Love the Coopers Official Trailer #2 (2015) – John Goodman, Diane Keaton Movie HD

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When four generations of the Cooper clan come together for their annual Christmas Eve celebration, a series of unexpected visitors and unlikely events turn the night upside down, leading them all toward a surprising rediscovery of family bonds and the spirit of the holiday.


  1. It's AhhhRealMonsters

    Meh Christmas movie I’m still gonna watch it lol

  2. Bodybuilder Jesus Christ

    i want Olivia Wilde to sit on my face for X-mas.

  3. I like those Obama’s red army.

  4. So that’s what happened to Murph’s family after the end of Interstellar…

  5. 8th wooooow

  6. Let me guess: they want the perfect Christmas but literally everything goes
    wrong, there’s a downfall, but then they realise that all you need for a
    perfect Christmas is “each other”.

  7. finally, a trailer that doesn’t give the whole story away.

  8. Darko Marjanović

    The cast is perfect! can’t wait for the movie

  9. That kid saying “you are such a dick” is probably the only funny thing in
    this movie.

  10. Walrus is in the Matrix

    This looks like an expectedly inconsequential piece of shit.
    But I’m not biased ;)

  11. The most exciting thing to happen on Christmas is when you actually get
    something cool from a cracker.

  12. Meh,shite!!!!!!

  13. can’t wait for this to flop

  14. It’s Plopped Andy!

  15. I swear the trailer before the little girl say” you such a jerk”

  16. Great cast

  17. i did the windshields for the cars in this movie, that’s pretty cool I

  18. ilovepancakeswithjam


  19. How is this a green band trailer???????????????????????????? I know, its pg
    13 but still how the heck it got away with a green band trailer


  21. diane keaton plays the same role the last 30 years

  22. and then Krampus kills them all ……the end

  23. Looks formulaic but the cast is promising.

  24. ‘you’re such a d**k” by that little girl… is that suppose to be funny?
    whoa…the Hollywood gay jewish mafia are really going to town with their
    moral decay agenda. Merry Christmas

  25. You are such a dick!

  26. SomethingCireMovies

    Doesn’t look too funny but nonetheless appreciate the spoilerfree

  27. This looks like all the worst parts of christmas movies.
    But, hopefully, I could be proven wrong.

  28. You are such a dick… I couldn’t stop laughing

  29. I saw some black people in the background

  30. It’s the NARD DOG!!!!!

  31. the family stone did it first and better.

  32. Looks pretty good, almost like a Terms of Endearment for the modern day,
    without all the depressing, over-dramatic sub-plots with people dying and

  33. LOL you are such a dick that ending tho

  34. song at the end?

  35. I’m down

  36. That collar on his ACUs…

  37. john goodman is cancer

  38. i hope.john goodman gets slowly murdered with a screwdriver

  39. john goodman will die of cancer

  40. You are such a dick

  41. your such a dick….. lol

  42. Hello, This video is nice follow vague

  43. bbcoachSuperman - (Brian Rokosz)

    Olivia Wilde: “Can you pretend to be my bf for Christmas?” = EVERY SINGLE

  44. It looks. It looks handsome. draconian call What do you think… !!

  45. Is Diane Keaton not capable of picking any other type of roles?

  46. Is that Steve Martin narrating?

  47. John Goodman needs another role like in The Big Lebowski, he was the best
    part in it. (Not saying the Dude wasn’t awesome)

  48. Ellen tube

  49. happy to see Goodman as a good guy.

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