  29. Antarctica has fallen.

  30. london is a shit ole man init LOL

  31. I like how London has fallen because ya know they’d never let a film be
    released about any American city being destroyed :P

  32. I’m very surprised the villain isn’t a Russian or an Arab actually. Maybe
    Hollywood is trying to dumb down the obvious propaganda and going with a
    lighter, more subtle approach of warping the minds towards Americanism.

  33. I don’t see why people are losing their shit over it. it seems like it’s
    going to be a pretty good film. its an action packed film so who cares; I
    know for a fact that I’m going to watch it and I’m going to enjoy the hell
    out of it so whatever

  34. Murica The Movie.

  35. 2:15 That helicopter crash looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad.

  36. really?! “we will find u and we will destroy you” come on, at least try and
    be original

  37. Okay is this a sequel or a very awkward coincidence?

  38. Need to have to have characters yelling “London Bridge is falling down!”

    “Falling down?!”

    “Falling down!”

  39. *So it’s 24 season 5?* just as WHITE HOUSE DOWN was 24 season 6?
    (and yes, I know this is a sequel to the similar OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, nerds)

  40. And another movie about good vs evil, aka America vs russia/middle
    east/asia whatever… Fact is, reallity is the exact opposite…

  41. I’ve Fallen…and I can’t get up!

  42. Nafehur Rahman Khan

    hey look its Dr. Lenard Pavell nuclear physicist

  43. great… another film with muslims as terrorists… i wonder what RACE of
    people the hollywood moguls generally are/support…. hmmmmmmm

  44. COD down
    GTA 4 Down
    GTA 5 down
    COD 123456789 down
    Russia Down
    Moscow down
    Lego city down
    Lego Star Wars down
    Jurassic Park Down
    San Andreas Down

  45. It’s Dr. Pavel from Dark Knight Rises. They need Bane, not Butler!

  46. Lmao so the president got saved in London yet no one gave a damn about
    David Cameron…. makes sense

  47. Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart…great actors & they deserve
    far better movies. It’s a shame to see them doing this sort of crap.

  48. So the super fugly American will save the world loool

  49. hahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahha
    ………………….hahahaahahahahahahahahhahahhahah I dont’t why this
    movie makes laugh so hard lol, hollywood doesn’t know what to do…..

  50. Its again the Middle Easterners leave them alone!!!

  51. Parliament House Down

  52. Are they starting to use major cities for sequels? Cause if so, the
    possibilities are endless! Paris has fallen! Madrid has fallen! Oslo has
    fallen! Mexico City has fallen! Tokyo has Fallen! Berlin has fallen! Ottawa
    has fallen! Port au Prince has fall.. oh, wait.. never mind.

  53. this trailer feels SOOO AWKWARD after today…

  54. paris has fallen
    friday the 13th
    November 13, 2015

  55. So they showed a pic of Paris being a possible target in the movie and then
    a week later more than 120 people died in a Paris terrorist attack..


  56. next sequel: KFC has fallen!! Directed by Michael Ebay

  57. What is it with American film directors wanting to blow up London?

  58. So before Dr.Pavel was killed by Bane into Gotham, he stopped by London.

  59. Can someone tell me why Gerard butler opens his mouth weird? Thanks.

  60. this is starting to look like die hard..

  61. Mike Banning’s back!

  62. For once I thought this movie was not about america. I was so wrong

  63. Gerard is the new Bruce wills???

  64. soo you still think the Americans are not working with terrorist? ??!!!

  65. Of course the Americans would save the day.. This is BS loool

  66. this will happen in a real and then they wil blame Muslims

  67. Isis the movie?

  68. Sorry murica, no one wants your president that bad.

  69. another propaganda on freedom and liberty….its nt gunna sell

  70. I bet APEC organizers couldn’t sleep if they saw this before the conference


  72. Gah Damn It President of the United States.Just stay your ass in D.C .
    That’s city has already fallen once so it wont happen again

  73. This is coming out the same month as batman v superman. Lol. Good luck

  74. Wow that helicopter crash at the end

  75. Arab terrorist, what is new..

  76. Really? The first one did well enough to justify a sequel? Um… okay, if
    you say so.

  77. Looks indie

  78. gbornfree reallyfree

    federal reserve has fallen, rostchild empire has fallen, rockefeller
    dynasty has fallen, bush family has fallen..(best saga ever)

  79. Two things are really bothering me about this trailer: The fact that the
    only law enforcement/world leader transit and protection car we see that
    isn’t American is a Police Astra (which is pathetic considering their in
    London and I’m sure Britain would send better vehicles than a Police
    Astra.), and that the CGI at 2:19 is just awful. Other than that, looks
    like it could be a fun, mindless super explodey action flick

  80. cool

  81. Nice to see Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman come together again, since
    2008’s The Dark Knight.

  82. Doesn’t the U.K. already have Doctor Who wrecking havoc on the poor city
    of London? We got to jack it up with an American movie, too?

  83. coolingcrystal2008

    Yeah that was just the start..everything will fall now. whatever!

  84. harvey dent,dr.pavel,king leonidas,lois fox wow!

  85. When Morgan Freeman said, “We will find you, and we will destroy you,” my
    only thought was “Send in Bryan Mills!”

  86. same characters of Olympus has fallen,l.

  87. Another one of those annoying movies where the Americans are so superior
    and important compared to everybody else.
    Shame on Gerard Butler for agreeing to this American Propaganda bullcrap
    when you consider the fact that he’s Scottish.

  88. Nice


  90. 2020… “The moon has fallen”

  91. why cant this movie be out now

  92. Hell of a time to make an intense movie about global terrorism…

  93. Syria has fallen.Don’t forget the reality !

  94. Sorry for being superficial, but I’ve fallen down for Gerard Butler’s good
    looks long time ago.

  95. ROME has Fallen, please! And kill all italian governement!

  96. I think they should call Liam Neeson

  97. UberInfiniteGaming

    This should have been the plot for Spectre.

  98. London already has fallen.

  99. Should be Paris has fallen.

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