Meet the Blacks Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) – Mike Epps, George Lopez Comedy HD

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  1. 1st like a boss

  2. ok never came this early…

  3. This will suck

  4. worst movie ever made

  5. This is too black for me.

  6. 1:20 huell from breaking bad

  7. if they had Dave Chappell in this xD

  8. 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939 Pi


  9. The Man Called Sting

    Damn it I thought this was a horror movie from the thumbnail smh. But no,
    its just a parody. NEXT!!!

  10. meet the stereotypes, same old coonishness

  11. 1:25 hahaha the guy from fryday

  12. Really?

  13. Wow do u want a medal for being 1st or something

  14. MortalKombatFan4Life

    We went from In Living Color, Coming To America, Friday, and Harlem Nights
    to this……………..

  15. This looks terrible

  16. It was only a matter of time before they’d parody the purge movies. You’d
    think Friedberg and Seltzer would have already done this.

  17. You know a movie is a piece of shit when it puts all it’s cameos in the

  18. Wtf is this horseshit

  19. Daniel .W (Bullsfan71)

    I can see it now 15 year Olds recommending this to their friends and
    family’s what a nightclub

  20. Manik حسن طه المحضار‎

    نعم انه المخدرات

  21. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!


  22. Duck duck goose moddafucka??

  23. Max-Keanu McKalakaua


  24. Another exploitation film to try and draw a black audience. boring

  25. How come they aren’t getting sued by the makers of the real purge movies?

  26. wonder how many white guys king bach had to deep throat to get in this

  27. looks terrible!!

  28. I can already hear the……Boohoo black people killing whites waaaaaahhhh!

  29. i saw kingbach :D

  30. Soooooo they’re going to make fun of the Purge movies which are pretty
    decent movies by making a totally shitty movie? I didn’t even laugh
    watching this crap trailer & it’s a red band… fail! -_-

  31. This looks terrible. Not in the good way.

  32. Where the asian people at??!

  33. ‫אברהם אראגאו‬‎


  34. DeadMoNeyProductions BP

    Looks soooooo obvious that it will be terrible and unfunny….sad mike eps
    comeback shoulda been in a good movie

  35. So we’re all just going to be making black comedy parodies of everything

    Ok. I’ll watch em :P

  36. Is this the year for the blacks? Meet the Black, 50 Shades of Black, Keanu
    & the most important there is a good chance by the end of this year Obama
    will be Hollywood president or something like this. Hell Yeah!

  37. ‫محمدرضا پورکشاورز‬‎


  38. Thumbs up 4 using Joe Budden’s Pump It Up.

  39. You know the original movie sucked if there’s a parody movie about it

  40. The black people usually die ?…… And that’s the 2 fast 2 furious song

  41. This is why there is no diversity in the oscars

  42. I wouldn’t mind watching this

  43. like a slightly less funny scary movie…the first one. I fucks with it.

  44. mike e. not really funny
    but I’ll watch it.

  45. I think I saw kingbach somewere, cool

  46. now… comment section… full of haters…

  47. 1:49 Kingbach?

  48. Lmao Michael Blackson

  49. Samuel Luttschwager

    Kill me now

  50. To all of those people who thought the haunted house movies with one of the
    wayans bros was a shitty paranormal activity parody, We Bring You The
    Shitty Purge Parody

  51. Blvck “90s” Zeus

    looks dumb and they’ve showed the whole movie lol

  52. How do these shitty ass comedys get funded and put into production??

  53. nice movie :D

  54. Oscars, here we come!

  55. I am black and all but can we stop with these dumb copy and pasted movies
    like come up with something original

  56. This looks great

  57. I’m sold, I’m definitely seeing this

  58. Dude always sound like he smacking on the best bananas lol.

  59. It makes me sad that people still pay to see crap like this…
    If you want to see a good comedy that makes fun of other movies just go see

  60. Oh not this shit again, then we complain about how we’re typecasted and
    don’t get Oscars. Shit like this makes all the brothers look bad.

  61. Man someone must have ate some bad Mexican food to give us a shitty movie
    like this

  62. This looks very shit


  64. You mean George Lopez isn’t dead yet?

  65. This is why you don’t get to complain about the oscars

  66. looks good , but how meet the blacks if they have white girl in it and kids
    are full black…still gonna watch it and wont complain , but its just
    strange with actor chose

  67. Only black people would understand that last scene lmao

  68. SMDH!!

  69. Frederic Jokerr Gourdin

    I still wonder why black movies don’t get nominated to the Oscars…;)

  70. Somebody should tell these dumb fucks that parodies died back in early

  71. Expected it to be shit. Quite surprised it looks aight.

    I might give it a watch.

    One of those “I’ll catch it on the plane” movies.

  72. This is some racist @$$ bull crap. i hope nobody goes to see it. Black
    comedians always take the roles that sell us down the drain SMH.

  73. I’ll just watch it online

  74. cool movie

  75. That one Rick and Morty episode is better than this whole movie.

  76. Rated R:
    Racist black people only

  77. these people need to know that remaking a movie with black people and
    stereotypes doesn’t make a good parody.

  78. Jesus, how many people actually watch these movies?

  79. White trash don’t understand comedy…..

  80. Of course typical Hollywood take a movie that’s slightly relevant that only
    cost a handful of money and make a parody with stereotypes and shitty jokes

  81. “Duck duck goose mudafucka” ?

  82. micheal blackson in this..must watch for me

  83. Get it???? Because they’re black!!!!

  84. Fifty Shades of Black
    Meet the Blacks

    What’s next?

    Paranormal Blacktivity?

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