Louder Than Bombs Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Ryan Movie HD

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The fractious family of a father and his two sons confront their different feelings and memories of their deceased wife and mother, a famed war photographer.


  1. First

  2. second

  3. first

  4. sad movie is sad feels bad man

  5. Lex Luthor pls

  6. Song at the end : Glas/Green – Solomon Grey

  7. Plot twist Superman killed his mom.

  8. The Man Called Sting

    So this is how Lex Luthor was born. Because of anger over someone’s death.
    So actually he’s not a bad guy. Lex Luthor > Superman.

  9. Lautaro Goldin Pages

    Jesse eisenberg looks so much comfortable in indie movies

  10. awesome cast. Amy Ryan and Gabriel Bryne were great in In Treatment
    together. and that young kid was in the best episode of louie, ever.

  11. I don’t understand anything

  12. Well I need to see this movie now, noble team is in it

  13. i hope that this shitty movie wont hurt the name of the Smiths song

  14. Can I just say how much I love Jesse? He’s such a great actor in all the
    movies I’ve seen him in and not gonna lie he’s actually an attractive
    looking guy

  15. looks boring

  16. The trailer looks intriguing and could be the early contender for Oscars

  17. Mark Zuckerberg is starring in every movie these days!

  18. DAMN DANIEL!!!

  19. Saw this at Film Fest Ghent a few months ago, absolutely beautiful film. Go
    see it! Joachim Trier is a gifted director. If you like this, you’ll
    definitely love his previous film Oslo, 31 August.

  20. Just stay as Lex Luthor , Because you’re awesome being evil.

  21. Davion “Davy” Fleming

    Leo won his first Oscar

  22. Is he still playing Mark Zuckerberg? Oculus Rift at 1:58

  23. A movie that Jesse Eisenberg is in and it’s not Zombieland 2? Pass

  24. I’m glad to see Louie CK acting in a serious movie.

  25. Was she in training for the Olympic Stare-Outs or what?

  26. Its nice to see him act in a different way instead of the nerdy weakling in
    most of his movies. Be nice to see.

  27. The red capes are coming!

  28. Hey, that’s pretty good

  29. ‫مستر كتاب‬‎

    واضح أن فلم يعتمد على العاطفة

  30. Looks like a fun emotional ride, gonna see it!

  31. Looks like a movie where I’ll cry

  32. sorry but i fell asleep

  33. 0:23 That hair cut is not ok

  34. 5/10 ign. Doesn’t have any bombs.

  35. Lex luthor drunk as f***, remembering his mom’s death and shit

  36. So the mom is dead

  37. What is the final song?

  38. Is the title talking about the trailer ???

  39. why don’t people ever hit the deer… you mean to tell me you acknowledge
    the deer more than the semi? stomp the brakes and veer off road, at

  40. Sooo… No one? No one wants to say something about “Jesse Eisenberg”?…
    Jesse – Eisenberg… Heisenberg.. Jesse, Heisenberg.. Mhmmm. Reminds me of

  41. Minh Emil Glue Doan

    did i see an Oculus?

  42. CoolStoryBroWhoCares

    What’s up with that fuckin haircut

  43. Stop giving this guy workkkkkkkkkkk uugghhhhh~!!#@

  44. That’s how you make a trailer without saying to much, bravo!

  45. So the mum committed suicide and everyone lied about it to her kids?

  46. this looks soo emotional

  47. is this a prequel to Lex Luther

  48. Is this like a prequel to lex Luther if so how do you know

  49. I don’t believe this, Lex Luthor should be bald!

  50. The Hell You Looking At?

    What does the title have in common with the movie plot?

  51. Was this shot on 16mm or similar? I swear I can see the grain.

  52. The first part of the trailer was ass, the last part was amazing made me
    seriously want to watch this movie now, glad I stuck through it ..

  53. Sequel: Louder than farts

  54. This movie looks funny

  55. I really thought this was a biography of The Smiths for a second :(

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