MAX STEEL Official MOVIE Trailer (Super Hero – 2016)

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16-year old MAX MCGRATH has just moved to a new town – and is desperately trying to fit in – when he discovers his body can generate the universe’s most powerful energy. Unbeknown to Max, a slightly rebellious and hilarious techno-organic extraterrestrial named Steel has been keeping an eye on him, hungry for his super-human energy. When they finally meet, they discover that together they form MAX STEEL, a superhero possessing powerful strength beyond anything in our world. These two unlikely friends soon find themselves hunted by sinister forces who want to control Max’s powers, as well as an unstoppable enemy from another galaxy.

MAX STEEL Official MOVIE Trailer STARRING Ben Winchell
Release Date : in Theaters October 14, 2016
Genre : Super Hero MOVIE

MAX STEEL Official MOVIE Trailer
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  1. I love this channel! :D

  2. Geeze, must have motion blur up to 500% or something.

  3. This trailer was way better than the 1st one…

  4. The Amazing Mighty Morphin Iron Man

  5. this would be better as a show

  6. Please like this comment, make my dream come true :).

  7. lol seriously?

  8. I always wanted to be max steel when I was little lol

  9. um cw y u aint made this

  10. steel seems like a new age jar jar

  11. this should have stayed a cartoon man for real

  12. Another superhero movie

  13. nowadays I first watch the video then make my opinion and at last I read
    the shitty comments.

  14. Max Steel DVD available on a Red Box near you!….

  15. I saw this and thought it was totally fake, but holy shit this is a thing.
    Not sure how I feel about it, also steel seems to me like a kids version of
    church from RvB.

  16. Wat is this a rip off of the blue beetle

  17. the name Max in movies is so overused

  18. so iron man had a kid with spider man huh? oh and the kid has a smaller
    version of baymax

  19. So The Amazing Spider Man…

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