LOST IN SPACE Trailer (2018)

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LOST IN SPACE Trailer (2018)
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  1. first one

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  5. Lo vere

  6. well it looks good but why the redisien for the robot ti seems unnecessary. but at least the father dosint act like a robot and has emoshin unlike the movie.

  7. No “Never Fear Smith is Here”? Blown opportunity

  8. No Mimi Rogers or Heather Graham? No reason now to want to be “Lost In Space”. 😉

  9. Cut hyna silo

  10. It looks okay, though I am not digging the look of the robot.

  11. Cap Flint sure still looking for gold

  12. Another remake?

  13. Looks ok, robot design, no and the fact the robot isn’t originally apart of the crew and is just found on an alien planet.. no thanks

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