Meadowland Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Olivia Wilde, Elisabeth Moss Movie HD

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In the hazy aftermath of an unimaginable loss, Sarah and Phil come unhinged, recklessly ignoring the repercussions. Phil starts to lose sight of his morals; Sarah takes off on a potentially disastrous journey, falling deeper into her own fever dream.


  1. Even after watching the trailer, I’m still not sure what this movie is

  2. kid cudi

  3. This is clearly about the woman, (Wilde) searching for her long lost
    brother, Jesse, who’s now an elite crack dealer in New York. In order to
    find him she dons her yellow hoodie, enters the crack game and works her
    way up the crack ladder. At the same time she tries to come to terms with
    the fact that her husband is the only person with AIDS in their town.

  4. No sympathy for someone that essentially abandons and hurts their loved
    ones for pleasure.

  5. I dont get it….what is this about?

  6. Movie trailers need to find the right balance of mystery and not giving the
    story away… This movie went so hard on the mystery it didn’t give ANY of
    the story away.


  8. Middle class white woman syndrome. “I’m bored with life and depressed, I
    hate my father so i’m going to cheat on my husband and/or drink in excess”.
    Roll end credits.

  9. oscar bait bullshit

  10. Wtf is that thumbnail D:<

  11. kid cudi was all i took away from this film

  12. The Lazarus Effect 2?

  13. (Insert bad movie joke here)

  14. i dont get this movie ngl…

  15. No makeup and that’s it :)

  16. Looks bad

  17. And Olivia Wilde, I picked her as a top class actress back in the OC days

  18. anybody knows song?

  19. thirteen???

  20. Whats the second song playing towards the end?

  21. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    Over pretentious

  22. trailers with random shots and fancy quotes.. no idea what it is about.

  23. Love Reed Moreno. Can’t wait to go see this!

  24. kid cudi – unfuckwitable

  25. the trailer is about Olivia Wilde getting an oscar nod.

  26. August Magee (augustthepineapple)

    what is happening?

  27. Finally, a movie that doesn’t give away the whole plot. Can’t wait to see

  28. I don’t get it

  29. Sebington does stuff

    This makes Hoodies look Bad

  30. cudiiiiiiii

  31. Interesting.

    And people don’t know what it is about, what?! Did you even watch the
    trailer? It is literally established in the first 20 seconds.

    The directors first film, usually cinematographer, hopefully it’s good.

  32. Olivia is bae

  33. saying something is Olivia Wilde’s best performance really isn’t saying

  34. Angel R. the extremist lol

    What the heck is this movie about?!

  35. If Olivia Wilde is in it, you know two things will transpire. 1) She’ll get
    naked for sexy time, and 2) the movie will probably suck.

  36. Emmm…. I think I’ll probably pass on this one…

  37. Great more city slickers. With “problems”.

  38. when the trailer’s 40% cutaways to “THIS MOVIE IS GOOD” quotes the movie

  39. That guy fixes John Wick’s car

  40. is she get fucked?


  42. Olivia Wilde + R rating for strong sexuality? Okay, I’m seeing this

  43. good one!

  44. subscribe to me very funny videos

  45. I’ll watch it just cause or Ribisi…. Who am I kidding, I want Olivia to
    sit on my face. FeelsBadMan

  46. Is there a plot to this movie, or is it just 2 hours of vague drama?

  47. Menelaos Kyparissis

    Olivia Wilde is a hugely underrated actress. This looks like a great

  48. *cough, cough, cough , COPY ! *

  49. I know exactly what this is about.

  50. I’ll say it: the kid dies.

  51. I have total faith that Olivia killed it in this role. can’t wait to see

  52. Wtf did I just see.. I swear trailers these days suck

  53. “i just watched the wole movie” -> CRY
    “i don’t understand this at all” -> CRY

    Always just cry in the corner, oh wait, on the internet.

    End of the story…

  54. Ambiguous and not even a little bit intriguing. Vague and boring: definite

  55. the description says that they’re dealing with a terrible loss. i’m gonna
    guess that their kid died, wilde went crazy and got into drugs and gave her
    husband aids but i have no idea

  56. At the very least, it looks like it’s beautifully shot. The tone also
    reminds me of Shane Carruth’s films. I’ll probably check it out.

  57. Wow…. this movie looks awfully boring. What drugs were the people who
    praised this movie on?

  58. I Love That Woman

  59. Kid Cudi – Unfuckwitable


  61. kid cudi made this movie more better

  62. All i can say is CHASE 1X04 PARANOIA

  63. I think it is about a couple whose child is kidnapped when they get some
    leads the wife goes on a mad odyssey in order to find fact from fiction
    with no way of knowing where she is being told the truth or a lie. A modern
    tale about how false hope lead to obsession in our of us, the desperation
    of the heart in know no limit to which it will go to denying harsh
    realities in only seeing evidence to support what it desires , told in a
    non-linear storyline. The scene where is looking at the pictures in the
    station is the truth the boy is already dead.

  64. This related to the tv show of the same name?

  65. Cudi!

  66. Looks like a good film, but that is a poorly edited trailer!

  67. 0:15 JESSE!…we need to cook…

  68. Kid gets taken……. Someone has a std

  69. you know that I’m unfuckwitable

  70. Since he supposedly has AIDS, I guess you could say he’s unfuckwittable
    (Only Cudi fans will understand)

  71. This is… a horrible trailer. Not bad in terms of being put together, but
    in terms of… why should I give a shit about this movie?

  72. Kid Cudi brought me here

  73. They used cudi’s song unfuckwittable!!!!

  74. Music Inspires Everyone

    song name? check my channel :)


  76. Wait a minute? That voice I know that voice it’s Ty. when he said don’t
    leave me

  77. “One year after the abduction of their son, a policeman (Luke Wilson) and
    his wife (Olivia Wilde) continue to fall into a vortex of guilt and
    despair.” Mystery Solved.

  78. unfuckwittable

  79. When you see the word ‘Visceral’ in a trailer beware , pretentious alert,in
    other words yanks trying too hard .If you want good films dont watch
    American go Euro,Sanish or Mexican.I mean that with all due respect

  80. watched the movie, no plot no twist no ending a waste of time

  81. Olivia’s best work yet? That’s really saying something! Can’t wait to

  82. Graduate of Hard Knox

    all those talking shit about the trailer great,guess what great movie

  83. i didnt get it …. about what the movie is talking about???

  84. What song starts at 1:33 ?

    Shazam won’t pick it up for me and i want it really bad :(

  85. waste of time

  86. This is probably one of the worst movie trailer ever!!!! Confusing and
    plain stupid! I’ll PASS!!!! hahaha…

  87. Looks intense!

  88. Just saw this and it’s a stunning movie. It’s about a couple dealing with
    the aftermath of the kidnapping of their small son – the trailer seemed
    pretty arty to me, so much so that I wondered if it was going to be too
    pretentious, but the movie was gut wrenching, the actors performances were
    amazing, and the cinematography stunning. It’s heavy material, but an
    excellent movie.

  89. great to watch a trailer that didn’t summarize the movie from start to

  90. So…. whats this movie about?

  91. Giovanni Ribisi has been one of my favorite actors for years. He seems to
    completely immerse himself in his roles. Which is exactly what you want
    from any actor. He deserves more leading roles.

  92. I’m going to watch it just because of Olivia!

  93. Such a good film, unreal cinematography

  94. Kid Cudi is the best part of the whole movie ?

  95. Ok……should I smoke a joint in order to get around what tis film is
    about????? Looks like crap.

  96. wtf how did i not know about this film with this cast? i have to see it

  97. I watched this movie and I really liked it.

  98. this movie was boring af :-/

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