MADE IN FRANCE Trailer (Terrorism Movie)

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Sam, a freelance journalist, has infiltrated a group of four young extremists in order to investigate the growing phenomenon of disaffected youth joining Islamic jihadist groups. When their leader returns from overseas training camps, they are given the mission to form themselves into a terrorist cell and launch a series of attacks destabilising Paris. Realising that he is in over his head and wanting to get out, Sam warns the authorities. They ask him to stay undercover among this group in order to identify who is at the top of the French terror network giving the orders, threatening him with criminal charges. As attack plans escalate, it becomes a race against the clock, dangerous but necessary to neutralise the entire organisation…

A Movie directed by Nicolas Boukhrief
Cast : Malik Zidi, Dimitri Storoge, François Civil
Release Date : April 18, 2016 on Digital HD
Genre : Drama

© 2016 – Soda Pictures


  1. Badass .

  2. propaganda

  3. fuck israhell

  4. I wonder if the dvd comes with bonus footage showing how the U.S teamed up
    with France to stage all this shit

  5. oh look, another movie that describes Muslims as terrorism because its
    director has been eating shit from media since he was born,
    it’s not racist and this is not propaganda, it’ just another movie that me
    as a Muslim been told i’m a terrorist though ii have done nothing today but
    playing some games and hanging out at the university for a while .. ok, bye

  6. Another movie forcing people to believe only Muslims are Terrorists.
    Terrorists has nothing to do with Race or Religion. Fuck Off with your
    brainwashing, just like the media.

  7. fuck you Nicolas you moron

  8. made in shit

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