Michael Moore: Speak Up – Documentary Filmmaker Mashup (2016) HD

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A look at the many ways documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has taken to the streets of America and shaken things up.

Music Credits:

“Madness” by Blues Saraceno
“Remo Warrior” by Bart K Hendrickson
“Flatfoot Jerkey” by Jaz Baz

Courtesy of Extreme Music.


  1. The Star Wars one was the best.

  2. This guy is a moron

  3. hitting on controversial topic to make money , that’s michael moore for ya.

  4. Michael Moore is a fat stupid retard. Makes the kinds of movies that fool
    teenagers and stupid adults.

  5. what is this ?

  6. what. who the hell is this guy

  7. Is this the bowling for columbine guy?

  8. they didn’t give him a gun INSIDE of the bank #editing

  9. guns don’t kill people, krazy people with guns kill people, drunks with
    guns kill people, cops with guns kill people. we need to outlaw krazy drunk
    cops, not the guns.

  10. Michael Moore is a NWO agent.

  11. This guy is a colossal idiot

  12. one of the last true American heroes

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