Man Up Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Simon Pegg, Lake Bell Movie HD

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A single woman who’s mistaken for a stranger’s blind date, leads to her finding the perfect boyfriend.


  1. Gg kiddo

  2. meh

  3. Shane Nelson (undertow9x)

    I am not a fan of Lake Bell. She is just awkward.

  4. His fake British accent is horrible

  5. edgar Wright + Simon Pegg . That’s what will make me go to the theater!

  6. C’mon Simon

  7. just replace Lake Bell with Nick Frost and i think we might have something

  8. it was a good movie, better than anything nicholas spark shits anyway

  9. That one Gay Nazi from outer space but is now the damn fiddle master

    Doesn’t look that bad.

  10. i watched this movie when i was bored and im in shock cuz i love it !!!!
    amazing movie <3

  11. good trailer

  12. It’s A Good Movie 🙂 You Won’t Get Bored That’s For Sure ^_^

  13. Mille B Frederiksen


  14. Sweet and quite endearing I must say. Very sweet.

  15. bleh im british and i hate british humour
    ALSO even the term ‘man up’ is completely sexist..what is it about being a
    man that makes someone so much tougher? ughh so many things wrong with
    this, will not be seeing

  16. Why did they just show us the entire film? this looks like it was pretty

  17. This is on UK Netflix for anyone in the US of A.

  18. Saw the movie, it’s pretty awesome.

  19. Ill watch anything with Simon Pegg

  20. her accent is just bad

  21. Agh lake bell is super ugly but She got the body! Hahaha nice boobs

  22. Isn’t this movie came out already?

  23. I have seen her boobies.

  24. This has already been out in the UK and I thought I’d hate it but it was
    actually quite good! It reminded me of that film last year called “What
    if?” This was excellent.

  25. More propaganda for desperate, quasi-infertile middle-aged women to have
    “hope” after two or three digits of lovers during their physical prime. I
    bet it tries to intimidate men into marrying these bitter hags as well.
    Thank you, feminism.

  26. love simon~~

  27. Amazingly funny movie! really should watch it

  28. “From the producer of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ and PAUL”.
    First Question: Where is Nick Frost?
    Second Question: Is no one going to die in this Movie? For real?

  29. she was rly funny and bitchy in what happens in vegas

  30. Anyone know the song from 2:01? i cant get it shazam’d and tried googling.
    only gave me the songs for the other trailer

  31. I love me some Simon pegg. I’ll actually watch this rom com shit for once
    in my life

  32. No one would ever believe that 36 year old, Lake Bell, is 24.

  33. Spoiler – They both die in a car crash at the end :(


    How is this a trailer? I saw it 3 weeks ago., it’s not very good.

  35. Watched this about 2 weeks ago lol half decent IMO

  36. ‘Coming Soon’? Just watched this last weekend. I guess it releases in North
    America soon?

  37. 1) Simon Pegg is incredible, 2) Simon Pegg loves being in movies that
    destroy BMWs.

  38. See this a few weeks ago. Wasn’t for me but worth a watch.

  39. I hate movies like this, but I love Simon pegg.

  40. Simon pegg is so cute

  41. aw this looks cute

  42. Simon Pegg is awesome!

  43. Lake Bell, acting Brit-ish. Eeehhh…

  44. this looks so cute and funny aw

  45. Already saw it

  46. Just saw the whole movie

  47. FartingFlyingTurtle

    Soo, Benji gets a girl :D

  48. watched this the other day, good entertaining film. however the trailer
    just basically was the film just in under 2m30s. sure missed out a lot of
    funny stuff but it kinda ruined the film by showing to much!

  49. This is a terrible title for this type of movie. Makes no sense. Lake Bell
    and Simon Pegg look great together anyway.

  50. A really cool movie !

  51. BatmanFANizationReborn

    lake bell should be in more things and i love simon pegg so i am interested
    in seeing this small romantic comedy

  52. Finally something Original, and Simon Pegg FTMFINGW

  53. MY RATING – 7 out of 10
    Rom-coms are way down on my list of genres of films to watch usually .They
    are usually reserved for the wife to watch but strangely enough on the odd
    occasion i watch one i more often than not end up liking them and Man Up is
    no exception.
    This is the story of a woman who is mistaken for a blind date partner due
    to a mix up at a railway station and ends up going along with it.
    After watching this i had to go and check if this was a Richard Curtis
    film. It isn’t but it might as well have been.
    It’s a very British comedy full of wacky , likable , middle class
    characters and Simon Pegg could quite have easily been Hugh Grant. Pegg is
    good but the stand out star is Lake Bell who pays his date. She is very
    funny and carries this film to a large extent.
    There are some very funny moments and the usual schmaltz as you would would
    expect but overall i really enjoyed it.

  54. 0:16 kitty winter?

  55. this film came out months ago. i went and saw it in the cinema. dafuq? good
    film btw

  56. I find it hard to believe that Lake Bell will ever struggle to find a
    guy….. she’s crazy hot

  57. We need another movie with Nick Frost & Simon Pegg Please!!!

    How about ZOMBIELAND 2: The Dead & Fuzz vs The World

  58. Damn this looks fun to watch

  59. 80,143 people have now seen the hole movie

  60. Rivaille Ackerman

    please tell me what’s the title of the music from the start?

  61. simon pegg is so funny

  62. all star celebrity bowling :D

  63. I think I just saw the whole movie through the trailer

  64. lake’s accent is all over the place…

  65. It’s a pretty funny movie.

  66. Did they have to tell the whole story?

  67. How come they could not send pics with each other…or even FB..haha

  68. the movie is good!

  69. This is the best, not expecting much though . Good romantic comedy movie to
    be enjoyed.

  70. cheesy

  71. Hey, yo! You’re A Great Example For Others! crawl shade What’s your opinion
    about !!

  72. its funny and good movie i liked it 🙂 thanks

  73. Simon Pegg, sold,!

  74. Simon Pegg, sold,!

  75. just watched it… it was wonderful…

  76. xXXx illuminati xXXx

    Another movie with the same song in the trailer…

  77. This literally spoiled everything.

  78. nice movie tho

  79. Am I the only one thinking about the girl at the beginning that missed out
    on Simon Pegg?

  80. whats the song at the end?

  81. Skylanders, pokemon, martial arts master

    Kev jumba

  82. pegg as a romantic lead, lll prob funnier than the movie

  83. quite disappointing, I give the trailer 8 out of 10. but I saw the movie
    today …. 6 out of 10. it’s too wordy with lots of angry speeches, too
    “try-hard” (oooh we’re being FUNNY!!), a bit too much slapstick
    unbelievability (the group of teen party goers sticking with it for too
    long) and lake bell does a believable English accent but doesn’t have the
    comedic loveability of Renee zellweger) JUST SAYEN!

  84. Just tell us the whole film. I guess it’s not the editors fault, but some
    clueless manager

  85. ANNNNDDD i just watched the whole movie in under 3 minutes

  86. scottyyyyyyyyyy

  87. Simon Pegg? Okay I’ll watch it!

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