MEN IN BLACK 4 Trailer (2019) Chris Hemsworth, Science Fiction

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  1. First watch

  2. Oh snap!!

  3. Wait!! The les twins?!?!🤯🤯🤯

  4. 51 to watch

  5. James Micheal Emery Black

    Looks Incredible!

  6. Where’s Smith

  7. oh men, trailer make me feel bad about this movie :(..

  8. Just wow!! Seeing Thor and valkyrie together again.. 😍

  9. Spoiler: The aliens are them. They come from a planet called Asgard.

  10. No will Smith No mib

  11. MIB ain’t the same without Will Smith

  12. 0:31 Gta San Andreas Glitch

  13. I was worried abt rhe cast, but as soon as I saw Thor and Liam, my worries subsided.. 😂

  14. Oh boy. Thanks for saving my money .

  15. Not the same

  16. lol 2:33 Thor ones again XD

  17. It’s like ice cream without the ice or the cream. 🌬😳

  18. Great this movie am waiting

  19. I’m predicting Liam Neeson will be a betrayer or the villain.

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