MARION COTILLARD talks her death scene in The Dark Knight Rises [INTERVIEW]

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Why did they keep that take? It’s tough to be know just for this scene!

MARION COTILLARD talks his death scene in Batman The Dark Knight Rises – INTERVIEW
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  1. MINITR مينيتر‎

    first like :)

  2. that language is sexi af!

  3. Wait, what is she actually talking about, why is her death In TDKR
    something to talk about?

  4. Francesco Viola III

    Weird, I never really hear people say the scene itself is that bad. I
    usually hear people talk about the character being painfully
    underdeveloped, thus making the death not have much impact. Her acting
    wasn’t the problem.

  5. I didn’t even remember that her character died in that movie tbh… The
    whole film was pretty forgettable.

  6. Thats a dood? My feeling is so confused now!!

  7. Such a bad film… for you?

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