Matt Damon Can Do Anything – Ultimate Matt Damon Mashup (2015) HD

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The Martian
The Adjustment Bureau
The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Supremacy
The Bourne Ultimatum
The Brothers Grimm
The Departed
Good Will Hunting
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Ocean’s Twelve
Promised Land
Saving Private Ryan
School Ties
The Rainmaker
True Grit
We Bought a Zoo
The Talented Mr. Ripley

Music Credits;

“Pumpin Irony” by Blues Saraceno
“Shout it Out” by Raphael Lake & Aaron Levy
“Stand Understood” by Raphael Lake

Music Courtesy of Extreme Music


  1. 10 seconds ago and already 4 views wow

  2. thecallofdutygamer11


  3. Like 50 YEARS of Good LUCK

  4. Boobs ass anal

  5. 5th comment yay

  6. I like Matt Damon

  7. No Interstellar?

  8. Really looking forward to Bourne 5. It’s my second favourite action series
    after the first Matrix movie. Damon is just so bloody good as Jason.

  9. i love this guy!! i have never seen a bad movie of his. coz there isnt one

  10. Except get back to the shuttle home from Mars on time. Lazy git

  11. Matt F***cking DAMON Is Bourne To Be an Actor!

  12. Is more like Matt Damon Can’t Do Shit.

  13. He is one of the best.

  14. Matt Damon is JASON BOURNE…..
    NEW FİLM ON 2016!…

  15. You can kill me matt damon this perfection can kill me

  16. my favorite actor

  17. One of my favourite actors. The Departed and Interstellar are two of my
    favourite movies, and I’m definitely looking forward to The Martian!!!

  18. ???????

  19. Matt Damon is the man

  20. Seriously? No Interstellar?

  21. hilarious jajaja

  22. Matt Damon!

  23. MATT DAMONNNNN!!!!!!!

  24. Matt made the Bourne series a blockbuster…

  25. @jimmeykimmel

  26. My favorite actor! My man! And he really deserves the best performance

  27. Jason Bourne is number 1 agent of all time.

  28. One of my favorite actors ever.

  29. The perfect woman

  30. Kick ass and Bad ass were the same stuff

  31. Matt Damon in Team America

  32. diana rodriguez espinosa

    you missed Matt can sing: Scotty doesn’t know – Eurotrip
    Pd. i know it’s not really his voice

  33. Who’s excited for the next Bourne????? I am .

  34. You forgot green zone

  35. watching the Martian tonight cant wait

  36. Marsin Maafi Dimitrov

    He is against Illuminati and Freemasonry as well, something so rare in
    Hollywood! Thanks Matt Damon.

  37. Azaghal iria adorar esse vídeo Hahaha

  38. Damon is a moron

  39. See Matt Damon be a horse: *insert clip of “Spirit”*

  40. Where is “Scotty Doesn’t Know”?

  41. What, no angel winged Matt (Dogma)?

  42. I love Rounders. So well-played, straight (no pun intended) down the line
    and unpretentious. I wouldn’t even call it acting, it’s more like a
    narrated documentary of one guy’s life at card tables… plus you get to
    learn a fair bit about hold’em.

  43. Isn’t this a given

  44. Ana Gonçalves Pereira


  45. Can’t win an Oscar

  46. I missed his scenes from “Team America”….

  47. What about invictus?

  48. Good Will Hunting <3

  49. except act… he’s just matt damon ?! each movie he’s in, he just play matt

  50. BatmanFANizationReborn

    matt damon is such an awesome guy, world class actor and humanitarian. most
    importantly he’s the damn jasom bourne

  51. I like Matt Damon especially for the Bourne series, but he’s anti gun so
    he’s automatically sad.

  52. So I guess they couldn’t put Interstellar on here because it’s considered a
    spoiler huh

  53. cant wait for the 5th.,


  55. Francis Pritchard


  56. Francis Pritchard

    0:54 Did I miss somthing in Good Will Hunting 0_0 ?


  58. In your face ! Neil Armstrong. =))

  59. It’s all about Madness….

  60. Must Love Matt?

  61. After watching “The Martian” Matt Damon is my new favourite actor. I just
    thought he played that role so well.

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