LUKE CAGE Official TRAILER (Superhero Marvel Series – 2016)

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Given superstrength and durability by a sabotaged experiment, a wrongly accused man escapes prison to become a superhero for hire.

A Movie directed by
Cast : Mahershala Ali, Mike Colter, Frankie Faison
Release Date : Septmber 30, 2016 on Netflix
Genre : Action, Superhero

© 2016 – Netflix


  1. FIRST

  2. yay

  3. This looks AWESOME ?

  4. Is this luke from Jessica jones?

  5. WOW

  6. Isaac Thefallenapple

    Well, suddenly this seems fucking awesome. Really nice soundtrack

  7. 1:04 biggie’s crown

  8. i can’t wait for this show !!!! I hope Daredevil will have at least a cameo
    in it

  9. House Of Balloons

    This series looks like the next Netflix hit. I love the music .

  10. TinkyTimbyGamer AKA William Hand

    Who’s playing Luke Cage

  11. I am going order netflix just to watch this.

  12. I am hyped now

  13. daniele intrigila

    Is it necessary to watch Jessica Jones first?

  14. Daniel Rodríguez Moya

    Am I the only one thinking? : *Damn, Spartan Locke with superpowers!!*

  15. I loved the way the punches hit with the beats lol

  16. He’s totally trying to out match Thing in stopping vehicles LOL

  17. crazy action dope soundtrack Wu tang and el-p I’m hyped

  18. king pedro barcelona-gano

    one thing I don’t understand is hos are we gonna feel like he is in danger
    if he’s skin is bullet proof, only poisons that he eats would harm him and
    a fight doesn’t seem very cool if the guy that is getting killed sudently
    trows rat poison into Luke’s mouth

  19. soundtrack is sick


  21. the disappointed koala

    Is this after or before Jessica Jones?

  22. Now all we need is Luke looking for spidey

  23. Anyone know the song to this?

  24. Christian Josué Chavarría Marín

    oh Yeah!

  25. no costume ?

  26. This just put chills down my spine. I can’t wait.

  27. his movie is going to suck all SGI just like ghostbusters i rank them the
    same cuz this movie is going to be a waste cuz of many things but most of
    all the is a building block for money scam they sneek these whatever nobody
    films in the cracks while they release the real big films this is garbage
    like even the comics book storys dont even look good/story they should of
    made SPAWN movie or Darkstalkers movie anything but this garbage

  28. Luke Cage needs to pay a visit to DC’s HQ!

  29. Salar Fazle Rabbi

    Any comic reader of Luke Cage please answer my question cuz its itching my
    brain to bleed.Has Luke been through the “Power man” experiment i.e the
    second experiment which increases his strength to almost hulk like levels
    and also makes him indestructable to missiles,hulks beatdowns and stuff?

  30. needs more gold headband

  31. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!! Wonder if they’ll hint or mention Misty Lee

  32. ‫مصطفى اسعد‬‎

    0 whit ppl in this trailer

  33. now we know where Sugar went.

  34. Looks good! Hell of a fucking soundtrack too!

  35. Daredevil awwww

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